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  1. Deloia has almost no defenses left

    Wait, what exactly happened?
  2. Shop of The Bank of the Revolution

    You still haven't sent me the resources.
  3. Political Compass Test

    *Worships Trump, has more in common with The Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson* Join us Typer, join the Dark Side
  4. Armee de Ceres, war in the Parliament

    Does anyone know whats actually going on here?
  5. Shop of The Bank of the Revolution

    500,000 cash for 138,888 food and 138,888 power, at least that's what the calculator says. Is that good?
  6. Political Compass Test

    Well, someone should make an entire folder of these tests and who took them, then Ill compile them into a really crappy edit for everyone.
  7. Political Compass Test

    Thats only because @Typer hasn't started calling everyone a commie yet.
  8. Political Compass Test

    Here is the compass so far, I havent gotten the chance to put all the names because I didn't feel like going through again and finding them all after downloading the pictures, I am just lazy, but it shoudl give you a spread of all of us. Mostly Liberal, the original dot there is me, all alone, like usual... Mostly centre-liberal though, which means I could turn you my way :DDDDD
  9. Political Compass Test

    The liberalism is strong here, Jesus. I think you need some Capitalism in this thread
  10. Nation placement

    Does what continent you are located determine how much resources you can find? I know it can change WHAT you can find, but what about the amount?
  11. RNG

    Seriously, what the f**k is this??
  12. What are the exchange rates for each resource, like how much food for each unit of Energy? Just so I don't get cheated massively.
  13. Types of Geologists

    Well I just spent 40k on tier 3 geologists and got no copper.
  14. Types of Geologists

    All I ever get is Platinum, I need to find Copper, that's why I asked this question.
  15. Types of Geologists

    I know that certain levels of geologists will give you certain resources, but does anyone know exactly which resources can be found with each level of geology.