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  2. Photoshop I think. And the clay factory output is not enough to let people use it, as it is a raw resource. Increase it to at least 6.
  3. How did you get the image?
  4. New Item When you use a Tier 1 Geologist, not only can you get Coal, you can also get Clay. Uses of Clay: Brickworks 1 Clay, 3 Money, 4 Power: 4 Building Materials -------------------------------------------------------------- Uncommon Event Death on the Roads Our death toll on the roads has been horrendous lately. The Minister of Police is urging us to do something about it. If you do not choose an option within 3 days, option C will be chosen for you a. Put more police on the roads to check everyone's speed and make sure that they're not going too fast Lose 15,523 (+50% per tier) money +1% population b. Convince car manufacturers to put more airbags in cars to reduce the chance of death (this option can only be chosen if you have an Automobile Factory) Lose 1,356 (+50% per tier) money 50% chance: +1% population 50% chance: -1% population c. "Ha! You've got to be kidding. That's not my problem. It's the drivers fault for crashing!" -1% population - 4 happiness -------------------------------------------------------- Rare Event "We Need More Houses!" Recently, in our capital, _______, there has been the need for more houses than we can build. We need to do something. If you do not choose an option in 3 days, option C will be chosen for you a. Hire people from all over Petram to come and work here so we can build more homes faster -22,000 (+50% per tier) money -5 Cleared Lands +Urban Areas +2% population +4 happiness b. We can't afford to hire people from other countries. We'll just have to make do with our own citizens. Lose 13,000 (+50% per tier) money 70% chance: -5 Cleared Lands +Urban Areas +2% population +4 happiness c. "Seriously? We can't afford this. Just deport the immigrants coming here." -16,000 (+50% per tier) money -3% population -4 happiness ---------------------------------------------------- Also, I reckon that there should be some sort of cap on max. amount of people in an alliance, otherwise, Legion (or another alliance like Legion) could come come back, and then the game would get boring. Thanks for reading!
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  7. King of Eurica Dead!

    Our fleet of 150 Liemika ships, 90 Kitavera ships, and 210 Viremika (basically medium, heavy, light ships, respectively), as well as 40 ships that could carry catapults (akatakita) and various smaller boats. Our fleet withdraws, but is still powerful. Our most mobile ships tend to be the smaller ones, which travel at most 15 knots
  8. Guess The Player

    The guy who was just Perma-Banned.
  9. King of Eurica Dead!

    Ciboney archer:*thinks to himself* I am glad i am able to speak in different languages (upe) you will not get anything for me. (In eurican) you better be ready for anything we love to set up ambushes.
  10. King of Eurica Dead!

    Queen Lusia: (In Eurican) Guards, take this archer to the dungeon. *The guards grab the archer and drags him to the dungeon.*
  11. What's the luck?!

    Alon really likes minecraft
  12. What's the luck?!

  13. Union Of Petramic Alliances

    I hear that the game just got increasingly boring from the lack of need to go to war?
  14. Can't trade recipes

    Yeah, same problem. I just put them in the trash.
  15. King of Eurica Dead!

    OoR: UPE is Universal Petramic English. If your people doesn't understand it, tough luck. Also, as a result of the lore, Fegelein is going to make references to the modern day, those of which cannot be understood by anyone. Does not affect roleplay much, though. Fegelein [UPE]: Oh of course you make the same old statements, it's like in the movies! Anyhow, I have no idea on what you mean by us making fun of your brothers. No one here had, nor ever will. You must be crazy. Fegelein [E]: My queen, this archer must be insane. I suggest that you put him in prison and put it at maximum security. Afterwards, get some information about the Ciboney Horde from that archer. Fegelein [UPE]: Sleep tight, archer. Fegelein [E]: Queen, do it now.
  16. Can't trade recipes

    Same here!
  17. Can't trade recipes

    @Stian, I tried to post a recipe in the market, and as soon I clicked on trade in market, instead of somethin coming up asking me what price I want to put on it, the screen just goes white. This is happening to @Constatine Madden, @marked56, and @SuperSeb too, maybe everyone, they are just the ones who have mentioned it so far. I suspect it is everyone, as there is nothing in the recipe market.
  18. Key: Middle Green=Grasslands Light Green=Plains Grey=Renal Mountains Orange=Desert Dark Green=Rainforest Note: Corsa Plains might be too far out into Renal Mountains. Alon has the Renal Mountains in it.
  19. Do you think you could make a geographical map? I will make a map for you to make one.
  20. Union Of Petramic Alliances

    On behalf of The Branding Equestrians, I, Par, the founder and leader of BE (or TBE) recognizes this treaty and will uphold it to the best of my ability.
  21. King of Eurica Dead!

    Captured ciboney archer:*in palace talking to @Fegelein and the new queen* what do you want and we do not tollarate people making fun of our brothers and we make an example of them like these three here.
  22. King of Eurica Dead!

    Ciboney leader:get the ships on the beach and prepare the catapults to ambush the enemy fleet that is inbound oor:I have scouts around and they have canoes and they give the info to the ship commanders and give the info to the leaders
  23. Improving the Map of the Chigonian Region

    I've decided to make the map look nicer and here it is...
  24. Union Of Petramic Alliances

    On behalf of the Sanctuary of Petram, I, Shag, the founder and leader of SoP recognize this treaty and will uphold it to the best of my ability.
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