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  1. @marked56 <-- I am mentioning you as you are an absolute pro at Nations so I want your advice. Hi, as I am an active player with a military that I am proud to say is one of the best, probably top 3%. I have accumulated a lot of T-72s and plump tanks. However, each unit costs money whether it is in reserves or in use, so, what should I do with them? To be precise, I have 17 plump tanks NOT in use, and 34 T-72s not in use. Should I disband them? If so, how many? Thanks!!! All comments and suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. Lol, I beat it with 10 lvl 4 secret agents. 1 healing boost, actually wasn't needed, but didn't want to risk it.
  3. @marked56 In your guide, you mentioned that you don't use secret agents and navy seals. What do you use then? Keep in mind that I can't use up too many fuel/ ammo per turn as I only earn them from missions. I have tons upon tons of T-72 and plump tanks. Should I disband them, are they even good. Also, light armor vs heavy armor, which to build first?
  4. That is why you should unban marked 56. I READ THE WHOLE THING. Even though I have been in nations for quite a while, I did still learn new things. @marked56 Thank you for your effort.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Hi, can an admin or moderator tell me the ranks in the forum and how to achieve them? Ex. I am right now an advanced member.
  7. @bungularbike I completely agree with SamohT.
  8. I think that I am oblivious to this as in 1.0, I had 20million by tier 4. So...... I had 0 financial problems.
  9. that mission is AWESOME!!!
  10. @Stian I also don't understand why my military spends so much money, 212! I calculated, and the costs per turn shouldn't be over 40.
  11. @Stian When units are in reserves, they are supposed to not use up your resources right? However, last time I checked, I still use the same amount of Money no matter if the unit is in reserves or ready to deploy. Please fix this cause quickly, cause I am in dddeeeeepppp trouble as I have -5 happiness and i need to use as little money as possible.
  12. @Stian There is a bug with wars. If someone declares war on you, there are 2 scenarios: 1. We peace. 2. One wins and demands peace. After both happens the following weird message happens: "After a week of inactivity, the 'War Name' Against 'Nation Name' has ended. " (something along those lines) clearly, this is a bug that shows that after peace or after the players see that the war has ended, the computer side variable doesn't update, causing this to happen.
  13. 1. really? I thought you only get it in the beginning I've never seen a MG infantry in stores. 2. Really? I heard that someone got attacked by 3x troops.
  14. @Stian 1. Make MG infantries available for purchase, like the navy seals and secret agents. So that they will be on sale sometimes in the market(recruit section). 2. During PvP battles, limit the Defence to 2 Divisions and Attacking side to 2 Divisions. This is so that Huge Alliances, such as Legion, don't like attack 1 nation with 100 troops. This is a very unfair advantage which I think needs to change.
  15. @DuckNo