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  1. Lildawg Returns

    I thought I felt a disturbance in the average intelligence of the community... The lord of shit tier and cancerous RP has returned.
  2. Goodbye Everyone!

    Get rekt
  3. Wow you are a solid 13 yrs old
  4. The game's military is going wrong

    He already made it 3x easier to get legendaries etc in 2.0 ...... What more do you want?
  5. Stian please check your email

    Make me a mod.

    Probably think you are super cool and edgy for talking in third person and using a Lovecraft name.

    Prepare to be utterly destroyed.
  8. Trading

    If marked doesn't want to export to you he shouldn't have to.
  9. Selling Unicorn Grass

    I would sell for 60-70,000 each.
  10. Nations' Visuals

    Everyone here says Zaheria is Saudi etc, but you forget one thing... They are rich and useful. Zaheria on the other hand is measurably the worst continent.
  11. Tzynn Infolink

    Spicy RP, time to go discuss this with my boyfriend.
  12. I'm back

    Whalecum back
  13. Upgrading farms to lvl 3

    lol, funny meme.
  14. Upgrading farms to lvl 3

    huh..... Isn't their a feature called the search bar? Maybe in my old age I have become retarded, but I doubt it.