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  2. I agree,as if in you were a dictatorship and you could pass a law that would ban free speech, it would have a benefit as well as a disadvantage. Or instead of choosing the government type you want at the start of the game, it could deduct what type you are after you pass laws. It could be like a chart and it could go like, 1 (Not free) or 10 (Very free) So if somebody answered something like this: Freedom of speech: 7 Gun laws: 6 Freedom of Religion: 9 etc. Then they are obviously going to be leaning towards a more free government. If they answered 1 on everything it would be a dictatorship.
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  4. Yes it is - thanks.
  5. My fault! Too many ssl certificates to keep track of! Fixed now.
  6. Login problem @Stian . Tried to refresh several times, and tried to open in new browser several times. Outcome was the same every time.
  7. Very true, I myself have been supportive of ideas revolving around the enhancement of the game's political aspects. It would also be nice for individual gameplay to be directly affected by the player's political affiliation in-game, with dictatorships holding the most powerful militaries but in sacrifice of general human rights and stability as an example. Balancing such a system would be difficult, but I doubt impossible. Your idea would work very well with mine, it's as if though are intertwined. From what I've been told such ideas are likely to be implimented, but I believe not anytime soon considering what the Nations team already have on their hands.
  8. hii I think laws and politics it is necessary for every country , I also agree with your thoughts , Law and order" is a recurring theme in politics. MAY 2011 VISA BULLETIN PREDICTIONS
  10. Lildawg: Get your navy ready to attack from the south with New Rubia. Me and the Northwest Union will attack from the north.
  11. I would sell 10k fuel for 20m.
  12. 2 days...what shaw we do?
  13. 2 days until launch
  14. Yesterday
  15. Pretty nice
  16. Photoshop CS6, made with love. I have yet to decide in which continent Palce should be based following the updates, so I'm up for suggestions!
  17. That is pretty unique and original! What continent is your country on?
  18. Amazing! What software did you use to create this?
  19. Palem - the cultural and business center of Palce, as well as her most largest and oldest city from which the entire country began to sprawl! According to historic records, the city's existance can be dated back to the mid-sixteenth century, when it began as a port town during Palce's infancy under the reign of Tsaire (queen/monarch) Alexandaire after whom the city's historic center was named two decades following her death, which much like Venice and Saint Petersburg is divided by numerous river canals, alongside which are many huge cathedrals, divine palaces and historic museums to which the federal city government plans to draw tourists from all across the globe. Regarding its etymology, Palem's name means "National center/city" in the early Palcai language, with 'Paltsiya' meaning "Palce" and 'Einem' meaning "city center". Like in Moscow and Paris, for the purpose of preserving the city's classical and historic central architecture, modern architecture has been restricted by federal city law to be constructed at specific locations away from Alexandaire.
  20. So far i like the ptr version.
  21. Your profile picture is art.
  22. At least Stian is very honest with us.
  23. Will the forums be getting a new UI to match the PTR?
  24. Frylylia just caused a mess in the PTR
  25. Stian understands my pain.
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