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  1. What's the luck?!

  2. What's the luck?!

    candylantis.... (i'm really good at bed wars)(that's basically all I play usually, but I play others)(Not addicted)
  3. What's the luck?!

    Not going to judge, oh and why do you have Chinese translations? Oh, and you don't even have the texture package. Oh, and I'm really good with an AWP
  4. What's the luck?!

    (off topic)
  5. What's the luck?!

    I couldn't agree any more pig
  6. Thank you Kawaki

    Thank you for all the great fun we had roasting you, and anticipating the useless comebacks you tried to make. It was almost like Roleplay! Making up all sorts of creative little things to describe you! Thanks, Kawaki. and i hope you take offense?
  7. Guess The Player

    Oh, and I'm expecting a predictable, lame, response going something along the lines of Anyone who plays Nations doesn't have a life, so your welcome to make a fool of yourself(some more). (Also expecting some other weak roast that doesn't make sense)
  8. Guess The Player

    why are you still even here, can't you find another place to ruin your life?
  9. Remnants of an Empire

    you should set a starting date. I'm not going to be very active so don't invade me plz, I'll just say everyone takes up arms and slaughter any invading armies...plz don't invade me
  10. Remnants of an Empire

    Nation: Old Novasolstice Government: Dictatorship Current(and only)Dictator: Candylantis
  11. The rebellion

    Not even going to bother.
  12. Countryball Nations Game

    no lookies like mes
  13. Primal Fungus Spotted! Probes Unleashed!

    mhm, so tier 10s will find better things to do?