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  2. Oops, meant metal.
  3. Buying uranium with uranium. Weird
  4. So does uranium cost both money and uranium?
  5. I changed my mind about the rates, they are now lowered.
  6. Hopefully the forums community isn't satisfied with the recent influx of uranium because I have more to sell... URANIUM STORE Selling uranium for: 40k monies each 90 metal each Also Selling Fuel 100 monies each This is temporary and will likely be closed soon. I reserve the right to deny any deal even if it is in compliance with my requested rates.
  7. Thats fair. I know a lot of nations that wish they were on zaheria. I could also just say i dont care, cause i got what i need, but to make people have the same options and to make it fair, the most valuable resource shouldnt really be favourised a lot on one continent, as it is now.
  8. @Stian @Samoht With the new population increase and inflation reduction coming up I would like to let you know that I am satisfied with continent balance, even if I could change to Zaheria I would stay on San Sebastian. But that would change if it lost it's CG advantage. Edited post: I would like to let you know that with the new population increase and inflation reduction coming up I am satisfied with continent balance, even if I could change to Zaheria I would stay on San Sebastian. But that would change if it lost it's CG advantage.
  10. What in the world , or a game is functioning perfectly? Nothing.
  11. Yeah i understand. And i dont mind that a good resource as AMMO is a little harder to get on all other continents than Zaheria, cause other continents got other bonuses. (Although ammo is way more valuable than CG's as an example). Please just make uranium equal for everybody, since its the ABSOLUTE most required resource for high tier nations. And without it, you will never be able to compete military wise.
  12. The real issue with uranium and ammo is that money, food, power, BMs are literally worthless in comparison to uranium and ammo so a bonus in those areas means nothing. In a perfectly functioning competitive market, you wouldn't lose money on it. So either the market doesn't work or all the resources turn into money.
  13. This is actually precicely what I want to accomplish, but there have been some serious power creep in the military side of the game. I want to simplify the military, but I also want to keep a diversity that give enough rewards when you tier up. Difficult balance in itself that.
  14. That would be very interesting, but the distribution itself isnt the only thing that matters tbh. - Its also about what you can do with the natural resources you get: Gear, units, buildings etc.. The "main" problem with uranium is that you have chosen one continent to have the absolute most uranium, and then chosen to make uranium the most important resource when it comes to military strength. But quality is WAY more important than quantity in this game - therefore Pacifiers is a MUST if you want to be strong in that area. I get that you want to make each continent "different" and i actually agree on that.. But the continents should be equal in terms of strenghts. (Maybe make uranium equal on all continents, and then make each continent have 1 speciale: Zaheria: AMMO Westberg: CG Tind: Metal Amarino/San Sebastian: Fuel .... You get my point.. (Not giving one specific continent tons of the most valuable and needed resource) And if you manage to fix the units STAT problem, and make all stats important, then its fine to have one "special" resource tied to a specific continent, cause then all nations would be able to craft good gear. Uranium though - make it equal, since we all need pacifiers at some point.
  15. The greatest dilemma in game design. New features or a rock solid foundation. I'm torn on this one. I couldn't really tell you my personal preference, as I still don't really know. I'd probably go for this approach in a real-life scenario. It was more of a figure of speech. In the end I want all things to be equally important. That's what I meant by having to make choices that matter in the previous post. I think I'm going to release my internal document of natural resource distribution in the coming days, so that some fresh eyes can take a look. Could only do good, I guess.
  16. I know its not easy at all. And instead of talking of extremes like " If I made strength not matter, then a different profession would take over as the most powerful. " - cause why should/would you even think of that.. Instead balance it so ALL stats are usefull, cause making another stat useless instead would of course not be the best thing to do. I just really hope it wont end up with several new features who will cause new imbalancing problems after you/the players have fixed the current issues/problems. About continents: ( and yes im gonna use the continent im on, and the continent most of the players in the game is on - WESTBERG). - Its good for getting population, but only got: Average amount of metal resources, and almost no uranite and almost no ammo resources - and those 3 things are probably the 3 most valuable resources in the game. Instead Zaheria got LOTS and LOTS of the 2 most valuable resources. (ammo / fuel) But you already said that you agree with me, that Zaheria probably have to much uranium atm.
  17. No. I haven't changed any drop rates lately.
  18. I compared two similar game design concepts. Nothing weird about that. You're very correct about the fact that strength is overpowered at the moment, but again, this doesn't directly affect balancing of professions. Same example: If I made strength not matter, then a different profession would take over as the most powerful. All these balancing issues is why I want to do this thorough test run. There are a lot of systems in play. At times completely overwhelming for me to adequatley solve. Balancing is both the most fun and the most infuriating thing about game development. Hopefully we can solve it together once the new version is out.
  19. Youre absolutely right on that. But if you want to have a strong military, uranium is a very needed resource, and i highly doubt you will remove the uranium upkeep, so other things must be done instead.
