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    • Ĭ is a overseas dependency of New Rubia, stretching across 100000 square kilometers, from 59.6 degrees north to 60.5 degrees north and from 45.5 degrees east to 46.3 degrees east. The south of the dependency is dominated by taiga while the north (above 60.3 degrees north) is mostly tundra. The border is dominated by the Haĭanska mountains, and the country is crissed-crossed by rivers (e.g. R. Kataaq, bouding the eastern border), which make up 2 percent of the country's area. The country also controls as much as 5 percent of the world's trade, lying next to the Shatra straits. However, Ĭ has only 501234 people, making it one of the sparsest places in the world. Thus, the territory relies on forces from New Rubia to defend, and being remote, Ĭ has 12 military bases. On December 15, 2017, the government of Ceres Soveign and the republic of Salvatik simultaneously declared war on Ĭ. Under the late general Vĭmahim Lyan of Salvatik, the two countries were able to raise over 3 million soldiers, overpowering Ĭ from the west. New Rubia, only able to raise 500 thousand, blocked all attempts of invasion into the more developed eastern territories but lost Ĭ's capital, also called Ĭ, to Salvatikians on February 6, and the rest of the northern Kavalicionglu valley fell by the end of May, despite massive guerrilla resistance.  At that time, the Salvatikians were on the outskirts of Lits, the dependency's fourth largest city. Countries that would later help Ĭ, like Kiatiatzala, Kela, and the republic of the Laĭeï, started emerging out of their constitutional crises, with new heads and new parliaments emerging (the PMs being Miriahaĭ, Nevel, and Vita, respectively) ready to solve the issue of some of the most important trade routes in the world.  Reinforcements arrived by July, numbering 3 million, but by that point it was almost too late. the Kataaq river fortifications have been breached at the delta, threatening the second largest city of the territory, Livuta, and an envelopment across the whole front. A shocking amphibious assault followed by one of the largest naval battles in modern history resulted in the complete destruction of both Ceres's and Salvatik's supply fleet and the eastern army, causing massive attrition and the loss of the Shatra to the Ĭïs.  The battle of Lits, with secured reinforcements, turned instantly against the forces of Salvatik, and sent then into encirclement and retreat. By July 19, the New Rubians and their allies have pushed Salvatik back to Ĭ, and a three-month siege caused the city to fall. Meanwhile, rebellions started in the Haĭanska, which led to a complete stretch-out of enemy forces and Ĭïs reached the rebels by the third of September. Salvatik's head general got executed by partisans, and the new general was incompetent, letting his armies get defeated one-by-one, resulting in the most massive victories (the casualty rates were 8 to 1 in favor of New Rubia) on decisive, open battlefields.  The new general was planning to retake the capital, as he was only 15 km away. However, with the liberation of the Haĭanska, his forces were outmanouvered and started disorganizing. By November 29th Lumaiha, the dependency's second-biggest city, got recaptured and the Salvatikian armies were cut off from their command. To supply such an army, Ceres Soveign airlifted over 1 billion tons of food, with most of it getting destroyed by fighting and ground-to-air. Meanwhile, a hailstorm ensured at harvestime, and famine loomed for the first time in 500 years. The invading air force collapsed due to a complete lack of fuel, and riots started happening on the streets as Ĭ forced Cerian troops all the way back to their home country. By December 19, the whole country fell into a civil war, with desertion rates spiking.  With Cerian forces knocked out, Salvatik started experiencing the exact same thing. Salvatik was much of a proxy to Ceres, and played an important role in spreading its policy. However, the Salvatikian forces couldn't come back home, as the knock-out mean that Kiatiatzala established complete air dominance. However, they were able to break the encirclment on forces assailing Ĭ by attacking Glava on January 7, 2018, and soon started sneaking out of the area in droves. The front entirely collapsed and the war became an insurgency occupying limited territory. One of the generals of the insurgency asked for Russia to intervene, which it said yes to. Soon, thousands upon thousands of Russians broke the air dominance and started funneling supplies via a military base. Russia was absolutely horrified when it saw Ceres collapse to its own people, and blamed it on the United States. The United States was confused, and started throwing Russia FIRE AND FURY, making Trump's popularity penetrate the rock-bottom.  Mazaidoranae itself was to fall on January 22, and panicked to ask for support from Russia. The response was affirmative, and the Russians started pouring divisions into Petram. In retaliation for the destruction of central control in Ceres Soveign, Russia declared war on Kiatiatzala, thinking it as easy picking. It got a response back saying Kela declared war too, on the recipients. By this action, Russia put their own supply lines at risk, as Kela developed a new ICBM that could destroy satellites and other space objects.  Ĭ was quite devastated. Russia must leave so that we could reconstruct. 
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