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    Current status?

    Hi @Stian. Im writing in the hope to get a current status of a few things: A: How is the helping with development (Coding) going? - We havent heard much about it since a few players offered their help. B: I guess the moderator debates there was back in december isn't something that will be pursued? (Also no reason to make get more/new moderators atm) C: Have you started on bug-fixing? (If you have, could you please make a weekly update here on the forums, with a short list of the bugs you have fixed, so that we can test them fully ingame and make sure everything works as it should). Thanks in advance... (Still waiting for a respond on the last document i sent back in december also).
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    National Park

    Hello Petram! A few months ago I had an idea, in "Use of land". Since most of us don't use our land for anything but BM and clearing, I feel that the land should have a purpose, besides BM. I had this idea for... *drumroll* a national park! I think it would be cool if we could designate land to be a national park and pay in some resources (perhaps money, power, and maybe some animals?) and get tourist money back. Maybe we could choose what land to designate and name the parks! Or we could have it be like a factory, with a set amount of land used for each tier and continent. The second one might be easier to code. And perhaps there's a happiness bonus for a while because of environmentalists or maybe building parks gets happiness taken away for a while because the people hate tourists! What do you think of the idea so far, yay or nay?
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    8 units v 1, even a reaper would have lost. The game retreats when you have 10% or less of the power of the opponet, and considering 8 shots vs 1 shot a turn, you can’t really blame the game for doing its job.
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    Yeah...no. America is too anti-communist in nature.
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    Can't change flag

    The Flag Thing has been broken for who knows how long now. Sorry dude. You might have to wait till next bug fix.
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    Who knows! All I know is that Nations will be here in 2018, but Nations has changed a lot over the years, so it's hard to tell.
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    Ĭ and the enemy

    (This related to Two Worlds? I plan to support the United States on this one...)
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    It has been 2 weeks since the Sanctuary of Petram was founded, and we have made astounding progress already! We now consist of 4 alliances and 2 independent nations (one being me). These alliances are The Enclave, New BRICKS, the Ultra Union, and the United Nations of Germany. This has led us to now have 21 members and we are still recruiting more! We are now the 10th highest alliances in terms of GP on the leaderboard. We have signed NAP's with SPQR and the Flock of Quackers (an unlikely combination), but our member factions have even more pacts and we have friendly relations with most alliances (except Supreme Coalition). We have a new Head Recruiter (Qiming) and we will soon have a Head Coordinator. More roles are to follow! This is an update of where SoP has been going since it was founded. We are still looking for more members so if you are interested in joining please do not hesitate to contact me in-game! Shag
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    New Mission: A time to strike Some of our scouts have discovered a Zihanian military base. Zihan is a main enemy of the Union of Nations, so if we struck, we could prove our worth to the Union of Nations. Continent: Tind Opposition: Lvl 1 Zihanian Guard (80% chance) 50% strength defending home territory (which they will get) 50 hp 2 Firepower 2 Armor 2 Maneuver Lvl 1 Concrete Bunker (20% Chance) 150 hp 2 Firepower 4 Armor 2 Maneuver Average no. of enemy units: 7 for tiers 1-4, 8 for tiers 5-7, 9 for tiers 8-9, 10 for tier 10 Rewards: 200 GP, + (?) per tier 137 money, + (?) per tier 26 ammo, + (?) per tier ----------------------------------------------------- New Mission: ___________ (<<insert name there<<) The island nation of _______ has declared war on the coastal nation, ________. _________ (the nation being attacked) is known for its small military power, so the Union of Nations has asked us to intervene and retake any _______ cities that have been lost. Continent: San Sebastian Opposition: Level 1 Navy SEALs (70% chance) 50% strength on offense (which they won't get because they're on defense) 50% strength against infantry 50 hp 4 Firepower 1 Armor 4 Manuever Level 1 Infantry (20% chance) 3 Firepower 1 Armor 2 Manuever Level 1 Medic (10% chance) Reduces damage to friendly Infantry units by 10% 1 Firepower 1 Armor 2 Manuever Average no. of enemy units: 7 for tiers 1-4, 8 for tiers 5-7, 9 for tiers 8-9, 10 for tier 10 Rewards: 25 GP, + 30% per tier 84 Money, + 30% per tier 12 Boar (s?), + 30% per tier 17 Goat (s?), + 30% per tier -------------------------------------------------------------- New Event: When science goes wrong There has been a recent outbreak of WhZ in one of our top secret research bases in Zaheria (don't tell anybody that we have one). If the WhZ gets out and into the atmosphere, the results could be catastrophic. If you do not choose an option in 3 days (or however long you get for these things), choice C will be selected for you a. "Getting that WhZ under control is our top priority" Lose 3,293 (+ 20% per tier) money 50% chance: +100 WhZ 30% chance: - 4 happiness b. "We have a couple of things we need to do before we sort out the WhZ" Lose 1,387 (+ 20% per tier) money 50% chance: - 4 happiness 30% chance: +75 WhZ c. "Who cares? At least if it does contaminate the air, it'll be the Zaherians that suffer, not us." - 8 happiness 90% chance: Gain the mission, "Riot Control" --------------------------------------------------------- New Event: Khev Minosk's Revenge The terrorist group Khev Minosk seems to have gotten aggravated that we attack them so often, and have taken all _________ (<<in here goes what your nation's people are called, e.g. greeks, britons, etc) living in Harled hostage. They have demanded money in exchange for the _________ (same thing there) If you do not choose an option in 3 days, choice C will be selected for you a. Pay the money Lose 33,829 (+ 20% per tier) money + 2 happiness 40% chance: + 1% population b. "We're not paying some terrorist group money!" Gain the mission, "Suppressing the Khev Minosk" 40% chance: - 1% population - 2 happiness c. "Those hostages can figure out how to get out themselves" - 1% population - 2 happiness ----------------------------------------------------------- So, that's all I have to input. If you do comment (and please do), the things I want to hear are (does that make me sound like a teacher?): 1. Some feedback. Do you like it or dislike it? Why? 2. Any changes I could/should make and why 3. What I'd especially like to hear is if Stian has anything to say - that would be awesome if I could get some feedback from him 4. Any bits where I have question marks, (<<insert title there<<) or _______, and what you think I should put in there 5. What level you think these should be (e.g common, uncommon, etc) Note: I hope I haven't bored you (this is quite long) Note #2: Zihanian Guards cost 535 Money to recruit, and their upkeep is 1 Money, 1 Food (their category is Infantry) Thanks for reading!
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    Reporting a person

