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  1. This topic needs to die srsly
  2. Well I gave my things to help a noobs called theassasin so he got my things
  3. Lol
  4. But I'll be active on forums still and assassin if your reading this go to sleep you don't need 3 hours if sleep a night you need 8 he'll I can barely stay up past 9 am
  5. Dude I played nations since January
  6. Lol can't play 2 games take a too much time lol and this game my family from Texas and Mississippi play so good way to talk to them
  7. Sad to say I'm done with nations good game but got interested in last empire war z were lots of people in my family play also typer assassin said you flipped out about me deleting my nation chill dude
  8. It reqllybwould have made since
  9. Lol
  10. Kia has been awfully quite did he get banned again or his he trying to murder all of nations agian
  11. Wouldn't blame him
  12. Lol yes I meant the actually name of the dws they are remaking themselves but the dws have had quite the history from what I heard used to combat the leuge but I doubt they would try it but then again at that specific time they would have had no problem
  13. Aww why the most or used to be in janoury most powerful Aliance is going wow well good luck old dws
  14. But I still had people request I do play throughs of all three and you can't help but grow to like some of them especially snow and ciuas hell bent to protect the ones they care about willing to destroy etro falcie orphan and to fix time (until past is fixed) they truly go out of thier way to protect.
  15. I think they wo King on 16 or 17 so why would they go that high?