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  1. can i get a little money to get moving again?
  2. when i click withdrawl, it says "something wrong happened" now, im at 100,000 population
  3. i was at 150,000 population when i became less active. now my food is gone. no biggie, ill collect some. nope. 0 out of 0 max. now my nation is going to starve and i can't do anything!
  4. yep. maybe i'll have more luck
  5. I literally just broke 100,000K population though...
  6. Wow, so, yes i'm going to need to make a new account. ok, thanks!
  7. but yes i do have the old version. should i make a new account with the more "modern" version of nations?
  8. well... that sucks.
  9. i don't see a "magnifying glass" anywhere there is an expand borders item or quest.
  10. i don't get any cows or metal. I was wondering if this is a bug or not but i'm at generally a stand still in my nation (nation AMARINO) i need help.