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  1. if your units need Ammo you must have.If you have Navy Seals I think they use 2 Ammo per hour each one.
  2. do you have enough food? or ammo ?
  3. Whoa,now we are two Darklords?
  4. No problem,just need to annex inactives for land
  5. What? If you don't believe me try yourself or ask Stian.You are older player and for sure you can talk to him.
  6. When I was tier 10,by accident annex an inactive when I reached 5-0 and for a few moments my population go over 70m and after this when you click thepopulation button said that
  7. No,I need to since I learned that tier 11 will be at 200m population=50000Km of land
  8. tier dropping,I need to annex inactives,check my wars
  9. Hey my bugged mission fixed,thanks a lot. And if you please fix this battle:https://nationsgame.net/?at=battle&battle_id=689832
  10. Suppressing the Khev Minosk :bugged
  11. You're interesting to this
  12. Xealo was invited by me when I was in NATO alliance,but he accepted the invitation while I had already gone to KOP He said to my brother
  13. Welcome Britannia Empire
  14. Medusa sending a division against my brother.It will arrive there in about 6 hrs.But he start a conversation with him and he say that he will peace when we will declare war on Typer or Piko and send troops,so he can see their defences.Also said that Non-Block is after him with Pacifiers lvl 15...just FYI.

    1. Typer57
    2. Der Mannjäger

      Der Mannjäger

      @Typer57, we are having problems with medusa and hensilia now too, but we will NOT attack active nations to settle it, NATO or no.