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  1. The spam service for the forums have been activated, and my fingers are crossed that it will work!
  2. Maybe next weekend. Hopefully next weekend!
  3. Unfortunately I don't have time to exercise my journalistic hobbies
  4. Off the ball is how well a player moves to receive a pass. It is highly influencing the pass chance. A player with high Passing that wants to pass the ball to a player with high Off the ball skill will likely be successful.
  5. The forums went down yesterday, and in typical fashion I wasn't at a place where I could fix it right away. They're back now, though!
  6. Should be fixed now, but may take a few minutes for the update to take effect.
  7. I'll take a look!
  8. If paused, factories continue to generate production capacity, but you can't collect. This hasn't changed from 1.0.
  9. The attacks lately have been so severe that I have now disabled new forum registrations until I can find a way to stop it.
  10. Maybe I'll just have to take that cost. It has been ridiculous lately.
  11. I wish I could use that, but I haven't paid my annual forum subscription fee for a while, so they won't let me use it.
  12. Haha, it's close, but I've got a deal with the devil so don't worry!
  13. This bug has passed over my head. I'll add it to my list! Thanks.
  14. No, my list is miles long, and this is not on the top