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  1. I guess you could rationalize it that way but love isn't a form of currency. That green(Or whatever color your cash is) makes this game run. If i had money i would hands down donate money.
  2. This game doesn't run on love it runs on money
  3. Before you complain to stian about BS. Open your wallet and throw money at him.
  4. Now this is a simple suggestion to the long term problem of trolls blatantly breaking the rules and just overall fucking up the servers. In order to stop this crap legal action needs to be taken. Most of these cheaters have been banned multiple times and have commited the same offense repeatedly. If you in america drop a law suit on these cheaters you may just get somewhere.
  5. I support the Reset. Without the Reset this is game is deader than it is now.
  6. If anyone denies the overwhelming unbalance this game has then just take a look at the top 2 players. This game needs a reset. People complain about how the game is dying and how it's unbalanced but when the dev gives out a solution they continue to object. It's like some people want to sulk about the issues the game has. Like I continue to say. Unless you contribute money to stian don't complain about a reset
  7. Unless you've slipped cash into stian pocket by buying a membership or donation then you can quit complaining now. To him this is probably business decision not something to keep you happy and have you grind hours on end like you're a real politician. Chill out. To be honest as the player base dwindles so does profits. The best way realistically to get new people to play this game is to get a reset so people don't get deterred seeing how obnoxiously big other nations are. Playing this game doesn't cost money but creating and running it does. Until you contribute money to this project quit complaining and leave.
  8. https://discord.gg/dq7GxXW
  9. Stop fighting Typer.This conflict will end fast and easy if you guys just stop
  10. I wish to buy 10k ammo and 10k fuel. I will accept a price range within 900k-2mil
  11. I don't care if you care. I'm just laying out a fact
  12. You're the one to talk. I caught you talking out the side of your mouth a few times before.
  13. You're the one to talk. I caught you talking out the side of your mouth a few times before.
  14. I swear! I thought he was new but he seems to have been playing this for some time