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  1. Goodbye Everyone!

    I'm disconnecting my email and am going to try deleting my account, please do not reply expecting me to respond. Again, to everybody, it's been a real pleasure to play this game it's been a ludicrously small community at 1.7k, but nonetheless a wonderful game and lots of fun (especially leading the 30 member Brotherhood and my brief period as #2 behind the overlord marked56).
  2. Goodbye Everyone!

    @Samoht I do not have the time to debate you anymore - I have refuted EVERY one of your claims with great detail and (forgive me for the pride) prowess, in the "why was I banned forums". We had our little conflict, which I decided to have despite the fact that school (and with it the inundation of sports 4.7 etc) just started a few days ago lol - without saying anything more that could be incriminating or hurtful to you (as I have refrained from, despite the abundancy of material), I'm saying goodbye .
  3. Goodbye Everyone!

    Because I am getting WAY too busy IRL, and because my nation was recently banned anyways, I have decided to leave the Nations community - I would ask for my nation, ALPHA EMPIRE, to be solely annexed by old members of the Brotherhood, but in light of recent events that have transpired, that isn't likely although tbh idrc who gets my land. It has been very fun to play this game, and I can now reminisce about the glory days, when the Brotherhood had over 30 members and I was the 2nd highest ranked nation. @Stian - Thanks for creating a thoroughly enjoyable game, although recently the amount of players has been stagnant for about a month at 1,700, I wish you the best of luck with your new Joga Bonito update @Members of the Brotherhood - Thanks for enhancing my experience playing this game and making it very exciting, as Legion turned into math-based farmville after a while. It's been a pleasure to meet you and despite me leaving this game I will still probably contact many of you in other games (Walrai, Elephant, Fatboy, Fegelein, Trickster, etc.) @Members of Legion and SPQR - Walrai knew about your plot DAYS (her adept craftiness and "slipperiness" as the Don of the brotherhood) before you launched it, I wish you fun in the war (finally, we got one!), but honestly @marked56 you stoop down to de-tiering? I thought better of you. Either way, it's been a pleasure to play with you guys, on the same side or not. However, to @Samoht my opinion differs. I am sorry we had to have this conflict, but with all due respect I believe that your decisions regarding me were influenced by the fact that you play this game, have a nation, and in the words of Walrai "are extremely protective of your alliance". After my banning, I gained support from everybody involved, my forum message was very well-received, and I tried to reason with you. Without any personal offense, I ask for @Stian (I've PMed him too) to consider using getting another moderator - below, I have attached a couple excerpts of our conversation - I remained polite the entire time, even though I knew I was leaving soon with the start of school. Goodbye everybody and I wish you all the best!
  4. Why was I banned? ;(

    I sent a message to Stian, after unknown invited him to a chat between us, in which I asked for a verdict, and recently checked to find that it was read. The following is my final request. A Last Request: Hey Stian - you've probably seen the q/a forum where I posted exactly why (in a lengthy response) I should be unbanned, and asked for your verdict. It's since been over 100 hours since the banning, and I hope that you can respond, if only to tell me that the decision will not be reversed. Please do me this favor, as it would offer closure on the situation. I hope that you have also read my post, which received 8 likes, over 30 replies, a lengthy debate and support from everyone (except SamohT, who admitted that the evidence pointed to me having a sister, but still decided to keep me banned because he believed I had "acted stupidly").
  5. Why was I banned? ;(

