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  1. I'm swamped with orders right now so I'll let someone else handle that.
  2. As evident these last two and a half months, people are content losing war after war after war as long as they can cling on to their resources.
  3. I meant I prefer Stian's idea of no direct trading at all. Resources can be converted to money and money to resources, so prohibiting direct trade except for money accomplishes nothing. With all direct trade turned off Stian can increase the GP goal resource rewards for new nations without flooding the game with free resources from people creating and deleting multis in a rapid succession. Edit: There's also another problem I don't think @Stian has thought about. What's preventing me from just moving my resources to sell orders way above market average, and then cancelling my orders once the war is over to get my resources back? There are so many loopholes people could use to prevent demand war compensation from ever working.
  4. Just limit direct trades so that both parties have to be at peace (or allied in the same war, with a slight change to how peace demands are handled). Although I prefer @Stian's initial idea since it would kill off multis.
  5. Crew is a special item only equippable on an armored unit, either tanks or gearhounds (think mechs). Edit: To equip rare equipment the unit needs to be level 5 or higher.
  6. GP goals are just something to guide you when new to the game, and is irrelevant after the first couple of weeks or so. I can't really backtrack and see what you're supposed to do to get that specific one, but you should should see the requirements just by looking at it. If you tell us what you're supposed to do to complete it we might help you.
  7. That's great, but we've been at war with Typer for over two months so it can't come as a surprise. If he wants peace he's free to give us an offer and see if we accept it, otherwise I suggest you kick him until the war is over. What you do after that isn't our concern.
  8. I never thought I'd have to point this out, but this game seems full of gullible people: Anyone sheltering or assisting Typer while our war is ongoing is also a valid war target. That is all.
  9. Love it. Some offensive actions, like sabotage, once you've infiltrated a nation would be fun too. Demanding destruction of a building in a war right now isn't used because it's random and the demand can be spent on something more useful, but targeted sabotage from spies could replace it. Some kind of cooldown would be needed, like your spy network dropping down a level taking some time to get back up again.
  10. Outstanding, this makes it harder to get rid of your valuable resources without ending up with an enormous pile of money instead.
  11. Right, I think there's a misunderstanding then. I thought you were talking about sending/gifting resources directly in a message, I'm talking about people going around that limitation by using the market to sell the resources to a mule for $1 (tell them to refresh the market page as soon as you place your sell order - people are already doing that). If you're planning on removing the resource market as well I've totally missed that discussion, but maybe your rework of the market already deals with that issue anyway (bargain sell orders automatically being picked up by buy orders or something like that).
  12. I'll assume that's sarcasm, but if not that would be a drastic measure just to save a feature (war compensation) very few people use. The embargo option would be less nuclear since it would affect the attacker as well. Just restrict wars within tiers to avoid people creating tier 2 multis embargoing tier 11 nations. (You should restrict wars to the same tier anyway.)
  13. Sure, but without it the demand war compensation feature has no use unless your opponent is inactive or oblivious of the game mechanics. Neither makes for interesting gameplay.
  14. To me that sounds like a good incentive for people to declare war or try to get out of a war. People allied in the same war could be able to trade between each other, but then your allies should also be affected by a war compensation demand and not just the primary target taking the whole loss.
  15. Let me rephrase it: Is it the designer's intention that moving resources away during war--to avoid them getting claimed by an attacker--will be considered an exploit of game mechanics after the update? Nothing stops you from selling your resources to a mule for $1 and then buying it back for $1 once the war is over. Keeping a nation embargoed during war would be pretty funny.