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  1. Unfair Bad Reputation

    I dont think i can do anything about the points, unfortunately. But at least he cant downvote you anymore.
  2. Unfair Bad Reputation

    I have perma-banned Kawaki from the forums after several temporary bans in the last 8 months or so.
  3. Healing boosts are broken

    Healing boosts doesnt work in PvP battles. This is intended.
  4. Can't register in the forums? Read this!

    It is already pinned as the top topic in "announcements". Not sure if there is much else we can do?
  5. Can't register in the forums? Read this!

    Lets bump this!
  6. 2 stationary bunkers fighting each other?
  7. Yes that a temporary solution. It does though not remove the fact that only a very limited amount of players use the feature, so its only a matter of time before it happens again.
  8. Guess The Player

    Im not sure i understand??? Is it me??
  9. Primal Fungus Spotted! Probes Unleashed!

    Not sure. I got none of it, but had almost 80 back in 1.0, so im not sure. It has been mentioned though to Stian, that it needs adjustment or else it will stay as a useless thing in the game.
  10. It has been a known problem, almost from the start that finding an opponent could be a problem. The best solution would be to give the players a choice whether they would be "attacking or "defending".
  11. Card packs

  12. Patch 2.2.1 Release notes

    It should already have been implemented?