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  1. Hideout's main assault rifle is the g36c.
  2. Mary: Theassassin's oldest son alrik krüger has been declared the new leader of Hideout today and takes up the mantle of Theassassin. A military parade is held in his honor.
  3. Mary: today the funeral was held at the temple of the dead. Where theassassin was layed to rest with the previous leaders.
  4. A young reporter appears on T.V. her name is Mary. Mary: this is a broadcast to all of petram. All of hideout is in mourning . Today at 4 AM GMT theassassin was found dead in his office. The Coroner who examined the body of theassassin says he died of a heart attack. Tomorrow the funeral will take place. Theassassin is survived by his two sons. As of today general frederick Schmitt will assume command of hideout untill a new leader is chosen. Theassassin was a kind ruler who ruled for the people. May the next ruler make hideout make our nation as prosperous as our dearly departed ruler.
  5. So far i like the ptr version.
  6. hailfire

    The troops of hideout salute you.
  7. This event affect is still active after 4 days.
  8. Honestly I'm fine with either decision.
  9. How do check what land i have and my resources like fauna or flora?
  10. Nice
  11. I agree
  12. The Silver Wolves are looking for members.
  13. I can not speak for my alliance but you have hideout's aid in your crusade.
  14. If you still need an alliance The Silver Wolves are recruiting