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  1. Its all good. Im sure Stian wont take it the wrong way.
  2. Not that i want to make a negative comment on this - but Stian is an adult and have worked on this game for several years, im sure he will make the right decision and release the game when he thinks its ready and not just to please the player base.
  3. Are we still getting a release date before the end of March?
  4. Version 5.1 will soon be installed. I will try the PTR after that.
  5. Yeah i know. I guess i really should - and because its friday and i just got weekend i will do it right now.
  6. Issue: 50% of the time i cant log in, and every time i manage to log in, i half the features doesnt work for me (Nothing happens when i click on buttons) Device: Huawei OS: Android 4.4.2 Browser: Firefox, Chrome (Both newest versions) Edit: Maybe the buttons dont work atm and the last time i checked, because the PTR is broken atm as you mentioned.
  7. Thanks for the answer. I got a problem with logging in to the PTR??
  8. I read your post as a question. My bad
  9. Yes it is possible , but it wont happen in the near future as there are other important thing to take care of first. Stian han not denied the possibility in the future, but he have also not announced that it will happen though.
  10. Hi @Stian Could you please answer this: (According to the picture) - When military is in Pros/Cons, what does that mean? (More starting units, or cheaper units etc??) - How much of an advantage does "Dictatorship" have when it comes to "more tax income" ? (Cause money is everything when you start, so knowing the formula/difference would be nice) Thanks in advance...
  11. Could you please stop being like this towards other players. - Youve voiced your opinion, but we dont need to hear all your negative comments about what other players do several times every week. If you dont like Alons way of roleplaying, then leave his roleplaying alone. This is not a forum for trash-talking other players.
  12. The reset is planned to happen sometime in april (At least thats the last thing we have heard). @Stian mentioned not so long ago, that he will announce a release date before the 31 March. - Thats all i can say about the date for now.
  13. Lots of members use PC. I use PC for this game 95% of the time as an example. But i want the game to work well for both PC and phone users
  14. Why is that? Because of the design? - Cause the game itself will be much better after release.