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  2. Damn, too bad. It'd be great. Thanks, though!
  3. I would also like this update to happen. I really dislike my crafting building and I wish I would be able to change it. However, maybe you can limit the change to only one or something.
  4. I think jazzy gave up.
  5. I started construction on a crafting building but realized I chose the wrong one, so i cancelled it. Now, there is no queued crafting building but when I go to build one it says "only one" and I can't build anything. @Stian Also, on a side note, is it possible to change crafting item once a building is built?
  6. I then sprayed pesticide on the crow and walked away.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I straight up dont get why you're so salty though. There there man, it's okay. Edit to add: Wasn't talking in third person though was I. Never said or suggested that I was 'Cthulhu'.
  9. Probably think you are super cool and edgy for talking in third person and using a Lovecraft name.
  10. So much aggression, let the blood flow my friend. Cthulhu cares not whose it is.
  11. Prepare to be utterly destroyed.
  12. dont be made at me daddy. Ill always love youuuuuuuu
  13. Still doesn't feel very peaceful, you have lied to me, pug man.
  14. PEACEFUL ALLIANCE FOR PEACEFUL POIPOISES. Also, SPQR does not abandon its allies. Attempts at negotiation to end the war have failed, we will defend our own.
  15. But... muh peace...
  16. Due to the recent War with UFS, SPQR hereby withdraws from the treaty. The treaty will be considered ended in 12 hours time, 9 am SGT
  17. *Aggressive and wholly justified tentacle noises*
  18. And so some time ago it came to the cult’s attention that the union of fascist states had attempted to conspire with anyone who would listen, crying out for the destruction of the cult. But all who did listen simply said “what? The Cult? Nah bruv” and so the union of fascist’s states decided to just pretend nothing had really happened. And when a little bird did tell the crow this, the crow did decree that this insolence would not go unpunished and so sacrificed 1.5 million of Technomaticas own souls as an offering the great cuthul. And the union of fascistic states did cry out “but you spied on us first!!, we have defence pacts with people!!” And crow did say clearly and loudly, for all to hear: “CAWCAW”
  19. Seeing how Cthulus Chosen and Technomatica have chosen to attack three of my alliance members, I am issuing an ultimatum to them that all hostile actions against Union of Fascist States alliance members cease imediately, including the incidents of spying against myself and all other alliance members. It should be noted that neither Cthulus Chosen nor Technomatica have issued a formal declaration of war or stated a casus belli, and as such this war should be considered illegal. In the spirit of enforcing this ultimatum, I am invoking article IV of the Treaty of Bumberjocks which states, "Both alliances are required to defend each other from foreign invader". I fully expect all members of the Senatus Populous Que Romanu to come to our aid to ward off this threat. This ultimatum expires at 9:00 am, EST, after which point it is assumed that it has been ignored. ccloughley
  20. There's not a way yet, I hope to see these features soon!
  21. First, I think that there are too many armor and air divisions in the game. It isn't a bad thing, but I think that some of them should be deleted and add some ships for military use. Second, foreign affairs. They comes to the mission list every day, and it is hard to clear before you strike T4, upgrade your barracks and has snipers. Plumps can help, but they always get a ton of damage or even being killed. I think that their chance to appear should be nerfed to 2/3 or even lower before a nation reaches T4.
  22. Last week
  23. I only care bout the recipes I can use. The rest I sold at the market
  24. Thank you for your help on this! I have an iPhone 6, and I use Safari, and my friend has a Galaxy S7 and uses Chrome.
  25. Agreed, but would you rather be disappointed at a somewhat worth it legendary recipe, or get an actual legendary?
  26. They are not craft items. They are recipes True. Almost all recipes are more expensive to create that what they would have cost. The only recipe that I think are worth the investment are the Legendary ones. Normal Legendary equipment you get at crates gives you 12 random stats but crafted Legendary equipment gives you 10 firepower and 10 random stats for a total of 20. Its like a foil Legendary equipment.
  27. Hey! Glad you like the game, and I'm sorry you're having trouble on your phone. What kind of phone do you have, and what is the browser?
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