    By saying that no one cares, one explicitly encourages forcing the hard truth upon a person, and thus, the truth can compel a person to begin to feel a sense of self-worthlessness and if constantly repeated, may drive someone to kill oneself. Be a decent person, and don't state the overused statement that no one cares. Seriously, it's so overused, I will literally argue that you do care about the situation as a result of you responding to the situation for the time that you type the reaction and post it. So just please, don't use the three overused words to dismiss people's feelings. If necessary, I will fire meme missiles.
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    Two Worlds: Earth and Petram

    Shh!! Before he smites you from the server!
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    Guess The Player

    Congratulations! You won a won a special edition promo Stories of the Kawachi Revolution pack, a special reskin with new names and looks and guaranteed foils! Such as Fragments of Depression and Death By Kawachi Cancer, with foils of course. Comes with a 30 Day guarantee and complete refund if you aren't satisfied with your cards!
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    Guess The Player

    kawaki? by alien videos I assume you mean the obnoxiously large 'its every day but something something decibals' video
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    As you are probably aware of, crafting equipment requires certain natural resources, and natural resources spawn on different continents. That's why I'm sharing this guide so that it's easier for you to pick the crafting profession that best suits your continent. You can of course craft any type of equipment on any continent, but it will be more expensive, as you will have to buy the raw resources on the market. Bellowes Guns Inc (Infantry Weapon) Requires Bauxite Tind is good Westberg is ok San Sebastian is bad Tind Army Knives (Infantry Accessory) Requires Lead Westberg is good Tind is bad (ironically enough) Heath Armor Solutions (Body Armor) Requires Silk Amarino is good Zaheria is ok San Sebastian is bad Bjelke Tungutsyr AS (Heavy Accessory) Requries Platinum Tind is good Amarino is bad Steamroll Engines (Engine) Requires Petroleum Zaheria is good San Sebastian is bad Bellard Military School (Crew) Requires Bigfoot (No, sorry, requires Cotton) Westberg is good San Sebastian is bad Dronningberg Vaabenfabrik (Ammunition) Requires Saltpeter San Sebastian is good Amarino is ok Westberg is bad Tind is bad A note here: There are very concrete plans to implement a capital city relocation feature, where you can, in exchange for a hefty fee, change the official continent of your nation. Do not worry too much about locking this choice forever and ever. Another note: If the continent is not listed (as either good, ok, or bad) then this resource simply does not spawn on that continent.
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    I'm pretty sure it can only be used twice per battle or something.
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    There has been a meme running around where people have been turning things into human characters. Earth Chan, Tide Pod Chan, Bleach Chan, and even Shaving Cream Chan? I got bored and drew Petram as a “chan” with my horrible drawing skills. Downvote or Upvote if you want, I don’t really care. I am just bored. I colored each continent differently, so you can see each one. White is Tind Dark Green is Amarino Bright Green is San Sabastien Brown is Westburg Yellow is Zaheria Blue is the ocean. Also yes, I like anime.
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    It is unpredictable. How Stian treats the players' will be the most important part. Hopefully we get something better in 2018
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    We Need A Navy

