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  2. This is actually precicely what I want to accomplish, but there have been some serious power creep in the military side of the game. I want to simplify the military, but I also want to keep a diversity that give enough rewards when you tier up. Difficult balance in itself that.
  3. The greatest dilemma in game design. New features or a rock solid foundation. I'm torn on this one. I couldn't really tell you my personal preference, as I still don't really know. I'd probably go for this approach in a real-life scenario. It was more of a figure of speech. In the end I want all things to be equally important. That's what I meant by having to make choices that matter in the previous post. I think I'm going to release my internal document of natural resource distribution in the coming days, so that some fresh eyes can take a look. Could only do good, I guess.
  4. No. I haven't changed any drop rates lately.
  5. I compared two similar game design concepts. Nothing weird about that. You're very correct about the fact that strength is overpowered at the moment, but again, this doesn't directly affect balancing of professions. Same example: If I made strength not matter, then a different profession would take over as the most powerful. All these balancing issues is why I want to do this thorough test run. There are a lot of systems in play. At times completely overwhelming for me to adequatley solve. Balancing is both the most fun and the most infuriating thing about game development. Hopefully we can solve it together once the new version is out.
  6. Also, I am aware that uranium has caused imbalance issues, but as you say, it's specifically because of certain military units. It doesn't directly affect balancing of other features. Indirectly so, yes, because of the economy, but if I removed the uranium upkeep of the units uranium would suddenly not be worth as much and zaheria would be less appealing.
  7. We have to separate between the balancing of amounts and the required diversity of resources here, as I'm very aware that the amounts are off. That's what I meant by not doing the flailing "technique" which basically means constantly adjusting amounts up and down because of over-compensation (balancing is hard). I like options. I like diversity. I like having to choices that matter. There are seven crafting professions. Each with different unique resource requirements. Which gives you a couple of choices: Pick the profession that benefits you the most, disregarding the availability of the resources on your continent, which forces you to spend money on trade Pick the profession that benefits the continent you're on, so that you could sell the equipment on the market Crafting in games like World of Warcraft would be bland if everyone could gather the materials required to create items for whatever profession they chose. I'll do my best to make sure every continent suits a crafting profession.
  8. I've tried the "flailing balance" technique before and it doesn't work very well. Up this week, down again next week, up again, etc.
  9. Also, remember: All cost numbers are going to be broken in the test version. They are set intentionally high, so that they can be decreased in steps until the result is OK.
  10. What I do agree with, however, is that no continent should give too much of an unfair advantage. Zaheria has loads of uranium because it struggles in many other areas. The uranium amount is probably too big, but the fundamental idea is that they should have more uranium than other continents. Just like Tind has more metal resources
  11. I fundamentally disagree with this.
  12. This new update will hopefully increase the trade activity by making it easier for everyone to trade. Going to the forums and finding another player to directly trade with is not for everyone. Most players do not use the forums, and loads are not affiliated with an alliance. Their trade options are limited to a dysfunctional auction system. This auction system will be changed to a commodity exchange where buy and sell orders are posted instead of bulks of random amounts of resources with a random price tag.
  13. Trading via PM's. I don't know. That's what we're gonna find out.
  14. I'm going to disable direct trading in the first phase of testing, to measure the impact of no trade. I'd be a bit surprised (and pleased) if the game still works good without it, so it will most likely be re-introduced before release.