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  2. Kawaki is nation's most popular gal. Open letters and constant attention, just ask him out already
  3. He does not have any defend troop on me. No one has, except a team of lv4 infantries.
  4. BTW the in in time of sales are annoying too
  5. I thought you could use the plural form in cases like this, but I may be wrong, of course.
  6. Remember kids, Stian is from Oslo, Norway. Give him the benefit of the doubt.
  7. This teams lacks players
  8. Actually, I'm trying to reach T5 so that I can get colonists...
  9. Is this sale still on? If so, I'd be interested...
  10. Ja, you are proving to be a bit less of a coward than usual.
  11. Post Oak United Nations is back? Oh, it's been a while. I should probably visit the Post Oak School while i'm at it in the future.
  12. I will once you quit leeching off of fatboy
  13. Yesterday
  14. Get out of any alliances. That's how you don't hide. And I believe your siege is fixed
  15. This bug was reported several weeks ago, and hopefully it will soon be fixed.
  16. I have that same problem. Hopefully, @Stian will help us
  17. When I tried to send a message to my alliance using the "message members" function, I got a note that said: "Something wrong happened!". I tried again and the same thing happened. Will someone tell me what happened, and fix it?
  18. You need help
  19. Things are starting to work now!!! Battles and wars are now working, and who knows what else!!!! Thanks you @Stian!!!
  20. Is that so
  21. How am I hiding?
  22. As @VillainVillain said, you can post a screenshot of it and tag me or @Stian We dont want cheaters in this game.
  23. Post a screen shot of it here and tag @SamohT He will see to it 😁
  24. Is there a way to report users that brag about using multiple accounts ?
  25. BTW ignore that guy, he is annoying
  27. YEESSSSSS POUNNNNNN btw what's your Nation?
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