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  1. Guess I better chill and wait until Alon finally reads this.
  2. Hey, can I see the map you have so far? Also, probably going to join since I was mentioned.
  3. Get ready, the capitalists are closing in!
  4. It's really just Yokosukaball, but okay.
  5. I have a country in NationsGame, you know.
  6. You interested in doing a comic on something from the most recent NGRP? For nostalgia's sake?
  7. And of course, I will not be in it.
  8. (If anyone needs help with roleplaying, please consult the ones done by Berxwedan on how to make a good roleplaying post. If you need help actually settling in, there is no official, moderated roleplay going on, so I would think you should just make up your own lore and roleplay from there. And if you need help finding Berxwedan's posts because you can't go further than the front page, here you go:)
  9. Many mistakes were made that day.
  10. Oh boy...an entire thread up to this point done by one person...
  11. Post Oak United Nations is back? Oh, it's been a while. I should probably visit the Post Oak School while i'm at it in the future.
  12. What, am I irrelevant?
  13. Darn forums being taken over by advertisers. #makenationsgamegreatagain
  14. If this takes place on the beach, then shouldn't there be naval units? Level 7 Gunboat 60 HP +20% damage against infantry 3 strength 2 armor 5 maneuver
  15. Shoot, he knows! Send in the Iraqi Republican Guard!