    With all due respect, @Stian it has been almost 48 hours since the ban occurred, and I have noticed that you have been on the forums (and replied to a glitch problem about missions). I'm hoping you can give me some finality on my issue here, and offer the rest of us a verdict (as there have been 34 replies, and my original question has received 8 likes). Even if I end up being banned with no concrete evidence set against me (having refuted/offered an explanation for each of SamohT's remarks) and have witnesses who know me IRL and know smurf42 and I are different people, I can understand that you want to crack down on cheating/using multis and in that case, I must be content with being collateral damage. For the third time, I apologize for not notifying the mods - I assumed that they would immediately understand it was my sister (as it did not act like a smurf AT ALL, as I've detailed above) and did not bother with the IP address proxy stuff, which I do know how to do. In previous times, as with the Panther situation and other familial matters, the staff has offered leniency and understanding to the nations involved - I hope they can do the same here. ALSO to add on - if I do end up being banned, or Stian still chooses not to reply, it's been fun knowing y'all and playing this game - with American school season coming up I will be quite busy anyhow but may consider creating a new nation (obviously using the proxy server IP stuff) In that scenario, Walrai is the new Don of the Brotherhood, and has full powers over managing the excessively active discord, as well as the war efforts and assigning roles - however, The Elephant will remain the consigliere, and if I choose to rejoin, I will be immediately promoted to Underboss or Caporegime.
  6. Why was I banned? ;(

    Precisely my point - I can assure you that having the same email while ACTUALLY using a multiple is not an indicator of mental capability ... I apologize for not notifying the mods and staff/Stian, but failing to do that is not a bannable offense (if I interpret the ToS correctly). Perhaps you can try tracking the gear/card deals between us? What's the point of having a multiple if you aren't using it to help yourself - the "multiple" that you think I had was practically inactive, sitting in Legion (and NOT on the legion discord, as my only purpose in creating a multiple to be in Legion is to spy on you, although I've already indicated that I do not fear a Legion attack even though I did a couple weeks ago - I stated this sentiment in a conversation with Walrai). In addition, it was a very low population and no offense to my sister managed quite poorly (a testament to her devotion to IRL activities), while I would like to think that I treated my nation quite well (I have google sheets and geeky formulas to calculate stuff like food consumption/growth proportions in advance using wolfram alpha graphs LOL).
  7. Why was I banned? ;(

    I understand that all too well, it has caused us considerable trouble with other games in the Panther Pod as well In that case, I apologize for not making my case aware to the Staff or Stian - perhaps it was because my nation was decently ranked or because your moderating tools are commendably advanced that the nations were detected. However, that doesn't really hinder my case - if I REALLY wanted to create a multiple, I would have a plethora of ways at my disposal to avoid getting caught - something that is a lot of work, and violates my moral and principle code All in all, I have to go now - nice talking to all of you, and I hope that @Stian can peruse what has been discussed on this forum and come to a verdict
  8. Why was I banned? ;(

    The question you have posed is perhaps beyond my abilities as a member and not a moderator to answer... My only contention is that in this case, I am innocent. LOL I ain't no game mod, so I can't really adequately answer your question
  9. Why was I banned? ;(

    @Samoht How to put this ... my sister is perhaps more *diligent* than me and spends more time on less fun-based activities IRL, and thus isn't really active, and when she is, just likes to troll and mess around instead of actually increasing in terms of population (again, if I had a multiple, I would grow it for it to be valuable). I believe she joined Legion in order to ensure that she would be protected, and even right now isn't using an electronic device (a second account would be nicely situated in my alliance, increasing its member count) Amusingly, I am not actually afraid Legion will attack me atm, although I was a few weeks ago. My sister's account isn't even associated with a discord, so just having it in the alliance is no asset whatsoever. In addition, SGO and SPQR are in the interest of peace, and I doubt they will permit an unprovoked attack on someone who has been acting with propriety this entire time. The fact that we have the same IP address isn't relevant, and neither is the "almost identical emails", which I explained quite carefully. I believe parents sometimes like to name their children with the same first letter, and obviously siblings have the same last name. In addition, we attend the same district, which is also not unpredictable. I understand that some the evidence looks bad for me - I don't doubt that. However, what I'm saying is that without definite proof, banning me isn't quite fair. I recall that in previous bans with KAI, the player either openly admitted he/she was cheating or there was definite evidence against them. Again, I can see why you are suspicious - justifiably so. However, I insist that I am telling the truth, and should not be banned for something I did not do.
  10. Why was I banned? ;(

