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  1. The only "fun" in those, is that they dont use any ammo or fuel.
  2. There is a good reason for that.
  3. Why? So that you can get them more quickly and get more of them?
  4. I disagree. Making it easy to get several divisions of a unit that requires zero fuel, ammo and uranium in upkeep is not good. As a maximum of adjustment i think: - Change all travel times to 1 day for all the chapters - Remove the cap for how many of those missions you can do at the same time I do however think there are lots of other more important updates and features that needs attention before this one.
  5. Hmm maybe its time to find a new forum/discord moderator now that Trent left.
  6. Hmm. Nothing to do with you, but i cant believe Xealo has stopped playing. He was one of the oldest players that were still here. Well.. Time will tell.
  7. Since im not a part of the unofficial Nations Discord server i got a question. Why is Xealo not available anymore? Hopefully we havent lost another long-serving nations player?
  8. Supporting inactive? I dont understand what youre saying? But if you think a confirmation thing for both parties should be a thing, then yes of course.
  9. To me there should be a 72 hrs travel time. Level 1: 72 hrs travel time and 1 ship = one trade pr. month. Level 2: 72 hrs travel time and 2 ships = 2 trades pr. month Level 3: 72 hrs travel time and 3 ships = 3 trades pr. month. 10% of a given resource in your stockpile should be the maximum pr. trade. Easy to understand, easy to use
  10. I just find it way too confusing with all the these numbers caps. a 10% is easy for everyone to understand and remember. Remember that there isnt any info and descriptions in game, so you have to make it simple.
  11. Once per week is way too much. A guy like Marked with millions of resources could then send over enourmous amounts of resources to whoever he wants to. it should work as a little extra cooperation feature, not like it did on v1.0 where you could just hand over lots of resources to other players.
  12. The idea of direct trading on a SMALL scale is good. I remember a good old friend @Blazer making a good suggestion a few months ago. (ill use his example combined with my own thoughts) Implement a dock building with 3 level in total (2 upgrades). For each level you will be given one major transport ship that allows you to make 1 direct trade deal. The cap will be that you can only transport a maximum of 10% of a resource in your stockpile to the other nation. The transport time will be 72 hrs and you can only use each ship once pr. month. This will open a whole new thing to the game. Payment for help, aid for small and new nations, cooperation, more diplomacy and foreign affairs aspect and a few other things. @Stian
  13. If they traded or not doesnt prove anything. You can easily be guilty even though they havent traded as well as being innocent even if they have. (When it comes to prove wether the other account is his sisters or not). Its 100% normal in every single Text MMO, that if the game doesnt allow multis, the common rule is 1 account pr. IP. If anyone decides to ignore that, then its their problem. Its common sense.
  14. I havent tracked cards/gear deals between the 2 nations.
  15. No it doesnt. But when there is 2 accounts under the same IP with almost identical e-mails, it looks very suspicious. And when nothing has been done in terms of informing the staff or asking for permission (cause it is normally illegal to have more than one account on the same IP) then its really your own fault. Especially when one of the nations is inactive and the other nations then decided to take free land from that account. Special permission can be given for couples/siblings and school networks, in SOME cases.