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  1. nvm...
  2. My other battles were OK,but this one....look
  3. I 'm asking about double numbers in units order:1-1,2-2.3-3.4-4.etc...
  4. Can anyone explain this to me?https://nationsgame.net/?at=battle&battle_id=834445&showInitiative=1
  5. "Blyth"...as the mine hunter?Or town or river? Forgive my curiosity m8.
  6. welcome
  7. Not able yet Also.opponents has low maneuver too!
  8. all time missings...
  9. Where can I see my funds?
  10. Fake alarm
  11. welcome
  12. ik
  13. ???
  14. Probably I would have not the courage to start again.I agree with LuciusCornelius that a reset would be demoralizing.