    Also - I just had a quick conversation with SamohT a couple minutes ago. He claims that I was mostly banned because of the similar email addresses associated with the accounts - [email protected] and [email protected] Both my sister and I have first names that start with "E", which is why her email is [email protected] - in addition, if you look at the name associated with that account @Stian you will notice that the name is different from mine. I understand that you want to crack down on cheating, but at least here in the US our justice system is based on an "innocent until proven guilty" notion I have offered every explanation I can, and short of posting our passports and even more personal information online (which I will NOT do, as this is the internet) I have no more evidence to give other than the fact that the account associated was a small Zaherian nation, and the fact that by not bothering to have a different IP address (which I do know how to, by the way), I placed my trust in the moderators. What is more likely, my creating a second single small nation that isn't even in my alliance, or the fact that I have a sibling who is also interested in this game? Hope you can weigh the implications of what I've said and consider my viewpoint Thanks!
  11. Why was I banned? ;(

    Greetings @Stian @Trent @Xealo @Samoht and any other mods of Nationsgame! This morning (Central US Time) I tried logging into my Nations account, alphapooface, and received the message of "You have been banned for multiple accounts for the period of one year" - I was hoping that someone could enlighten me to as why I was banned, as I believe I have not violated any of the ToS. Last year, after I left (and my nation turned into fodder for raiding) I recall there was a very similar situation with the Panthers alliance, where a lot of students (including me, @The Turtle @sammy the chicken and a plethora of other players) were all simultaneously banned for having multiple accounts. However, after further investigation, it was discovered that they all belonged to individual players, and that the confusion had arisen as a result of the fact that the school IP address was shared, and thus was marked as a single player using multiple accounts. In my case, SamohT emailed me a couple days ago inquiring as to why I have two accounts - and I explained that one, smurf42, belongs to my younger sister who dabbled a bit at this game but never actually played a lot due to an inundated schedule (on the other hand, I enjoy it too much :D). I recall she created a nation, got annexed by me twice (just fooling around) and then deleted it before recreating a different one a couple days ago - which was the one that SamohT noticed and I believe reported me for. I was hoping that perhaps the mods could unban me, as it is quite obvious that the account is not a KAI type multiple run by me (it wouldn't even benefit me in any way as you can't send resources) and has no clear affiliation with me in the game. If there is anything you would like to discuss, my Discord number is alphapooface #3180, and I'd love to talk if necesary. Please contact me ASAP as the citizens of ALPHA EMPIRE are probably starving . With that being said, I hope you can consider unbanning me and have a wonderful day y'all!
  12. Impersonation

    Y'all gotta chill lol - While detiering is against the unspoken code of conduct and the gray areas of the ToS (@marked56, our big bad boogeyman could probably detier and wipe the ground with my face in war), The Brotherhood has the right to declare war on Unknown's Alliance as it has been exceptionally profane and blasphemous in its communication with me and Walrai, and declared war on many nations we consider to be our allies without sufficient cause.
  13. Uranium Trade

    Willing to purchase uranium with an open mind about the price - for starters, perhaps 150 PER for the first 2,500 and I can raise the price to maybe 250 after establishing a good trading partner For some reason I no longer find uraninite in Westberg :/
  14. Hi everybody! So I'm going to create the alliance/project I had planned before, called "Brotherhood" (I took out Mafia because it has a negative connotation attached) - anyways, I'm immediately extending peace protectorates to Legion, SPQR, and SGO. The purpose of my alliance again is for economic prosperity, rejuvenation, organization, and to provide a platform for top Nations players as well as new players. Unlike the last time, I will NOT attempt to recruit or poach members of existing alliances, but will encourage them to join as I believe that it is advantageous for them to do so. Again, I'm going to emphasize my wish for peace - with the commencement of American school season on the horizon, I believe that we will have more fun doing the Training League instead of warring with each other - while Apocalypse Now does have a point, I wish only for peace and economic prosperity for all. Thanks and hopefully this time I won't be threatened with war.
  15. The game's military is going wrong

    I guess it's because you're too OP Couldn't agree more - perhaps the leveling mechanism in this game engenders the "precious military units" kind of mindset where players don't want to lose their L15's. I recall Nations 1.0 was full of contentions, Nations 2.0 seems to be a lot more peaceful.