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  1. Before the release of v2.0 travel times were 24 hrs. This was shortened for a faster gameplay, but it cant be lowered any more, cause then it will be impossible to defend attacks. The 12 hr. travel time gives people a chance to log in and see that they have been declared on.
  2. Considering that the reward from completing the mission is only 1k funds - not really.
  3. It is not possible atm. Maybe a trade feature between nations of some sort will be implemented in the future.
  4. @Stian We cant communicate with our members in-game without this. It hasnt worked for over a month now.
  5. @Stian - When will the forums be open again for new members? Several players have messaged me in the last weeks about them not being able to create an account in here.
  6. Hehe.. Yeah that is not what it should have said. @Stian
  7. Ban who? Sherlock who made this post has not been banned.
  8. This deserves a laugh The intention of this post is unknown - But it still made me smile
  9. It doesnt surprise me that you are this stupid. One months this time (: (It wil be a happy christmas afterall)
  10. Mallues
  11. Fegelein.
  12. Its simply 100% impossible to know when people go inactive. At the moment they apply, it shows they have been playing that day, and why should we reject them if they are online and applying? If i could foresee the future and see who will turn into inactives, or AFKs as you call them, i would not let them in - but how could I this post makes no sense at all. I dont even see the problem by letting them in as the game auto deletes nations that havent logged in for 30 days. - So what is the problem??
  13. I agree, and i already made suggestions on how to do this a few times in the past.
  14. LW/RW = Left/Right WING. (Same as Left/Right Midfielders in this game). RB/LB/CB = Right/Left/Centre - backs.