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  1. Guess The Player

    The guy who was just Perma-Banned.
  2. King of Eurica Dead!

    Queen Lusia: (In Eurican) Guards, take this archer to the dungeon. *The guards grab the archer and drags him to the dungeon.*
  3. Key: Middle Green=Grasslands Light Green=Plains Grey=Renal Mountains Orange=Desert Dark Green=Rainforest Note: Corsa Plains might be too far out into Renal Mountains. Alon has the Renal Mountains in it.
  4. Do you think you could make a geographical map? I will make a map for you to make one.
  5. (The countries act like people in this. Based off of the mapping videos.) Chapter 1 (The Tiger Finally Wins and the Eagle Forms): 23 AD Eurica: Yes! I did it! I have conquered Chigo! Chigonian Empire: ..... Eurica: Can’t do anything without your capital, can you? Chigonian Empire: Eurica, I am proud of you..... After so many years, you have finally defeated me.... Take what you want, I honor you for your massive victory. Eurica: I will just take your Zaherian colony. Chigonian Empire: That’s it? Eurica: No, I give independence to Ravenaza, Mivenque, and Alcalsasik. I will then puppet Faren. And that’ll be it. Chigonian Empire: Ok. I respect your deals. I accept. Everything mentioned above occurs. Eurica: Finally, I have defeated the Chigonian Empire, my dreaded enemy! I will rename myself as the.... Eurican Empire. Chigonian Empire: I have lost so much land, I no longer deserve this name. I will become.... Abbiana. 27 AD Eurican Empire: OHHHH Naaaaaaaaagreeeeeeb! Nagrebbian Hordes: Yes? Eurican Empire: I ask for you to surrender yourself before I invade you. Nagrebbian Hordes: Sure. Eurican Empire: HOW DARE YO- Wait, really? Nagrebbian Hordes: Yeah, I need someone to unite the hordes anyways. Eurican Empire: Oh, ok then. Nagrebbian Hordes joins The Eurican Empire. 30 AD Durinton: Hamondton? Hamondton: Yes? Durinton: Eurica seems different, Hamondton: I see that too.... What are you suggesting? Durinton: A Yambeg city-state union. Hamondton: Good idea, let’s do this. The Yambeg Union forms.
  6. What's the luck?!

  7. King of Eurica Dead!

    Dice Roll: Citizen: 6 Ciboney: 5 The Citizen successfully brings the archer to the palace.
  8. War of the Lions

    The Yambeg City-States are in crisis, Durinton and Hamondton has went to war. The entire Yambeg City-State alliance is shattered. This War is known as The War of the Lions. Battle of Dolin Peak (Durinton Controlled): Durinton: 3 Hamondton: 5 Hamondton has taken the peak, they now have a launchoff point to invade Durinton.
  9. Guess The Player

    He was.
  10. King of Eurica Dead!

    *Princess Lusia opens the door.* Princess Lusia: Oh dear. You poor souls.... *Princess Lusia lets the peasants in.*
  11. THIS IS NOT ROAE. I REPEAT... NOT ROAE!!!! Today the leaders of the Chigonian Region has signed a pact. The pact will be a defensive pact for countries of the Chigonian Region. Any countries in the pact must open up trade to other countries in the pact. Member: Alon Eurica Nagreb Athiest Republic of Hamondton Tyrone United Republic of Yambeg Socialist State of Nordathona West Renal Durinton
  12. The Order of Eirini

    I agree.