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  1. My fault! Too many ssl certificates to keep track of! Fixed now.
  2. Amazing! What software did you use to create this?
  3. Yup, this is a weird bug. It's probably caused by my critically limiting math skills. I'll see to get it fixed before release. Thank you for reporting!
  4. Thank you for reporting! The first thing I'd try to look at is if the power consuming resources are critically required at your current population point. If not, you don't have to collect the full amount every time you collect, and thus start stockpiling power. The second option is to look for alternative power sources, like coal, and renewable energy like dams, etc. If this is not an option, like if you're on a power-barren continent, power is very cheap on the market right now.
  5. There are a lot of planned upcoming updates, and I'd probably forget some if I tried to list them all here. However, in broad terms this is some of what you can expect: Crafting of equipment Revamped resource trade system Commodity exchanges allow for easier buying and selling of produced and natural resources Intelligence, spying, and sabotage Rebalanced units More focus on counters and division composition strategy Reworked battle mechanics New UI + Loads of balancing changes And, don't forget, all of these features are available on the PTR. You can test them out right now:
  6. Resource exchange price graph Fixed crafting bug where you would not pay anything to craft
  7. Ah, ok. Yeah, selling factories are a bit obscured.
  8. Yeah, but I don't understand why? It's a tutorial element to teach you how to use your natural resources.
  9. I don't think I understand what you mean here. You have multiple options for your dairies: Find more cows, if cows spawn on your continent Sell the dairy if 1 is not possible
  10. This is just ptr shenanigans. The proper names will carry on to the next version.
  11. This is awesome! Such a good insight for me as to how you experience the new nations for the first time. Thanks!
  12. It's on purpose, yes. Hasn't been implemented yet!
  13. Change flag Pause nation Turn off ads (premium) Change background (premium) Change font (premium) Proper colors for card sets
  14. Thanks! I really like your signature quote, by the way.