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  1. AUCTION: 1K Uranium

    I'll give you a one time payment of 2000 metal for infinite (not really) 500 food a turn.
  2. AUCTION: 1K Uranium

    What do you mean by that? My prices on uranium, metal, fuel? Well, I value Uranium at about $6000 per, though that's negotiable I guess I haven't really been on Nations in some time. Metal is 325 per, fuel is... what does that sell for nowadays? I'm not selling for money though, I want the turn input or cards.
  3. 200 uranium for sell

    Is the Uranium still for sale? I'll buy it with fuel, metal, or money.
  4. AUCTION: 1K Uranium

    Alright then. I'm looking for a Multi-Indstrial Cognate, I can pay in Uranium, Metal, or Fuel.
  5. AUCTION: 1K Uranium

    Specifically I want "The Coast of a New Continent", "The World is Depending On Us", "Multi-Industrial Cognate", and "Total Blackout." I also need Initial Fortifications, Koenig Munitions Inc., Diplomacy in Vain, Nuclear Breakthrough, No Shame in Retreat!, and Annexing Enemy Lands. Ok Fabio.
  6. AUCTION: 1K Uranium

    Ok so all resources for me are basically useless, what I do want is like turn input of some food and power and ill give u uranium, money, or metal. What I really want though is legendary cards.
  7. AUCTION: 1K Uranium

    Lel I quit a while ago, but I do have 12 million money.... Hmmmm should I just buy it all and let it sit in my inactive account? Oh you know what? I already have 2.8k sitting here unused.
  8. Some ammo/fuel/metal would be nice

    That's a lot of money for fuel. I'll send you 1k fuel for 90,000.
  9. Saitamis trade center

    Guys I really would love to buy some ammo. I'll give you money, fuel, metal, or uranium. I also need to buy consumer goods. Same deal.
  10. Saitamis trade center

    I'll sell you 3000 at 85/unit.
  11. Saitamis trade center

    Wow Xealo rich kids lyfe.... 250 Uranium sent. That'll be 2 million. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> STORE UPDATE <><><><><> CURRENTLY SELLING: <><><><><> POWER - Sold by Matiasbonta AMOUNT: Up to 700/turn OR Up to 30000 one time ASKING PRICE: ~$1.2/unit OR Negotiable (Accepting ALL resources and $) <><><><><> BUILDING MATERIALS AMOUNT: Up to 100/turn OR Up to 15000 one time ASKING PRICE: ~$1.3/unit OR Negotiable (Accepting ONLY $ and metal) <><><><><> URANIUM - Sold by KingBoo9911 AMOUNT: Up to 250 one time ASKING PRICE: ~$6000/unit OR Negotiable (Accepting ONLY $ and ammo) <><><><><> CONSUMER GOODS - Sold by Matiasbonta AMOUNT: Up to 6000 one time ASKING PRICE: ~$3.3/unit OR Negotiable (Accepting ONLY $ and metal) <><><><><> FUEL - Sold by KingBoo9911 AMOUNT: Up to 1000 one time ASKING PRICE: $90/unit OR Negotiable (Accepting ONLY $ and ammo) <><><><><> CURRENTLY BUYING: <><><><><> AMMUNITION - Being bought by KingBoo9911 AMOUNT: 90 PER TURN OR as much as possible up to 8000 BUYING PRICE: $65/unit OR Negotiable. Can pay with METAL: 1/5 ratio, or URANIUM: 1/80 ratio CONSUMER GOODS - Being bought by KingBoo9911 AMOUNT: 15000 BUYING PRICE: $3.2/unit OR Negotiable. Can pay with METAL: 1/100 ratio, or URANIUM: 1/2200 ratio Also, as soon as the auction is over there will be some more metal in stock, but not huge amounts.
  12. Saitamis trade center

    Sure, I'm an honest person. could u send it at 4501/unit XD? Ok Sure.
  13. Saitamis trade center

    UPDATE READ - SALE Ok so I know there has been some confusion. Currently, the sales I am offering are: Fuel - About 2k stock left, so 2 more people can buy it. If no one else wants to buy it within a day, people who have previously purchased the fuel can rebuy. Asking price is 90/unit, but it's negotiable. Uranium - 1k stock. Limit of 250/person to give people a chance to buy, see what I wrote for fuel. Price is 4500/unit, let me know if that's unrealistic or negotiate. Ammo - not currently selling as I myself am low on it, I need to set up a trade and then I will sell it Metal - Opening Sale! Selling 6k metal to ONE (1) buyer, bidding starts at 200/unit. Bidding ends in about a day. No buyout as of now. Also, we are working on developing some cool new features for the Saitamis Trade Center. Keep an eye out. Let me know if any questions remain.
  14. Saitamis trade center

    Yes. Sending fuel.
  15. Saitamis trade center

    Ok fuel sent, send the money.