  20. Did you just compare this game to World of Warcraft?? Its not only about suiting crafting professions. Some stats are WAY better than others, so if the resource who favours crafting STRENGHT (as an example), is the resources i dont really have, i wont give a damn about that im able to craft high level armor gear, since that it useless.
  21. Also, I am aware that uranium has caused imbalance issues, but as you say, it's specifically because of certain military units. It doesn't directly affect balancing of other features. Indirectly so, yes, because of the economy, but if I removed the uranium upkeep of the units uranium would suddenly not be worth as much and zaheria would be less appealing.
  22. We have to separate between the balancing of amounts and the required diversity of resources here, as I'm very aware that the amounts are off. That's what I meant by not doing the flailing "technique" which basically means constantly adjusting amounts up and down because of over-compensation (balancing is hard). I like options. I like diversity. I like having to choices that matter. There are seven crafting professions. Each with different unique resource requirements. Which gives you a couple of choices: Pick the profession that benefits you the most, disregarding the availability of the resources on your continent, which forces you to spend money on trade Pick the profession that benefits the continent you're on, so that you could sell the equipment on the market Crafting in games like World of Warcraft would be bland if everyone could gather the materials required to create items for whatever profession they chose. I'll do my best to make sure every continent suits a crafting profession.
  23. 17:00 GMT The invasion force was ready to set sail for Stroz. After the National Diet approved of the invasion starting right away, the Party Heads got on different ships and gave the order to set sail. At once, ten ships loaded with the invasion force sailed out of port headed for an uncertain fate. While the fleet looked majestic in a sense, everyone, whether crew or soldier, knew they would walk into Hell itself. 18:00 GMT Prime Minister Fegelein would be on the deck of the Kongo, radioing the IYNS Kirishima to get in formation with the IYNS Kongo. Prime Minister Fegelein(on radio): Himmler, get the Sugashima, Notojima, Tsunoshima, Naoshima, and the Toyoshima to pull up forward of the fleet. Also, get everyone moving at the same speed. Party Head for Japanese Kokoro Heinrich Himmler(on radio): Sure, but i'll do it halfway during the trip. Prime Minister Fegelein(on radio): Close enough. In the meantime, Party Head of the Liberal Social Democratic Party Mikhail Tukhachevsky was hosting a communist party on the IYNS Asagiri. On the IYNS Yamagiri, Party Head of the Liberal Democratic Komeito Emperor Hirohito was writing more scientific publications on hydrozoa. Party Leader of the Ishin Seito Shimpu Khamis Muammar al-Gaddafi was also busy tearing the United Nations Charter, again and again on the IYNS Yugiri. Lastly, Party Head of the New Renaissance Party Dawgie was still chilling on the IYNS Sugashima. Water bottle flipping, of course. Prime Minister Fegelein(thinking to himself): Only 18 hours to go...oh right! I better check on the other antic masters, that are participating in the Radioactive Games! Oh wait, nothing happened least I have revival potions! For some reason, someone is reading my thoughts. But who? Oh yes, the reader. The seas looked quite indifferent to a fleet, and decided to give the fleet a small storm. That lasted 5 minutes. The skies looked quite fun to look at, as they showed some gray, but not 50 shades. Prime Minister Fegelein(thinking to himself): According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bee don't care what humans think is impossible. Why did he think that? I don't know at all. Not even the user of this account even knows. On a more serious note, 18 hours to prepare for war. 18 hours to watch the majestic sea. 18 hours to reach Stroz. 18 hours to cross the seas. 18 hours until the fleet stops the tyrant. 18 hours to mentally get ready. 18 hours before hell breaks out. That was, of course, what the troops and crew thought. Party Head of the New Renaissance Party Dawgie would add, 18 hours until the fall of the empire of the north.
  24. I dont know what the "flailing balance" technique is - but my advise will still be to use resources that are available for everyone when it comes to crafting gear - which can be done by using metal . Why should anyone start on Amarino, if all uranium is on Zaheria and the resources for gear crafting is at another continent.
  25. I didnt say that there shouldnt be a difference in continents, i said there shouldnt be an overall advantage from starting on a specific continent. Right now the game has 1 unit who destroys EVERYTHING and all other units, which is Pacifiers, That unit also cost 480 uranium pr day in upkeep. ( one whole division) So making 1 continent having such a big advantage when it comes to uranium, is the excact same thing as favouring them military-wise. And that is not what balancing is about. There is a reason why everyone recommend all new nations to start on Zaheria. NOTE: 1 uranium can be sold for 50.000 money atm. - So by exporting 1 uranium pr hour when youre at zaheria, you can buy EVERYTHING in the game you need, and STILL have a big profit of uranium every day. The game is extremely imbalanced - probably more than you know.
  26. Of course. But when you use natural resources instead of common resources you favour some specific players (continents) which i can only think is not a good idea.
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