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  1. i'm not an active discorder either
  2. What does it do? mystical creature abuse
  3. i'm not sure, but I heard of a legendary event where you can have a select chance of getting a big foot
  4. lel, if you want to invest in your team, you have to be very active, and even then you can't guarantee and match or any transfer bucks meaning that your players will still age with no profit,
  5. Out of gameplay: I need city names of Cuban Empire
  6. 8 days after the declaration, a large storm system covers the rather small beachline and a lone fisherman reluctantly reels in his netting as the wind picks up and the first droplets hit the growing waves. He stays alert though, and even though his famished family was able to survive the cruel reality of the bombardment and Tango Zula Whiskey, necessities are critically low and there is no food left. He abruptly feels a whoosh below the deck as wooden planks are pulverized before a sudden click is heard and the boat explodes in flames. The fisherman is thrown off the deck into the ocean, and he finds a life raft to hang on too. Stunned and badly burned, he barely is able to activate a distress call and hope that one of the few remaining coast guard boats will rescue him. As he slips into unconscious, 2 low hums are heard above him and just as his eyes close, he sees the distinct shape of a plane...
  7. After a quick defeat against Black Knife, Novasolstice declares war on the Cuban Empire. No other information is revealed to the public
  8. Try going for the bigger alliances, even if the "big boys" can't war with you, they can still have smaller fight you and support them with powerful divisions
  9. And me? >-<
  10. I know, its just i woud be more interesting to incoprate a navy or dock into this.
  11. There is a little airplane (facing up) on the right of the screen when you scroll up. Click on it and it'll bring you the description of your nation and a few other things that you can explore. When you're done, you can click it again(notice its facing down now) to go back to your main screen or just click the big Nations at the top-left of your screen.
  12. well its easier because their are a ton of afks in teir 2 which you can annex
  13. Personally, I have a minefield of ideas on a navy, and what would happen if you could use intelligence to see what target nations are shipping and then you could send some ships to attack them, resulting in nations within the alliance needing to add protection. Also, Dock will also unlock ships. Working on Naval Ideas and Missions, Driven Abyss contract will come out by the end of Thanksgiving break.
  14. I feel like going to war with the can't blitz drones?