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  1. The Grand Order is currently looking for members both new to the game and experienced members. We are the shield of protection. The defenders of the weak. We are the ones who stand vigilant and rise against the darkness. Join us.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Yes i was theassassin. I thank you for the offer.
  4. Greetings i am The mercenary. I am the founder of The Grand Order. We are looking for members. No experience is required to join. Post your leader's name and your nation's name on this topic and i will send you an invite to the alliance.
  5. Hideout's main assault rifle is the g36c.
  6. Mary: Theassassin's oldest son alrik krüger has been declared the new leader of Hideout today and takes up the mantle of Theassassin. A military parade is held in his honor.
  7. Mary: today the funeral was held at the temple of the dead. Where theassassin was layed to rest with the previous leaders.
  8. A young reporter appears on T.V. her name is Mary. Mary: this is a broadcast to all of petram. All of hideout is in mourning . Today at 4 AM GMT theassassin was found dead in his office. The Coroner who examined the body of theassassin says he died of a heart attack. Tomorrow the funeral will take place. Theassassin is survived by his two sons. As of today general frederick Schmitt will assume command of hideout untill a new leader is chosen. Theassassin was a kind ruler who ruled for the people. May the next ruler make hideout make our nation as prosperous as our dearly departed ruler.
  9. So far i like the ptr version.
  10. hailfire

    The troops of hideout salute you.
  11. This event affect is still active after 4 days.
  12. Honestly I'm fine with either decision.
  13. How do check what land i have and my resources like fauna or flora?
  14. Nice
  15. I agree