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    • One sentence: too complicated. I'll put on a little better version if you want  
    • It would be a decent way, but sometimes, like say marked quits, he could just send 3 ships out just for fun and cause a buf unfair wealth distribution. There would need to be a cap rule on that. 
    • Ok, I was thinking of how after a while, there wasn’t any risk in any of the missions. You can 10 vs 30 and still win without any serious damage on your units, and I wanted to create something new, so I came up with this idea(though it really may not be that hard…..). I also wanted some more variety on your missions and everyone these days is so militarized that we need It would be called the Soladir( Don't Blame Me I’m Bad At Naming Things ) Nuclear Offensive. The Description would read: Intel from spies report that the heavily militarized rogue country, Soladir, has obtained weapon-grade uranium and began a nuclear weapons program. It also shows that one of its warheads is primed at (Your Nation Capital’s Name) and if it's launched, it would cause devastating damage. This needs to be stopped! You’ll need to destroy the missile silo and launch site. Expect heavy opposition. Now I know, this all sounds stupid and is terribly worded, probably because I didn’t have alot of time to think about it, so (constructive) criticism would be appreciated, even though I highly doubt @Stain would even consider making it an actual mission. The units are going to be 1 guaranteed Nuclear Missile Launch Station which has the statistics of:
        Nuclear Missile Launch Station    Static   HP: 550          DMG/STR: 0          ARMOR: 9           MANEUVER: 0   If you destroy it, all the other units will retreat and you will win.
        There will also be a 30% chance of getting a SAM(Surface-(to)-Air-Missile)System which has the statistics of:
        Surface to Air Missile System   Static   HP: 160          DMG/STR: 3         ARMOR: 4           MANEUVER: 0   Unit Trait: Strong against Air   14.75 firepower against Air units  9.25 armor against Air units  10.5 maneuver against Air units 50% less damage taken against Air units   (note: it's the same pattern of lvl 9 mortar infantry)   If sold on the market on a sale it would be regularly, discount not included 6420 Money 740 Metal  940 Construction Materials   It Uses 1 metal, 14 money ,  2 ammo, 1 fuel(maybe)
        The next is a 20% chance of a lvl 5 T-72 or Tank Destroyer(not sure yet) Then a 25% chance of a lvl 5 B-2 Spirit With a 5% chance of a lvl 5 Gear Sniper And a 5% chance of a lvl 5 UyZ UAV Engineer( though I don’t really think this one is right) And last is a 15% of a Fortified Bunker   The average number of enemy units is 16.   They are also lead by a Captain
        Now getting to the fun part! The Rewards! You get 2000 Money with 750 more for every tier you are above 5 ( so if you are tier 7 you get 3500 Money)   324 GP(dont know if GP rewards are fixed)   400 Uranium   814 Metal   1 SAM system   There will be a 40% chance that you get a B-2 Spirit and then the other 60% is for Fortified Bunker so you’ll be guaranteed 1     Also The Same Applies to UyZ UAV Engineer (40%) and Gear Sniper( 60%)   Strategy: I made it so that this is more of a Tunguski, GearHound, and UyZ combination but you will sustain some losses inevitably.  
    • The display is broken.  You can still buy food.  
    • What are you talking about?? the buy now price is 0
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