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  1. It's the same as putting the units in reserve. They don't cost hourly upkeep (except money).
  2. Did you take a loan?
  3. Mobilize and de-mobilize divisions
  4. Could you open the browser console F12 and take a screenshot of that after trying to equip a unit?
  5. Should be fixed now.
  6. Chat globally (for everyone to see), trade (ask for or announce deals on the marketplace), and your alliance (same as on alliance screen). Expand the chat window in the lower left corner:
  7. If you click the GP section of your nation page you can see a breakdown of your GP. EDIT: The algorithm is different for every type of GP, but generally: More of that certain thing is better.
  8. That's right! I'll look into it. Thank you for reporting.
  9. The description may be a bit off, but the thread certainly still serves a purpose. There is still an auction house for cards, equipment, and recipes. It was exploited.
  10. I have no logs for the sabotages, unfortunately
  11. I removed the effects as they are clearly glitched.
  12. And by technically I mean the 48 hours at least you have to pay for hourly intelligence.
  13. Do you have counter intelligence so that you know who sabotaged you, because yes, you should not be able to sabotage someone within 24 hours of the game. The cost is technically more than that, but I hear what you're saying. It's too cheap. Or, at least scales too steep.
  14. Try to refresh the browser
  15. One more sneaky little update today: Added equipment icons so that it is easy to see which unit has equipment Added the option to quickly navigate between units in a division