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  1. Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 😊 and for all the party pooper politically correct aholes, get over it and lighten up no one is making you go to church and by the way Merry Christmas to you too 😊
  2. Merry christmas

    I apologize if this is a stupid question... but how do you collect the gifts you send Stian? For example the Christmas tree, my nation is on Tind, but I have not gotten a tree, ? Also I don't understand the cards, what are they for and how do you use them? Again I apologize if these are dumb questions..
  3. Tradin 1k Uranium for money

    I'll give you 1.2 million
  4. Political Compass Test

    never would have guessed that I'm more centered than you. I'm 2 squares up from the purple, and 1.5 squares over from the red.
  5. Political Compass Test

    Im a righty lol 😁
  6. Political Compass Test

    wow, we are way apart. What I like about this thread is how we all are discussing our deepest most personal convictions, in a non-judgemental, civilized and respectful manner. We could teach the citizens of the United States that being on opposite sides of the political aisle don't mean that you can't work together, or even be friendly.
  7. Political Compass Test

    economics /left right .88 Social Libertarian /Authoritarian 1.5 I'm in the lower left corner of the blue square , 2 squares up from the purple, 1.5 squares from the red
  8. Selling ammo for metal

    Sold, I'll give u 200 metal for 100 ammo, or over 2 days I'll give u 400 metal for 200 ammo
  9. Should We Ban Guns?

    The key word is nearly, the fear pushed those in charge to pull back, communicate with the other side and find a peaceful solution. The Cuban missile crisis was our closest call, Kennedy worked his ass off trying to communicate with Moscow letting them know that we would not tolerate their missiles that close to our shores. He let them know that we wanted peace, but not at the cost of our sovereignty, dignity, and our freedom. That is what separates a good leader, president. Not political party, but a backbone, a willingness to stand up to bullies, and that is the key to making mutually assured destruction work. The other side can not worry that you are paranoid with a itchy trigger finger, but they also must know that you will not hesitate to pull the trigger if they refuse to be reasonable and back down.
  10. Should We Ban Guns?

    That is a common mistake made by many people, comparing a country aka state like Sweden to the entire United States. The U.S. is a united group of individual nation states. When you compare a small country to the U.S. it's exactly like comparing Japan to the EU. As you know that doesn't work. Now if you want to make a comparison there is two ways. Sweden has a population of 9.8 million people, to 322 million in the U.S., you can quickly see the problem there, apples to oranges , I live in a very small rural community, less than 10,000 people, our state capital Indianapolis has 1.2 million, we have way less crime than they do, obviously, but if you take the population into account, I'm not good with math,, but if you break it down to percentages of per 1 thousand people you would see that the crime rate is pretty close. Same as Sweden and the U.S., break it down to crime rate per million people. Another simpler way would be to choose a state with a similar population, such as Ohio, Indiana has a little over 6 million people, I believe Ohio is somewhere between 8-10 million. I don't mean to go on , I'm happy to see that you are thinking about this and trying hard to come to a real understanding
  11. Should We Ban Guns?

    Well we have had laws controlling drugs for nearly a century, to no avail. We tried to ban alcohol and that failed miserably. I looked up your claim that reasonable gun control laws have reduced gun crime in Sweden, man I myself had no idea how much gun violence they have in Sweden, they just had a gang related shooting in a bar. From 1965 to the present Sweden has done a good job keeping up with us in gun crime. You do remember the fella who came out of the woods with a rifle and shot all those people? People are sinful and selfish by nature, and if they at least won't decide to be a good neighbor, follow the Golden rule, you can see what we get. The point is not trying to control the tools of violence, but try to deter the violent people. This was the point of public executions, not revenge, not just to punish the offenders, but the real point is to make an example of the person, to declare that we will not tolerate this at all.
  12. Should We Ban Guns?

    mutually assured destruction has kept superpowers from annihilating the planet for the last 60 plus years. Thus this idea is well proven.
  13. Should We Ban Guns?

    Your idea is good, the only problem is that everytime we allow the government do something good they just wont stop at good enough. Like the EPA, the endangered species act, etc. They take a limited power that we give them to accomplish something good and they use it to oppress us.
  14. Should We Ban Guns?

    Exactly, 😉 What he said
  15. 200 Ammo/Hour Deal

    noticing how hard ammo is to come by