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  1. The Alon Expansion plan has been put into effect. Towns formed in Amarino and are awaiting to join Alon with the Ok from Petram. Also the last Chigonian temple in Amarino is also awaiting to be explored by Alon Archaeologists.
  2. Victory!! There are no more Alon Order Ships!!!
  3. Sorry. I used one of the older maps and didnt realize.
  4. A plague has struck Alon. The plague has been named Sacoya and is spread by eating expired food. The first death from Sacoya has been reported. Here is a map to show the spread of the disease. Symptoms: Vomiting Fever Sore Throat Sudden External Bleeding around Facial Area Headache
  5. Admiral Berlin: Yes sir!
  6. Alon Order Launches Super Torpedo. Report: An Alon ship was destroyed by a powerful torpedo. The torpedo was so powerful that no one was able to get off the ship before it exploded into a massive fire ball. Admiral Berlin: I hate to say that 150 crew members have been blown up by a massive torpedo. The torpedo was really powerful and was undetected until it hit the ship. Hopefully we can win this fight before they launch another
  7. So... Does this mean everyone in the world gets a piece?
  9. The Republic of Alon welcomes you.
  10. Admiral Berlin: We are the Alon Navy here to help you fight our dreaded enemy, The Alon Order. We have a small navy, but are ready to help.
  11. The Alon Order Flag
  12. Try one of those rebel flags.
  13. Alon ships have arrived from behind the Alon Order and begun firing at the Alon Order. Admiral Berlin of the Alon Navy: Hello? Testing! Trying to contact Northwest Union. Is this working?
  14. Alon Order ships have began firing at the beaches of The Northwest Union using Long Ranged Weapons. The Alon Order have also met one of the Northwest Union Fleets.