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  1. Union Of Petramic Alliances

    I hear that the game just got increasingly boring from the lack of need to go to war?
  2. Can't trade recipes

    Yeah, same problem. I just put them in the trash.
  3. King of Eurica Dead!

    OoR: UPE is Universal Petramic English. If your people doesn't understand it, tough luck. Also, as a result of the lore, Fegelein is going to make references to the modern day, those of which cannot be understood by anyone. Does not affect roleplay much, though. Fegelein [UPE]: Oh of course you make the same old statements, it's like in the movies! Anyhow, I have no idea on what you mean by us making fun of your brothers. No one here had, nor ever will. You must be crazy. Fegelein [E]: My queen, this archer must be insane. I suggest that you put him in prison and put it at maximum security. Afterwards, get some information about the Ciboney Horde from that archer. Fegelein [UPE]: Sleep tight, archer. Fegelein [E]: Queen, do it now.
  4. King of Eurica Dead!

    Fegelein [E]: Well, well, what do we have here?
  5. Thank you Kawaki

    Thank you for filling the role of being a invaluable source of entertainment via being a cancer upon us all, Kawaki.
  6. King of Eurica Dead!

    Fegelein [E]: It is notable, however, that your throne is under attack from various powers in the region, including the Ciboney Horde, the Empire of Dimphathe, and the Nagreb Hordes. Thus, the Yayoi Confederacy hopes that you will accept that responsibility as new monarch of Eurica and work together to drive out these forces. Do you accept, your majesty?
  7. King of Eurica Dead!

    Fegelein would slightly bow. Fegelein: Your majesty, we have come to congratulate you for your ascendance to power.
  8. Unfair Bad Reputation

    RIP Kawaki, will be remembered for eternity. Press F to pay respects.
  9. King of Eurica Dead!

    Fegelein [E]: Yes, I am able to speak in Eurican. Shall we get started?
  10. King of Eurica Dead!

    OoR: As all of my lore involves Earth and Petram, the following languages are acceptable: English, German, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Eurican, Universal Petramic English (which is a language which somehow lets anyone speak English and that everyone knows), Antic, Swahili, Ukrainian Sign Language and Meme Ugandan.
  11. King of Eurica Dead!

    4/1/139 Queen Himiko's Palace Hirohito and Himiko are discussing national affairs. Himiko: The Empire of Dimphathe have declared war on us, and are sending out troops to us. Any thoughts? Hirohito: It is a pressing matter, indeed. Our armies are still up north, preparing to combat the Ciboney Horde. All we have at the moment for defense is the civilian defense and the civilians. We must raise the alert levels, then, and set up more traps. The river traps are the most needed. I have laid out the plans, and these should be sent out to each riverside settlement. Himiko: Agreed. (to messenger) Please order the villages and cities to raise alert levels and set up more traps. The enemy is at hand. Messenger: On it. Hirohito: Anyhow, what are these river traps? Himiko (to guards): Please leave the building, and prevent anyone from being 50 meters from this palace. The guards would leave. Himiko: The river traps are simple, really. Just a bridge that is high enough for ships to pass through, though it has spikes under the bridge. When the trap is activated, iron spikes will drop down on the enemy, and will kill or impale some people, while it does damage to the ship. For further defense, we placed a ton of stationary seaweed that will slow their advance up the river. Interesting, right? Hirohito: That has got to be interesting. What happens if they get through, though? Himiko: We have the citizen defense force that will take them down. Meanwhile... 4/1/139 Yayoi camp east of Tyrone Fegelein is sent with 250 men to the Kingdom of Eurica to send their congratulations of the new queen's coronation.
  12. The Empire of Dimphathe's Expansion

    OoR: What you're telling me is that every three hours in real life, the river direction changes? Brilliant!
  13. The Empire of Dimphathe's Expansion

    OoR: Which way does the waterway flow? Anyhow, thanks for the information. 3/15/139 Yayoi engineers begin constructing aqueducts to carry water to the farms, while other engineers begin constructing bridges over the waterway to Durinton.
  14. The Empire of Dimphathe's Expansion

    OoR: It should be noted that my nation is outside the state of Durinton, which is a city-state, according to this post. What makes it relevant is that by consulting the below post, it is noted that Durinton is the southern-west most state of the whole place. Assuming (which would be correct in most cases) that the modern day Durinton is in the same location as Ancient Durinton, the Yayoi Confederacy is located far from the coast, and can and will most likely be protected by the city-states. The only way you could be invading me right now is if you are invading from the west or the south, though you have not specified your location. Though, to get it straight, you're declaring war on me because I want to stop you from gaining control of the region, and then you turn and ask to ally with the weaker city-states? Uh huh...get ready for the Ancient Cold War.
  15. Healing boosts are broken

    Oh yeah...we should probably remove that too. Nothing bad will happen, right?