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  1. Great Salted! Glad to FINALLY have you on the forums. Just make sure to be there in meetings. Ok?
  2. Do you think you could make a geography map of Alon?
  3. Map Change: Diano and Tobor Islands are awaiting Province Integration.
  4. This has come up out of the blue. People in Diano and Tobor Island are suddenly requesting Province Integration. The term Province Integration is an Alonian term used for territories on queue to become a province. It is a long process that requires a majority vote in senate. If the territory succeeds in getting a majority vote by senate, they get a choice of being an autonomous province, or a normal province. What is the difference between a territory and province? There are smaller differences, but the only big one that sticks out is that provinces get to vote. This is a HUGE deal because this adds more people to vote in politics in Alon. The Problem with Integrating Diano and Tobor. The big problem with Diano and Tobor is that people suddenly decided to do this. The letter that Lildawg got suprised him so much that it has been recorded that he fainted. The video is currently on Petramtube with over 50 Million views as we speak. It will be difficult for Diano and Tobor to become a province because they are further from Alon. Jagdish, which was recently successfully integrated, won the senate vote by 1 vote. It will be a difficult task for these islands to become provinces. What will await these two islands in the future?
  5. Pen Island doesn’t really have a port. It is more of a run down fishing dock.
  6. Alon’s Canon Population: 4.7 Million (Nations Game Population doesn’t count.) Chigo, Hijan, Faren, and Jagdish All of these provinces are cities. All of these cities contain 70% of the nations population. Chigo, Faren and Hijan all contain over 1 Million people. Corsa, South Eurica, and Pen Island: An area of military bases, towns, and villages. This area contains 20% of the nation’s population Renal: A very sparce population region that contains tobacco farms. Contains 1% of the nation’s population. Renal Town is the closet to a city in this region, with 592 people in one area. Territories Contains the last 9% of Alon’s population. 2 of these territories have no people.
  7. Actually, Renal is quite sparce in population, the closet thing to a threat that you would see here are tobacco farmers. (And they get mad when you trespass.)
  8. Meanwhile in the city of Hijan, fighter jets take off for Pen Island. The Alon Order’s massive air force is on its way.
  9. You have the meme in your signature. Of course it is obvious. XD
  10. OoRP: The situation is so bad that you have an entire news sectin about it? XD
  11. Salted Empire and many other Supreme Coalition members have been waiting pariently for this. Yes!
  12. None, the Republic had 24 men escape from Pen Island and they are all in Yukosuka. The soldiers that survied and didn’t escape have been executed.
  13. Alonian Republic isnt in the battle. Most of their militias are scattered.
  14. Map Change: Jagdish is now an official province in Alon.