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  1. I mean 1 mil gold worth of ammo and power, each.
  2. I think I'll buy 1mil worth of power and 1mil worth of ammunition.
  3. Although it used to support negative trade agreements. My friend set me back like 2 years because of that, but just barely before you fixed, and it is still only this year that I got enough metal to actually grow again.
  4. Yeah Im curious too, what happened while I was on winter break
  5. I liked Risqa, he seemed nice, but then it turned out he is really salty towards Ceres very outwardly. And I mean salty, like saltier than the dead salt lake in *checks google* Ohio? Google work with me please I need clearer information than that.
  6. I dont know anybodys real name on this site, except for my friend, now you, and Im assuming Stian.
  7. I like how Hailfire asked Ceres to lock this topic if it turned into an argument and then he and Ceres started arguing about it. Also when did Ceres change there profile name and am I the only one who only sees this in place of Hailfires profile picture?
  8. Is the scam guy still out there? Maybe he is the cause. I could be wrong though.(probably wrong)
  9. I would take that trade, just need your nation link.
  10. Yeah you too Typer, happy thanksgiving! May your dinner be delicious.
  11. I think the remove units is fair, after all, units are expensive and time consuming to make and the point of the wars is to either gain resources or political power, not includind grudges. Completely destroying a nation, or at least crippling them could be bad, especially for smaller nations. But hey, what do I know, I only have a relatively small nation in a small alliance who has never been in a real (ng) war.
  12. I bet it was probably just a bot that automatically made a ton of threads.
  13. 'Ello Manelo, late welcome to the game!
  14. Hes probably hostile for the same reason, so you've all created a negative spiral thats going to be hard to stop.
  15. The peace between you guys would work alot better if xphade and Mallues could just calm down, they seem extra hostile and I dont know why.