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  1. This will be the final words in this case. You broke the TOS (terms of service), and did excactly what it told you not to do. You have been given a chance to create a new nation with a proper nation name and flag. Wether you choose to take this chance is up to you. This case is closed.
  2. I can also tell you in here why you got banned, if PM isnt enough for you. Nazi nation name and Nazi flag on your profile, is not something we tolerate. As i also told you, you are allowed to create a new nation with another e-mail.
  3. Yep, happens for me often.
  4. Yeah some alliance features would be great - especially if they allows more cooperation. An alliance overview page would also be cool. A place to view the last login date for all members, a stockpile-list, GP number with growth counter etc.
  5. I have messaged you in PM.
  6. This is from the TOS you agreed to when signing up for the game. 2.1.1 Nations Context and Imagery: Nations is a family-oriented service, therefore any material that can be registered as offensive behavior through player-submitted or user-generated images, chats, messages, comments, or information relating to the obscene shall be reported to the moderation team, whom will respond appropriately. This extends to punctuation and numerical instances as well in the attempt to filter out the offense. Offending accounts will be cleared or locked at moderation discretion. Example: Nazi symbols, genitalia/pornography, threats of illegality, using numbers to spell a curse or insult, etc.
  7. Well.. Sometimes closing the browser and logging in again helps, but sometimes nothing is happening. So its "All or nothing".
  8. Yes it stacks. Damage reduction does too, with a cap of 30% from healing units or gear.
  9. But for many others it is a problem both on phone and on computer, so its a huge problem.
  10. Hi @Stian For several days lots of players have mentioned that healing doesnt work. - Sometimes the problem can be fixed by closing the browser and then re-opening Nations or by an F5. But its a "dangerous" bug, since you risk losing valuable units in a battle. The problem is that no units are showing up in the list when youre trying to heal a unit. (Like all units got 100% HP even though they dont). This bug affects activity a lot, since some players are hesitant on doing missions atm.
  11. PM me in the game
  12. I personally wish you good luck with the re-creation of MEU. Let me know if i can help with anything
  13. You already can? De-mobilize will take the division into "sleep" in the reserves? This way you dont have to re-make whole divisions all the time
  14. Yeah! A total summary for the whole division is a great idea.