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  1. Fixed certain cases where natural resource exchange buy orders would not be fulfilled Added a limit so that you only get free mystery boxes when creating your very first nation
  2. No problem, and absolutely no trouble!
  3. Ok. The number to the left is the available amount. This is usually zero for urban areas, as the population use every inch of urban area unless you at some point had a population decline.
  4. That is definitely strange. Thanks for the report!
  5. Hmm.. That's weird. Does it do this every time? You could use the back button in the browser.
  6. Has the total amount changed? (The number to the right of the forward slash).
  7. There are no IP restrictions in the PTR.
  8. Is the Chrome browser version the same as the OS version, If so, I don't really know what the problem may be. I'm using a Chrome browser v right now. What specifically are the certain places Nations won't load?
  9. You should really upgrade your iOS. Version 7 is several years old, and unlikely to be supported by Nations 2.0.
  10. Could you take a screenshot? I'm not too sure what you mean.
  11. Don't worry, I have plenty time to reach the announced release window of March/April. Granted it most likely won't be March. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that no matter how long I'd work on the PTR to make it ready for release, bugs and balancing issues are inevitable. It will never be a perfect game, as no game is (except for chess, maybe, but that's over a thousand years old). I will, however, make sure to avoid releasing a broken game.
  12. Great! Curious to hear if that changes anything.
  13. I would suspect that is in fact the issue, since I have not experienced any issues with up to date chrome or firefox browsers. Unfortunately I won't support OSs that are years old.