    Whenever the next update comes out, we desperately need a navy. I think it would be so cool to have massive ships and have epic battles of the sea. I think in order for them to be successful, they need to be balanced, The navy could only fight with other ships and planes, and battles could only be fought with divisions containing only planes and ships. Individual units, such as the navy seal, despite its name, would not be in the division. I think that it would be navy vs navy, but aircraft carriers could bring 3 planes. So, if you had one aircraft carrier, that's 1 carrier, 3 planes, and 6 other ships in a division. Submarine: 4 attack, 2 defense, 3 maneuver, 80 Hp Harbor lvl 2 Resources to build it: 500 metal, 2,345 money, 1,076 building materials Upkeep: 8 fuel, 15 money, 9 ammunition Cruiser: 4 attack, 3 defense, 2 maneuver, 100 Hp Harbor lvl 2 Resources to build it: 700 metal, 3,456 money, 1,853 building materials Upkeep: 10 fuel, 20 money, 11 ammunition Destroyer: 5 attack, 3 defense, 2 maneuver, 130 Hp Harbor lvl 3 Resources to build it: 900 metal, 4,567 money, 2,371 building materials Upkeep: 12 fuel, 25 money, 13 ammunition Patrol Ships: 2 attack, 2 defense, 3 maneuver, 50 Hp Harbor lvl 1 Resources to build it: 300 metal, 1,234 money, 793 building materials Upkeep: 6 fuel, 10 money, 7 ammunition Aircraft Carrier: 3 attack, 6 defense, 1 maneuver, 180 Hp Harbor lvl 4 Resources to build it: 1,200 metal, 5,678 money, 3,156 building materials, Upkeep: 15 fuel, 30 money, 16 ammunition
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    And threatening to DDOS a server outside of your nation, hack certain individuals in this community, constantly harassing the moderation team and your fellow users, breaking rules, causing chaos, abusing the game's systems: You've gone too far. This is no longer a matter of you being perma-banned, that's been settled. Your recent actions however are not only breaking the game's rules, but they are also illegal, and we will be forced to take legal action if you do not cease all activities on this forum right now. We've had enough, and if you're polite enough you will not be getting any really, really bad repercussions in real life. This is your last chance.
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    Volunteers Needed

    No worries at all!
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    To the person(s) making multi accounts...

    This is too good. I won't delete these just so we can use it against them like every post they continue to make. For the record, you don't have your sources, and again, this game is hosted in Norway meaning that any threat of a DDoS is an international crime. Bolding the below so it can be read easier. Your basic points are saying that we present an offer. Simply put, we don't, you come to us by making multiple accounts on NationsGame, further cementing that fact. It looks like you just quoted something out of a government handbook? Needless to say this game is nothing related to actual government. We're not taking you to court, we don't have to. We have multiple accounts of evidence that you have guiltily presented showing that you intend to DDoS this server station. Which, prompt you, since you're from the United States, is a federal crime of terrorism, even just to threaten that so that's an instant report to the FBI by standard US law; secondly, you're threatening a server station in Norway, prompting this as an international cyberattack threat. So... why make things worse than you already made them by quoting material without sources, and that doesn't pertain to how serious your situation is?
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    I hate these posts... why can't a person simply enjoy the game without attempting to destroy it for others
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    Adjusting the war-feature

