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  1. Convince Me

    Hi, Convince me to continue playing nations. This is a fun game, one of my favorites, but it takes so my time and energy from me that I'm questioning on why I play it anymore. Thanks to everyone that respond whether I stay or not.
  2. Conditions for the Deletion of a Nation

    Why are you still Shag-Republic in the SHAG-HEX COALITION
  3. Conditions for the Deletion of a Nation

    @Samoht Hmmm... Strange. Thanks for your help. I have another question, that isn't related to this specific topic. You are obviously one of the most prosperous nation in this game at the moment. How much time do you spend each day playing nations? Time spent on moderating and solving issues is excluded. Only count time that you play nations for FUN! I want to know because I have limited time, I was curious on how much time I would have to invest in order to have a decent nation. I have stopped playing nations for a while, 3 months to be exact and I have recently continued again. THANKS!
  4. What are the conditions for admins to delete my nation? This can either be an automated process or forceful deletion. One that I am especially concerned on is to pause your nation for too long. This is something that I'm not entirely sure is true.
  5. What should I do?

    @marked56 <-- I am mentioning you as you are an absolute pro at Nations so I want your advice. Hi, as I am an active player with a military that I am proud to say is one of the best, probably top 3%. I have accumulated a lot of T-72s and plump tanks. However, each unit costs money whether it is in reserves or in use, so, what should I do with them? To be precise, I have 17 plump tanks NOT in use, and 34 T-72s not in use. Should I disband them? If so, how many? Thanks!!! All comments and suggestions will be appreciated.
  6. How to win a Mortar Rain in Abu Nerra mission.

    Lol, I beat it with 10 lvl 4 secret agents. 1 healing boost, actually wasn't needed, but didn't want to risk it.
  7. A guide to playing this game

    @marked56 In your guide, you mentioned that you don't use secret agents and navy seals. What do you use then? Keep in mind that I can't use up too many fuel/ ammo per turn as I only earn them from missions. I have tons upon tons of T-72 and plump tanks. Should I disband them, are they even good. Also, light armor vs heavy armor, which to build first?
  8. A guide to playing this game

    That is why you should unban marked 56. I READ THE WHOLE THING. Even though I have been in nations for quite a while, I did still learn new things. @marked56 Thank you for your effort.
  9. Ranks in the Forum

  10. Ranks in the Forum

    Hi, can an admin or moderator tell me the ranks in the forum and how to achieve them? Ex. I am right now an advanced member.
  11. Bug with Military Upkeep

    @bungularbike I completely agree with SamohT.
  12. Bug with Military Upkeep

    I think that I am oblivious to this as in 1.0, I had 20million by tier 4. So...... I had 0 financial problems.
  13. Mission reducing GP?

    that mission is AWESOME!!!
  14. Bug with Military Upkeep

    @Stian I also don't understand why my military spends so much money, 212! I calculated, and the costs per turn shouldn't be over 40.
  15. Bug with Military Upkeep

    @Stian When units are in reserves, they are supposed to not use up your resources right? However, last time I checked, I still use the same amount of Money no matter if the unit is in reserves or ready to deploy. Please fix this cause quickly, cause I am in dddeeeeepppp trouble as I have -5 happiness and i need to use as little money as possible.