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  1. Updates on the Sanctuary of Petram

    It's a joke... Kind of
  2. It has been 2 weeks since the Sanctuary of Petram was founded, and we have made astounding progress already! We now consist of 4 alliances and 2 independent nations (one being me). These alliances are The Enclave, New BRICKS, the Ultra Union, and the United Nations of Germany. This has led us to now have 21 members and we are still recruiting more! We are now the 10th highest alliances in terms of GP on the leaderboard. We have signed NAP's with SPQR and the Flock of Quackers (an unlikely combination), but our member factions have even more pacts and we have friendly relations with most alliances (except Supreme Coalition). We have a new Head Recruiter (Qiming) and we will soon have a Head Coordinator. More roles are to follow! This is an update of where SoP has been going since it was founded. We are still looking for more members so if you are interested in joining please do not hesitate to contact me in-game! Shag
  3. The WhZ mission is way too good. Most nations probably will never get their hands on WhZ, so immediately gaining 100 WhZ is wayyy too unbalanced
  4. Withdrawal of troops of the State of Alon

    You too, go on discord
  5. Withdrawal of troops of the State of Alon

    Get on discord bro
  6. Withdrawal of troops of the State of Alon

    when were they considered crimes? (At least I never did, I still dk what you did wrong IF you did anything wrong...) This is bad for me as now I cannot protect Alon if SC joins SoP... but whatever. @Constatine Madden and @Alon both of you are welcome and encouraged to join SoP. As a relatively strong member Nautilus may even be given representative status, while Alon will definitely receive it as leader of SC.
  7. The Components of Yokosuka Empire

  8. Constantine Madden, back off now

    @Constatine Madden I protect my allies. Simple as that.
  9. Hello Petram! Today marks the creation of a new alliance, the Sanctuary of Petram. This alliance, founded by me, will serve as a sanctuary to all nations (mostly developing ones however) where they will receive military defense, support, and protection. Rather than inviting individual players (we will eventually), we have enlisted the support of several existing alliances. They will receive almost absolute autonomy within SoP. While we do not intend to have an extremely complicated government/structure/organization, we will simply make decisions by having former alliance leaders (or designated players, if independent nations join) discuss and vote. We are a peaceful alliance and rather than creating pacts with everybody, we simply ask that by sheltering growing nations we are not attacked as a whole. Our members will be free to wage war on others, but please do not attack SoP as a whole because likely other members will not be related to ongoing wars. Remember, alliances within SoP will have a large degree of autonomy and their decisions do not usually reflect the decisions of the entire SoP. (However, we will probably create pacts with first-tier alliances just for the sake of diplomacy.) Currently, we have two alliance members: 1. The Enclave Leader: superguy187 (The CommonWealth) Members: Mythril PeopleLand 2. New BRICKS Leader: QIMING (Incan Republic) Members: Abassi Everest IronWorks Inc. Paxlornia Any other alliances/players who are interested in joining are free to! If there are stronger players, we would gladly welcome you as well, as some of our members will need protection against "larger threats". Thanks, and long live the Sanctuary of Petram! -Shag, leader of the Shag Republic
  10. Constantine Madden, back off now

    @Alon, I've been trying to talk to you on Discord for a long time now. Please check it, we can work something out Shag
  11. The community reach out.

    @Stian Username is bungularbike, I have used github pages (and a bit of git) for quite a long time now. BTW my friend made this website (https://louisasanaka.github.io/Nations-Banned-Duration-Counter/) after he got banned from Nations for trying to hack it... it tracks the amount of time until he's unbanned (2036 or something)... XD
  12. The community reach out.

    you can't just go through codecademy, that teaches you things but you will forget them very quickly. Do it the yard way and scroll through references and syntax documentations, trying to memorize examples. This will seem really boring but if you try and design some basic websites (just for fun, they don't need to serve any big purpose) it will help apply them. If you need more help feel free to message me on nations (since this thread isnt about programming). If you want to see an example, I tried to replicate nations in a very basic way using web devs. I can send you the files if you want
  13. The community reach out.

    Me too, I obviously can't dedicate my entire life to dev but I would be more than happy to help fixing Nations bugs (I already found quite a few as well as solutions). I am proficient in virtually every coding language but web dev is my strength... @Stian
  14. If I were Stian I would update the game version to 3.0.0 as this will change everything. Congratulations Legion and you will always be remembered/feared/worshipped.
  15. Stain! We have a problem!

    This is the 301.53232pi-th time someone has called Stian "Stain".