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  1. Yes it is - thanks.
  2. Login problem @Stian . Tried to refresh several times, and tried to open in new browser several times. Outcome was the same every time.
  3. Balancing is already the biggest challenge in this game, thats why i dont favour it. - As said.. When i made this topic yesterday i have something way bigger on my mind, but i decided to make it simple and not complicated. This was only because of 2 things = Bigger chance of implementation and easier way for Stian to create it, cauese as you say yourself, he got LOTS of stuff and ideas already to work on.
  4. I see your point, and when i thought about this yesterday i had the same idea. The thing is though - that the political orientation of the nation does not matter really when you create your nation. That is more like a RP thing, which i actually think is okay. If we both differentiate continents, political orientation and such things - balancing will be very complicated. And i do prefer gameplay over realism
  5. @Stian 1. If this is ever gonna be a thing, i suggest removing the option to improve the nations happiness, as it will give you lots of money. (The option that gives you 5% extra tax income is enough). 2. And instead of "national focus/military focus", maybe call it "Interior focus/Military focus". - Makes more sense when the overall title is "nation focus".
  6. Hi @Stian . Here is another idea i think would give the game a little extra in terms of planning and managing your own nation (Politics/focus). The idea is that you can switch between "National focus" and "Military Focus". You can switch focus once in a while (Ex: every week, every 2 weeks or every month). - In the chosen focus (Nation-/Military Focus), you can choose ONE specific thing you want to "use" for X amount of time (Until you can switch focus again). The numbers i have used can be adjusted, although ive tried to use numbers that could actually work, and there is of course room for adding or removing additional focus points.
  7. A major update will soon be released and make everything even better.
  8. Youre more than welcome to msg me here, or in PM (Ingame) if you need help with anything. The red numbers indicates that you are losing X amount of that resource every hour (pr turn). So you should calculate if you produce enoug pr day, to make up for the losses. If not, produce more or import (:
  9. I agree with that. Just a part of the game.
  10. @Stian - It seems like some continents will struggle a lot when it comes to a few certain resources after release, since there aint no real market established, so you cant just buy "what you need" since tons of players will need the same thing and the amount of resources people wants to sell will be tiny. That somehow takes my thoughts over to "colonist". - Is the outcome identical as the ourcome from a "expand border"? ( I know the price is different, but generally speaking, will i then get the same amount when i colonize westberg, as a player who "lives" on westberg will get when he "expand his borders" ? ) If not - what is the difference?
  11. Okay.. Seems logic since a high tier should not destroy a low tier over and over again. But then again, it doesnt really change anything as i can transfer/move around money to lower tier nations in our alliance, and just make them do all the damage while im funding the whole sabotage-attack.
  12. @Stian - How have you based your prices of sabotage? - It seems like the prices to sabotage a tier 2 nations will cost me the same as sabotaging a tier 4 nation. I guess this is not intentional? Or is it ?
  13. Then i must have a bug. Right now you can remove your spies in a second, which also should take time in my opinion. (So that the "defending" nation got a chance to detect spies. Or else its impossible).
  14. When doing sabotage it says: "Decrease tax for 48 hrs" - But how much? (You really want to know that, or else you cant determie if its worth it, especially because its expensive to perform such tasks". Please add "numbers"descriptions" so every single player does not have to try every single little feature himself to find the answers he needs. Help us a little, thanks.