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  1. This game is dead.

    This game is almost dying.
  2. This game is dead.

    This game is dying.
  3. This game is dead.

    This game is dead. Move on guys...
  4. I'm back!

    Me and my friend Helios are back!
  5. Use of land

    Yes, I am. Now everything better. Maybe we could reconnect some day.
  6. Use of land

  7. Vaktus Fun Facts

    Nah man, that librarian is jacked. You have to include me winning everyone tho : )
  8. Happy Norway Day!

  9. Need Silk

    I got you.
  10. The Big Claim Your Reward Thread

    @Samoht How come you're not on top 50?
  11. The Big Claim Your Reward Thread

    @Stian will the awards be handed to the next top player on the list if current players don't accept/ask for it in any way?
  12. The Big Claim Your Reward Thread

    Yes, I'm sure SamohT was top 10. If not, I'm sorry my mistake.
  13. BTW is there any possible way for me to become a mod or...?

  14. @Stian I'm about to have a meeting with my politics teacher tommorow, how should I convince the school for paying this server?

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    2. Vaktus


      May I see the back and forth email you were sending?

    3. Stian



      May I see the back and forth email you were sending?

      You can tell your teacher that you have my permission to see them. I won't share the e-mail myself as I don't know if your teacher would like it.


      So what specifically should I tell her?

      I said about the same to her as I did to you. I would just re-iterate those arguments.


      Becuase what she thinks is that in this wide diverse community some players take this as a serious educational game while others don't. For example, they fight way too many wars because of personal dirty talks or just for fun. Also, your community stated that we are "cheating" so she is kind of concerned about us getting a bad reputation and again getting banned.

      Well, it isn't a serious educational game in the first place. About the cheating, that's up to the moderators and I to decide, not the community.

    4. Vaktus


      Alright thanks then.