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  1. Hey @Stian I've a bug with a pirate event, can't seem to select the option. https://app.nationsgame.net/user/Tulipia
  2. What happened to "A New Dawn" card pack?
  3. I think there might be a bug. My club football team has been searching for a match for a day now in Div 1
  4. Upcoming feature patch – Joga bonito

    Are there any plans to go beyond tier 10? Seems like 70m population is the max for now, but for the top 10 nations or so, the end is near and it'll be pretty farmville like thereafter. '
  5. The game's military is going wrong

    Sounds like a declaration of war on all the other alliances to me.
  6. Beginners Guide to working out!

    day 3 now and its really aching, as recommended, I'll be taking my off day today.
  7. Beginners Guide to working out!

    I'm just motivated to start day 1! Will post my updates as they come!
  8. Bad bad idea that will remove my military supremacy over almost everyone else.
  9. Trade Help

    The easy way out is to grow your population which brings extra income to the fore. Likely that you've build so many factories that your population is unable to provide enough manpower to support it right now.
  10. Stian please check your email

    @Walrai is already an official mod on it, it'd be great if @Trent could transfer it to any remaining official mods, or I'd gladly volunteer to be solely the discord mod if necessary. #saveourdiscord
  11. Stian please check your email

    I understand that you don't but as Trent is leaving the team, he's shutting down the discord server which contributes a good part of our nations game life for the active 100-200 players. Can you please #saveourdiscord ?
  12. Stian please check your email

    Stian, we've confirmation that Trent will be leaving your team and shutting down the official discord channel. Do you have any alternatives for us? Edit: I propose that @Trent can transfer over the ownership of the Official Nations Discord Server to @Stian or @marked56 so that there's continuity on discord for the community. A good number of the active nations are on the discord to discuss stuff.
  13. Military Training League Teaser

    I'm looking forward to this already. I've been trying to train my fortified bunkers for quite some time already and this could be the only way to train them. Do I still use my defensive division to play away games? That way will the +x% when defending home territory still apply?
  14. Military Training League Teaser

    Can this be used to train the bunkers?
  15. I think that making alliances more useful than just militarily ranks above all other bugs/features. Hint: Alliance banks