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  1. This bug was reported several weeks ago, and hopefully it will soon be fixed.
  2. As @VillainVillain said, you can post a screenshot of it and tag me or @Stian We dont want cheaters in this game.
  3. I have played for under 30 mins pr. day in the last 2 months, except for 2 weeks or so. In the first two months of 2.0 i did play 6-8 hrs. though (Pr. day). The game is built in a way that only favours the few that uses lots of time, as they will then have a lot stronger military in terms in levelled units and great equipment. To reach that you would have to spend at least 20 hrs. doing missions pr. week for at least 2 months to be decent. At least twice that amount too become strong.
  4. I thought i already just explained that? Vague rules that are already twisted a little bit - surely that needs a bit of attention.
  5. I think you misunderstood what i meant with my last comment. There is no reason to "ban" direct trade, if the whole community is using it anyway. Its impossible to set a hard line on where its against the ToS and when its not. Thats why i tagged Stian, because the rule is somewhat vague. (Unless we should just ban all active players in the game, cause everyone seems to use "direct trade".)
  6. Time to reevaluate the trade rules? @Stian
  7. Your nation is auto deleted after a month with no logins. Admins never delete any nations. Worst case scenario is a long ban, which leads to auto deletion.
  8. Basically: Culture buildings Stockpile (money and resources) Production buildings Active military units Population number Researches and technology buildings Current happiness Battles done in the last "few days" (Both missions and PvP) Missions completed in total (The bonus GP you get as rewards from missions). This is it, more or less.
  9. Yes wars are auto-cancelled after X amount of time if its inactive (the war). - I just cant remember how long it takes. Been so few wars.
  10. No it is not. (in short)
  11. I can only agree. This will destroy the game, as there can/will soon be TONS of wong annexations. Let us at least know you have seen this and are working on it. Those who invest money or many hrs. pr. day on this game will stop doing that if they are just ignored.
  12. @Stian Have you seen this? There are about 50+ wars in the game that is bugged. Very important.
  13. Could you explain to me how exactly this is being done in a private message please. Cause buying a player doesnt give you any transfer bucks if its your own player.
  14. Just to clarify - Trent didnt went AFK. He is not a moderator anymore. Jacob seems to be 100% inactive at the moment and havent heard from him for quite some time now.
  15. After reading the rest of the convo, then no, thats not okay. He have been given a timeout for a few days.