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  1. I thought you could use the plural form in cases like this, but I may be wrong, of course.
  2. I'm planning to push some updates tomorrow, so it will hopefully be fixed then!
  3. Hello! It's a visual bug that is being fixed in the next few days.
  4. So, wars can again be declared, and peace offers can be sent.
  5. This is probably a bug that was introduced when I rewrote the entire webapp before the joga bonito patch.
  6. This means that no one can demand peace when it's not deserved.
  7. Actually... It's a display bug. The wars aren't actually bugged, it's just an error in the webapp that displays the aggressors' war score for both sides.
  8. A "fix" is on the way out to pause peace demands and war declarations until I can figure out what is wrong.
  9. Actually, none. He will be a man without a passport.
  10. Thank you for reporting, and yes, this is the type of exploitable glitch that has to be reported in private. It is now fixed, and the players that I could find that had exploited this to receive loads of transfer bucks have been banned and their bucks have been stripped. The transfer bucks level is back to normal.
  11. Hey! The first bug was fixed a little while ago. The second question: No, you keep that player, but he loses his nationality.
  12. Hey stain I'm an old player i used to be Cuban Empire but I forgot my password so I created a new account i was just letting you know that i had to make a new account 

    1. Wargame


      Also I have to create a new nation because I can't remember my password and I have a new account anyway 

  13. Yes, and it doesn't work very well.
  14. Been really busy, that's all. Switched jobs last month and it has required a lot of attention. So, I spend the time I have with Nations coding, and less on the forums.