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  2. Why whenever i buy a bunch of infantry or armor crates is it that 60-70% of them are accessories? It's pretty ridiculous, i have all the accessory slots filled, i want to get things for the other slots, especially weapons which i have almost none of. And, on the odd chance i get something not an accessory, it's usually useless to me, like some super specific 10% bonus to subrtropical climates. Is this a normal spread or, whats going on here? I guess i cant complain too much, i did get an Epic Battle Juice from opening normie cards, even though my highest unit level is 3 and i cant use it for a while.
  3. I dont think he cares about Duckling and his flok of walking KFC. I do though, i care very muuuch about duckling so much I will support whatever faction is in conflict with duckling..
  4. Lol. I am good friends with Samoht, so they would have stayed out. If you did involve yourselves, the pact would activate.
  5. Out of roleplay this message the last part was spposed to be in red
  6. Out of roleplay: things in this color no one knows about in the roleplay.
  7. Reznov: Yes father! *runs downstairs to tell the reasearchers to speed up reasearch and to build the new wepon*
  8. *Just then a Khev Minosk leader walked over to Wargame and Reznov and shows them some papers* Khev Minosk leader: minister wargame one of my men found these documents their blueprints of some kind of super weapon that will counter your ship and tank. Wargame: WHAT! Reznov go downstairs and get our reashearchers to speed up reasearch and get the new wepon built now!
  9. *Meanwhile at the palace of Havana Wargame and Reznov are helping load the firework shells into the cannon so the citizens can celebrate about getting food and money back so they won’t revolt once more and many have decided to join the ranks of elite and some went to become an elite sniper just like wargame BOOOOOMMM! The cannon fires another firework creating a big light show that even Alon, Incan republic, and Terek*
  10. Yesterday
  11. Alright. So, due to the issues of the forums and no new accounts that can be made, I'm currently here in McDuckles stead, who is the leader of the Flock of Quackers, and will relay what we've discussed in regards to this situation. As it happened, one of the members of the United Flock of Quackers, Sudane, led by Max Ceret in-game, attacked Spanch, led by Orth, a member of The Supreme Coalition about a week ago. This was noticed by Supreme Coalition leadership, and was why this thread was posted yesterday. In response, an alliance counter raid against Sudane was launched yesterday, and is currently seeing success in combat. According to Sudane, a peace offer offering to let Spanche annex Sudane was sent and refused several days ago, though we do not have visual confirmation of such an action via screenshot. In order to resolve this issue and to prevent escalation into a full alliance war, we propose this solution. As we are fully in the wrong with this incident, it is proposed that all other members of the United Flock of Quackers will refrain from intervening into current wars between Sudane and his opponents and that the current two wars will be allowed to play out between the combatants. No further wars on this issue will be declared between the alliances after the two wars have ended. Withdrawal of alliance support will include garrison divisions sent from other alliance members along with joining and attacking opposing members in these wars. @Alon, do you find this arrangement satisfactory to you? Please respond as soon as possible in order for withdrawal of forces to commence. I will relay your answer to the rest of the alliance. Edit: Sudane said that he proposed peace with him ceding land to Spanch. This has been changed in the relevant portion of the text.
  12. hate to be a downer, but there are 2500 nations, posting whenever one leaves just seems like spam
  13. The idea likely won't even be considered until the game gets back on its feet, but the idea will be there until then
  14. UPDATE: Somers has left. #bye. I hope the nation comes back. I don't think any of our nations are at Somers' tier, so it looks like we will have to let it go, or have Somers rejoin.
  15. The Cuban War Budget comprises now of over 20% of the Empire's GDP. Still, there are cannons that fire in celebration.
  16. *The Cuban Empire forces fire one last volley and return to the ships while the ships fire one last huge barrage and then teleport away while the terrorists finish the job
  17. Wargame: to all forces that are still with me fire a volley in all directions and return to the ships. All ships fire full broadside and teleport back to the Empires harbor the terrorists are here to keep the place under their control and they are providing food and money for the Empire and the citizens
  18. President QIMING orders that troops will be sent to Alon to help fight the civil war there, as the nation cannot fight the Cuban Empire while there is civil war. IR sends military advisors to ISRERACE and Alon, hoping that both will continue to fight.
  19. Anyway, did anyone consider the national park idea, or does it already exist?
  20. "Never a good war or a bad peace" - Benjamin Franklin
  21. Reznov: yes father firing super cannon.*Reznov enters the palace and the palace opens up to reveal a gigantic 9000mm cannon shell and the cannon itself opening fire defending what is left of the enemy division while the Empires citizens just stand and watch the cannon kick back and to see the shell exit the cannon and start cherring*
  22. Wargame: to all terrorist groups send food and money to keep my citizens happy I will give this area we captured to you this area you will be able to grow bigger and become stronger.
  23. Reznov: yes father teleporting now! *Reznovs supertank teleports back to the Cuban Empire and he give all the citizens the food and everything they need and brings them back to being loyal and starts forcing the enemy back while using what units are left to start gorilla warfare preventing them from counterattacking while Reznov’s tank ripe apart the enemy tanks and infantry even the enemy air units have no Match against the tank*
  24. Wargame: nonono this was not suppose to happen reznov use you tanks special ability to teleport to Havana and give our citizens what they want reunite them with food and whatever they want have them become loyal to me again and push out the enemy from our empire once more.
  25. Out of roleplay: What ever is written like this , the Cuban Empire does not know about.
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