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  2. I have made the decision to negate the Top Alliance/Pact page. I will post the diplomatic material on the getting started page though. Pacts will go on my world history page, please keep me informed!
  3. Today
  4. For some reason it posts them separately :/
  5. Will the unused boxes stay if I recreate my nation? Like, I just started and want to recreate again cause I'm not satisfied with the starting amount of my basic resources.
  6. There should be a polling feature to accompany this idea to see what a wider range of users would think about this.
  7. People already do that. Increase efficiency is capped. There is a reason metal used to be worth 300 per.
  8. Fixed certain cases where natural resource exchange buy orders would not be fulfilled Added a limit so that you only get free mystery boxes when creating your very first nation
  9. No problem, and absolutely no trouble!
  10. Okay thanks and sorry for the trouble.
  11. Ok. The number to the left is the available amount. This is usually zero for urban areas, as the population use every inch of urban area unless you at some point had a population decline.
  12. Yes it does. Oh riiight. I forgot about that XD Sorry. I thought maybe it's like in the Loot Box where you can click the down arrow at the top to go back. So.... yah...
  13. Yes, it keeps increasing.
  14. That is definitely strange. Thanks for the report!
  15. Hmm.. That's weird. Does it do this every time? You could use the back button in the browser.
  16. Has the total amount changed? (The number to the right of the forward slash).
  17. I just noticed it after playing for a week. My Urban area never expanded and I have enough cleared land. It just stayed 0 from the beginning till now.
  18. This is no ordinary race, Vlad. This is an arms race.
  19. Adaptive Combat Rifles. It's in the name, they adapt. Either we outfit them, or the boys out there fit em how they want. Works great for any infantry-involved situation, doesn't it? Yes, it do. However, to any man with a gun out there... good luck beating these guys. They neutralized Vlad.
  20. And then there's the "I'm snotty so I'm going to ruin your day background and culture" that people share. Don't you just love those types of people? Hopefully, the applies!
  21. Yesterday
  22. Provided that it encompasses reasonably intellectual discussions, generally chatting about politics and world events encourages a more apt view on the world, and as an international community, I think many have much to gain on that front. Instead of being in our own little cages we get to realize the reality that every member of this forums comes with a different background and culture, and absorb the material and views they share. What I enjoy seeing is when people are introduced to new concepts and unique ways of thinking that expands upon their knowledge and their own individual outlook on the world as a person.
  23. Good to hear I have your support! What potential do you personally see in this idea?
  24. I could get on board with this
  25. No worries at all!
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