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  1. Missions

    It's the same length but your minimum chance to miss against NPCs is four times as high, increasing overall mission time. Might simply be a gear (and officer) issue now at the start, but it just feels tedious.
  2. Missions

    With 20% guaranteed miss chance and occasionally 5+ minutes between attacks, I find very little to enjoy in the game right now.
  3. @Stian If you're a target of sabotage, are you supposed to see an event effect? Something like this:
  4. Equipment auction house

    Buyout. Tried buying items twice, then tried selling an item. All with buyouts, no money went to the seller.
  5. Equipment auction house

    To boost an alliance mate.
  6. Equipment auction house

    Do you know if it's fixed?
  7. @Stian You can put up items for sale and people can buy it from you. Their money is removed but you, the seller, don't get any. Maybe put a warning label on this thing until it's working.
  8. How is your money situation?

    Population: 2,000,323 Money: Enough (but only because I'm doing missions)
  9. Produciton and beucocracy. Awesome addition @Stian, can't wait to try them out.
  10. Problems with resources

    The resources are added to your country but you need to use herbalists, marine biologists, and zoologists to find them.
  11. I haven't observed it happening with this frequency on the live server, so thought you might have changed some values in the mission generation table. But like you said, it's probably just random luck getting the same mission three times in a row - bound to happen sometime.
  12. @Stian When you finish an automatically generated mission, it seems to spawn the exact same mission when you click "complete mission" (if that's the only mission in your list). Only noticed it the last couple of days, and can only recall it happening for common missions. You have to use a card mission, like TT, to reset it. Need some more testing to see if it's 100% of the time, and if it only happens to common missions.
  13. Small additions

    Can't filter results in the unit equipment window like you can in the live game. And we still need a replace button, not just unequip.