    As of now, in this game, you can't steal resources from another nation, even if you won the war against it. This should/could fix it. The idea is actually not only mine. One of the other experienced players in this game (Jazter) and I, had a conversation about this and then he mentioned something that made me think a lot.. - It was very simple, but yet very good. I then i thought about it, and this is what i think could fix the problem: When annexing: Will be explained after the "Idea for stealing resources". "Idea for stealing resources": - "Stealing resources": You cant really do that because the nation can just move their resources to another nation during a war. This is how it could/should be: Make it an option to steal 10% of a nations resources after 3 won battles. (Make it 3 instead of 5, because 5 won battles with Gearhounds will cost you 5000 uranium, which is probably more than you will get in return from winning the war. 3 won battles with Gearhounds will cost you 3k uranium, and its more possible to get that amount back, instead of 5k uranium, when winning a war, when you choose the option to steal resources. - By using "3 won battles" in this, you make it worth attacking a nation, cause youre almost sure about getting the used uranium back, if winning the battle. - And then you will also get 10% of the nations : Money, Food, Power, BM, CG, Metal, Ammo and fuel = You will actually make a profit from winning the war, without it being too costly for the losing nation. Now you probably think: "But you can still send the resources away when you have lost 2 battles and realize that youre gonna lose the war". Solution: (I will use my nation and your nation as an example). - You decide to declare war on me. The moment you do that, i got a stockpile of resources in my nation. The very moment you declare on me, the game calculates 10% of all my resources and type it down in a message which is sent to ME (The defending nation). Now i know the excact amount of resources you are capable of stealing from me. (That amount of resources will be "LOCKED" to my nation, which means i cant: - Use it for my population (food, Power and CG), i cant trade that "locked" amount of resources away and i cant use the locked amount of "fuel, ammo and uranium" in wars or military training). - This will secure that the 10% of resources will ALWAYS be kept in my nation to be stolen, if i loose the war and the aggressor chooses the option to steal my resources). If 10k food, and 5k ammo is "locked", as an example, and you end up with only 5k food in total stockpile in your nation during the war, then the outcome would be like if your nation has 0 food = losing population (Because the "locked" amount of resources cant be used). And if the ammo reaches 5k, which is the excact amount that is "locked", then the outcome would be as if it has reached 0, which means you cant meet the demands of military upkeep etc. Then you maybe think: "But what if 10 nations declares on me, then ALL my resources are "locked" and i cant do anything." To fix this, the following can be done/implemented: - Make the MAXIMUM number of declarations on a nation to 3. (That will MAX "lock" 30% of that nations resources). Then you maybe think: "Then i will just have 3 friends to declare on me, and then my enemies cant do anything about it". Solution: - To avoid that, make wars EXPIRE if no new division have been sent within 48 hours after the last finished battle, and make the war expire if no division have been sent within 24 hours of declaration. Also make it impossible for nations in the same alliance to declare on each other - and the very moment the attacking nation joins the alliance that the nation he declared on is in, make the war expire immediately. (To secure no one just leave the alliance, declares, and joins again). - When a war expires, make a cooldown/countdown of 2 weeks before that nation can declare again on the same target (to avoid "fake" declarations) - UNLESS the war have a winner. -Then immediate declaration is allowed.(To secure real wars can still be fought intensively without lots of waiting-time/pauses, and to make it possible for nations to annex/steal resources from a nation, multiple times in a row, just as it it possible to do that now). - The maximum of 3 declarations pr. nation should also prevent a nation from being totally ripped of within i short period of time. When it comes to annexing: Make it 4 won battles before you can demand annexation instead of 5 as it is now. And increase the amount of land you get to a permanent 10-15%, every time you annex a nation. The reason for this: It costs you 5k uranium with GH's to win 5 battles. Even more if the score ends up 5-3 or something like that. - Then you could end up using 8k uranium in just 1 war, which is VERY VERY much. The outcome from a won war is to low (Last time i annexed a nation with 65m population i got about 1700km2 land). (When doing missions and using both Expand borders and Colonists, i can regain that land in 1 week easily). By making it 4 won battles for an annexation you can (if youre good/lucky) end up using "only" 4k uranium pr. annexation. Its still a lot, but a little cheaper though + you get a little more land pr. annexation = Worth it a lot more, than it is now. It requires 17500km2 urban area to reach Tier 10. So you can say that all nations who have reached Tier 10, got at least 20000km2 land in total. And some of the biggest nations in this game got over 50000km2. - Lets say the average Tier 10 nation got 30000km2 land. Then 10% is 3000km2 land (Which is what you will get from an annexation with the new numbers ive used). That is what you will get "in average" when annexing a Tier 10, with the new numbers. - That's still more than 1k uranium used per 1000km land gained (And 1000km land i can get in 3 days in the game) - So i dont think these numbers are unfair at all. (Ive tried to change everything EXCEPT for the units and their hourly upkeep, so that @Stian dont have to worry even more about the imbalancing when it comes to resources and money. By changing the structure of the wars instead, he dont have to worry about that at all). I have given this A LOT of thoughts, and honestly believe this would make the war/battle aspect of the game, a lot better and WAY more interesting. By making wars more benefitial, the diplomatic aspect of the game will also get a boost without a doubt = WIN-WIN!! Everyone that reads this, please UPVOTE or DOWNVOTE this and leave a comment, so there is an overview of opinions on this matter.
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    To the person(s) making multi accounts...

    I dont wan your opinion Feminist lesbian SCUM I want @Stian response Trent you in my world are useless
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    To the person(s) making multi accounts...

    Plus I may have joked about hacking but did I hack nope
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    To the person(s) making multi accounts...

    You are targeting the wrong person like what about Razer he is someone who can take down this site in 1 second trust me I know
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    To the person(s) making multi accounts...

    Stian and I have already discuss this matter he has given me a chance but you are in my way before you were mod you would always go running to Stian and cry HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA COLLEGE LESBIAN FEMINIST HEAD ASS BITCH!!
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    i had a faabrik
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