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    Let me grow in peace! Then I'll stab you in the back when you aren't expecting it! And I have a division with an M2 Bradley in it! MWAH HAH HAH!!!!
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  1. Fuel Trade

    K. Do you want to change the price listed above or are you just going with it? Hey, we're in the same alliance! I'm going to give you some just cuz.
  2. Fuel Trade

    hey again I'm only tier 5 I'm looking for a trade agreement please stop ragging on my lack of fuel.
  3. Fuel Trade

    Hey, I"m only tier 5
  4. Fuel Trade

    If you don't believe me (perfectly fine!)
  5. Fuel Trade

    So yeah. I've come into possession of a huge amount of fuel from an event, so here i am. I'm hoping to trade it for money and get my supplies up. Anyone? The going rate is 10000 a turn for 100 fuel. I will lower it (probably)
  6. Looking for food and power

    Thanks! I'd love to. 20 money for 20 food a turn?
  7. Looking for food and power

    Yeah. I'm looking for food and power. Preferably at a 1 to 1 ratio. Anybody?
  8. T72-Tanks

    I bought some card packs, and got a bunch of T72-Tanks. However, my nation is only Tier 3 at the moment, so my ammunition and oil resources are nil. How should I resolve this problem? Even in reserves, they still drain my money. What should I do?
  9. I can't construct bauxite mines!

    What's GMT?
  10. I can't construct bauxite mines!

    Way too expensive. I'm only tier 2!
  11. I can't construct bauxite mines!

    If so, then how do I get metal other than through auction? It seems impossible without auctioning or peacekeeping abroad. Yes, I have smelting.
  12. I can't construct bauxite mines!

    Oh... All I have in my nation is coal... I don't know how to trade natural resources. Anyway, thanks. I didn't know that.
  13. I can't construct bauxite mines!

    I'm a tier 2 nation with a steadily growing population. I need metal so I can make M2-Bradleys and the like. I can't find a continuous source of metal, so my construction of tanks. I looked it up, and the only metal producer at tier 2 is the bauxite mine. I can't unlock it, even though I have a plentiful source of coal. What do I do?