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  1. May 16, 2000 The Alon Order officially takes power in Alon.
  2. Me and Cuban Empire read it together. I was laughing my head off while he was sitting there wondering what was going on. XD
  3. Here is the the Supreme Coalition flag. Me and Cuban Empire's alliance.
  4. To what? The discord or the alliance.
  5. Show me.
  6. 1 week into 2.0 and a Great War has ALREADY begun. Wow, that is impressive.
  7. Not part of Alon.
  8. Nuclear War ensues destroying Petram. XD
  9. It tied again.
  10. On May 2, 2014, The Alon Order killed a few dozen people who were protesting against their laws. This event erupted into civil war. On May 5, 2014 Christian "Lildawg" Van Houtin formed an army to take on the Order. The Renal Region was covered in war and blood. On May 8, 2014 Cities and Towns chose who to side with, splitting the country in two. The Three Big Cities, Chigo, Hijan and Faren all sided with the Order. May 10, 2014 Order Troops began to march through and destroy Eastern towns that sided with The Rebels. May 13, 2014 Rebel Troops march through Northern Renal. May 14, 2014 The Civil War becomes East(Order) vs West(Rebels) May 16, 2014 Order troops move into Rebel Controlled Renal. May 20, 2014 The Battle of Renal City ends in Order Victory May 23, 2014 The Battle of Southton ends in Order Victory May 25, 2014 Rebels in Hijan rise up and take over the City. May 27, 2014 Rebels meet Order troops outside of Hijan. The Battle of Hijan Port begins. May 29, 2014 Rebels Stop Order advance in Renal. April 2, 2014 Battle of Hijan Port ends in Rebel Victory. April 5, 2014 Battle of Hamly ends in Rebel Victory. April 7, 2014 Battle of Faren ends in Rebel Victory. April 9, 2014 Rebels begin to push Order Troops back from Renal. April 10, 2014 Rebels meet Order Troops outside of the Capital, Chigo. Battle of Chigo Begins. April 15, 2014 Order Troops are pushed out of Renal. April 20, 2014 Battle of Oca ends in Rebel Victory April 21, 2014 Battle of Chigo ends in Rebel Victory. April 22-December 12, 2014 Minor fighting occurs. December 23, 2014 Republic of Alon Established, Fighting ends. Alon Order Supporters flee the country
  11. 2.0 is out and that means The Supreme Coalition has formed. Assemble members!
  12. President Lildawg looks out the window of his cabin in the Space Shuttle. All of his progress will be worth nothing, he only just joined the colonial race and the colonies he owns won't survive. Not only that, but Alon Order bombers and missiles destroyed all but one Alonian Shuttle and 50,000 are on it. But the past is the past and they need to leave before the planet goes Boom.
  13. The Alon Order Survivors have been reported taking off in their own shuttles. 5 out of 39 have made it past Alon Defences.
  14. In late 2589 BC, Three Kingdoms formed from the thousands of city states of the Chigonian Empire. These kingdoms were The Kingdom of Faren, The Kingdom of Hijan, and the Kingdom of Chigo. The more these three kingdoms start to have disputes over land, the worse the tension got, and in 2567 BC, the three kingdoms erupted into a scene that was described by ancient writers as "Hell on Earth". Cities were burned, people died, and entire lakes and rivers became red from blood. This was a scary time for the kingdoms that created Alon today. The Kingdom of Chigo conquered Hijan in 2565 BC, and Faren was defeated in 2564 BC. This empire sprawled across Westburg and Amarino covering the area of about Xenforo, Deloia, Yukosuka and Alon combined. That is a pretty big empire. It is unknown if the empire would've lasted with Faren or Hijan, but it definitely succeeded under Chigo. The Chigonian Empire was established in 2563 BC, and they reached their biggest height by 2557 BC. Why Hijan didn't win. Hijan was the big boy, being successful at trade, it was really hard for Chigo and Faren to conquer it. Why it was defeated by Chigo? They made many military mistakes, they crossed rivers, they ended up at the bottom of mountains during fights against Faren, and they never retreated. This is why Hijan never won the Chigo Wars. Also the fact that they controlled 6000 km land was impressive for a small government at the time. Why Faren didn't win. Faren had a better chance of beating Chigo than Hijan. They had terrain advantage with mountains, and powerful catapults. The reason why they didn't win was purely luck. The Chigonian ended up winning most of the battles against Faren because of pure luck. If the Farenians won those battles, they would of easily gotten their empire. In fact, this was to closest war match up that went one sided really quickly. It also didn't help that the Chigonians took over Hijan. Why the Chigonians Won. The Chigonians was completely even with Faren, but was more advanced than Hijan. It was hard for them to take down Faren, but it was easy to take down Hijan. When Hijan fell, Chigo got one of the best trading areas in Petram at the time. With that money they were able to mow down Faren after many lucky battles.
  15. ICBM Defence System blows up the IBCM before it reaches Alon. Which costs 12 Billion to build.