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  1. Few Last Words

    1st I want to thank Stian for this nice adventure. 2nd thank to everyone helped me by one way or another. 3rd was a pleasure to met some of you. 4th I feel honored to play alongside a couple of you. 5th forgive my ignorance,my mistakes and of course my bad English. And 6th good luck to your aims and to new Nations version. Farewell
  2. What are you all playing?

    ^ that
  3. What are you all playing?

    Nationstates,Nationsgame(until 26th of April) and Zenith at weekends.
  4. Weird Battle

  5. Weird Battle

    My other battles were OK,but this one....look
  6. Weird Battle

    I 'm asking about double numbers in units order:1-1,2-2.3-3.4-4.etc...
  7. Weird Battle

    Can anyone explain this to me?https://nationsgame.net/?at=battle&battle_id=834445&showInitiative=1
  8. Looking for an Alliance

    "Blyth"...as the mine hunter?Or town or river? Forgive my curiosity m8.
  9. A Welcome from the sunny Coverna

  10. PTR Patch Updates 26.01

    Not able yet Also.opponents has low maneuver too!
  11. PTR Patch Updates 26.01

    all time missings...
  12. IU VS KOP

    Fake alarm
  13. Hello Nations