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  1. But i'm still smart enough to recognise u r the greatest sycophantic forummer in this place, mi'lord! Then welcome to my nation!
  2. I already said its painfully obvious. U still insist on stating the obvious. If u think its funny, go ahead and laugh at urself
  3. If there is a chance that the world can be "reset" tomorrow it will be nations that ran their economy to the ground, or totally mishandled their military, whom will support the notion - think Greece with their debt woes, Italy, China(catastrophic coal and factories air pollution), Zimbawee, Mongolia, Malaysia, etc The best managed countries like the US, Switzerland, Singapore, New Zealand will these guys ever go for a reset? The answer is No. So the situation is painfully obvious. Those voicing their support for a reset(an unrealistic real life scenario) to get their desired short-cut, are the weakest players in this nation simulation.
  4. I really think u r too free and got nothing to do. I will just delete my nation and quit this game
  5. This is the dumbest thing i probably heard in the longest time. U probably never heard of gearhounds? To think u are a top 3 ranked player. No wonder u probably got there by scripting a.k.a cheating? To those who think a reset is a wrong proposition, then walk the talk. Don't do this PTR testing for him. Its just a way to get u entrenched in the "new" game. Why are u digging ur own grave?
  6. Dude u need to get a new job. Something like protecting people from amassing too much resources - thereby causing the game to be imbalanced, dead and boring. The new game is supposedly very effective in keeping out cheater accts and multiple registrations, so ur previous work experience is now obsolete. U need a new job.
  7. Nah this type of stupidity is mundane. Compared to those who are willing to invest the time (and money) and get their accounts reset.
  8. Then go ahead and do it. I am also absolutely sure it is a wrong move.
  9. Theres nothing weird. I just enjoy a challenge. I have no problem facing against cheater multiple accts who amassed zillions of resources. I am pretty sure I can work out something. But for me to launch 10 gearhounds or 10 thunderbolts every battle and wait to win, im afraid i got better things to do with my time.
  10. How about the infantry unit? What is it good for? Can i use the fortified bunker properly? Can i deploy 3 SEALS, 2 thunderbolts, 5 bradleys against 10 Abrams? Does anyone use Abrams anyway? Can i deploy 1 Medic, 4 infantry, 1 Volvo, 2 Plumps and 2 Gearhounds? Or should i just deploy 10 maxed out thunderbolts for every single battle?
  11. 2 hours ago, Eviscerate said: For everyone trying to fight this reset, you are fighting a losing war. At some point Stian will absolutely have to reset this game for it's health. You are only delaying the inevitable. Is it really going to be more palpable to you 3, 6 or 12 months down the line? Rip the bandaid off now and get on with getting this game square again. This type of threat or end-of-the-world hopeless case probably can work against kids, but it won't work against adults like me.
  12. This is the reason why i always said combat here is over-simplified down to just pacifier might. I played competitively in Shogun 2 multiplayer before. Basically even if u use the best units(those purchased add-on packs), they cost so much deployment points that u only can bring 1 or 2 of them to battle - think gearhounds. And i knew that, i can deploy 16 cheap effective pikemen/ashigaru units against your 2 gods. No victory is guaranteed. Comes down to tactical strategic deployment and troops command in battle.
  13. The root of the problem comes from the ease and sheer number of multi accts created and they, expectedly, channel all their resources gained into a main acct. This is a very basic, primitive way of cheating known since early days. With that, even Grayshadow suggestion of "soaking up excess resources" wont be effective anyway. The best players play fair, but the cheaters will eventually find their way to amassing infinite amounts of gold, uranium and whatever. Gearhounds lose their purpose and becoming the most boring part of the game because so much uranium is floating around. Think about it - if uranium was so scarce and the most one could utilize is 3 or 4 gearhounds per battle(not to include the training costs) before finding yourself running out of uranium, trust me i will hit tier9 70m population in a weeks time. Stopping these multi acct registrations is the most important action. Right from the word go. Personally, i played a game call Mygladiator and it has one of the most robust anti-IP cheat and the most fair play i ever seen. I believe it is all down to the game developer who implemented such stringent measures.