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  2. Lildawg: Get your navy ready to attack from the south with New Rubia. Me and the Northwest Union will attack from the north.
  3. 2 days until launch
  4. You aren't even in the main roleplay dude!
  5. Remember: I had a massive food incident. If it werent for CreepaxFS for giving me money to recover, Alon would be back at square one.
  6. I know it sounds absurd, but I am saving up for my first colony. An Alonian Colony? It is even absurd to me that I am going to have a colony soon. I have a question about it though. Do you get to pick your continent, or does it pick at random?
  7. Alon survived! He he he! (Because I won't change my nation much.)
  8. Let's just say, Eurica f***ed me up.
  9. I actually agree with you. They have no army and let their allies defend them, IDK if they are inactive, as their population isnt rising or falling.
  10. *Facepalm* I left like 50000000 Tutorials.
  11. And if I cant, I GIVE UP!
  12. Okay, so I tried conquering Eurica for months now. BUT THEY HAVE 20 UNITS FROM AN ALLIANCE. And I cant manage to destroy even one of theirs. So now I have tanks with alot of health and healed completely. Hopefully I can annex Eurica by next month.
  13. Location of Channel:(Roleplay,Actual Game, Other RP) RP Channel Channel Name:TianPlays Real Name:Tian Olm Host's Home Country:Alon Channel Type: (Gaming, Blog, Ect.) Gaming (Subscribers are the amount of posts with people that say Subscribe on each channel page)
  14. What was the good reputation point for?