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  1. That's weird. Never heard about that one before.
  2. Is is a display bug (meaning it appears after a little while, or a refresh?), or is it just gone until you get a new one the next day?
  3. Check you're inbox 

  4. Tomorrow is my last day of my summer holiday, and next week I will spend some time finalising the update. So, hopefully within two weeks.
  5. Try clearing the cache/removing cookies or using a different browser.
  6. If you asked specifically if it was OK for another player to give the account details to you and the mod said it was OK, then I agree with you, you should not be punished for that, but the image you shared does not show you asking for this specifically. If you could PM me the section of the conversation with the question included then I'll consider it together with Jacob to find a fair solution.
  7. Ok, I'm not going to argue this to death. The situation is as follows: You admitted another user gave his/her account details to you This is explicitly forbidden under section 2.4.1 of the ToS Therefore, the account that was shared has been banned for 60 days
  8. I could agree to unbanning the IP, as the nation was deleted, but that doesn't change the fact that at some point an account was transferred from one person to another.
  9. Because the account that was banned was the one that was transferred to another user (illegal).
  10. There are two rules described in this section: 1: Don't create and operate multiple nations. 2: Don't share your account information with another user.
  11. No, you are a user regardless of the fact that you have a nation or not.
  12. Users are not allowed to operate and share accounts/information with one another.
  13. This is not allowed:
  14. There were multiple accounts with very similar e-mail addresses registered on the IP used by the account that was banned. And as a result of this the IP was also banned, all according to the ToS and the sections that describe multiple accounts and account information sharing.
  15. Answered