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  1. Its not war if you call it "sending military advisors to freedom fighters of oppressed people against dictators". Or "enacting no-fly zone to protect civilian protesters"
  2. I can't join an alliance

    Bumpity-bump. Whenever you're free @Stian
  3. Here are the reasons ( Let me explain this like I would to kids ) 1. Auto factory produces CG at $1/pc (or $1.6/pc if metal $7) thereby flooding the market, blowing all competition. 2. It causes CG market crash. (period) 3. And yes, because Amarino. The continent balance requires Auto Fact to be less efficient than similar tier Amarino/San Sebastian CG factories. 4. Last: Auto fact uses a T2 resource which is abundant in Tind, while other T4 factory uses T4 resources. Hence it must be nerfed. What I concluded is; you don't care about balance, or the fact that your wish is what caused the market collapse. Just buy CG from the market, $3-4 is what everyone's paying for (even Amarino) so its fair. Why should Tind be special? You don't see Amarino complaining for factory to turn excess CG into Metal, do you? I respect you Marked, but you know even when Metal is $7/pc, the autofactory produce CG at $1.6/pc. In comparison the best same tier CG factory (panther) produce CG at ~$2/pc lowest. TT is just half of the problem, Auto factory is the other. The reason you have CG crisis: your nation is built and optimized for $1 CG made possible by autofactory. You don't have nearly enough alternative sources. And you're not the only person either. But everyone knew this, and everyone waited until the market crashed. Someone could've pointed out the problem earlier, but no one did. I've kindly asked @Stian to temporarily re-stat the auto factory to $3/pc CG, as soon as possible, to prevent yours (and others) nation's collapse. He said to wait, so its up to him.
  4. Its a temporary measure as Stian himself said. Hence the factory will receive buff to more balanced state. The answer to your problem is simple: Sell Metal, buy CG. You got excess metal, and you need CG, so trade in the market. Get more CG factory, get more panthers or hops.
  5. Because some people exploited an imbalance for their own benefit, and causing the market to crash. The metal market crashed. The CG market crashed. The power market as stagnant as is. And those people don't even bat an eye. Yet after the nerf stabilized the market, they're unsatisfied. Marked already told how without this nerf, the economy will only spiral out of control.
  6. Someone didn't read the post fully it seems. (Apart from being rude) Hydropower produce energy $0.6/pc. I use the same standard for calculating Ciderworks. And what discovery cost are you referring to? I regard T2 Biologist cost as insignificant just as Border Expand in this equation. I use the same standard for both. If you want to use market price $1 energy, you'd be happy to know Auto fact is better ($3.37/pc) compared to Ciderworks ($4/pc). But you'd know that if you actually counted. 4 metal would automatically costs $28 That's $3.5/pc (just metal alone) I suggest you calculate first.
  7. I can't join an alliance

    My old alliance was Onyx Syndicate. Technically I am now part of SGO, but in-game bug blocks me from joining it in-game.
  8. I'd like to submit suggestion for auto factory balance for the recent re-balancing. First to clarify base price of metal. Metal market price prior is $4/pc. Probably affected by excess metal from missions, corrected in the change. Metal is produced from T2 non-renewable Iron & Bauxite, requiring T2 Geologist. Using Tind as benchmark: 10x T2 Geologist ($200) nets average 150 units (Iron + Bauxite), equivalent $1.33/pc. Iron Smelter and Bauxite Mine factory uses 1 unit to produce 2 Metal. Assuming energy market price $1/pc, the production of metal is $9/pc. Assuming energy from hydropower ~$0.6/pc, the production of metal is $7/pc. So the base price of Metal from mined resource is $7-9. Current auto factory: Assuming metal cost $7/pc (since player is T4), and energy $0.6/pc Uses; 5x Metal to produce 8 CG, at $6/pc In comparison a T2 Ciderworks renewable resource, CG produced at $4-3/pc. The T4 auto factory costs at least 50% more to produce CG than T2 Ciderworks. Since auto factory is T4 and uses non-renewable resource (unlike T2 Ciderworks) I suggest auto factory produce CG at around $3/pc. This is so the factory is still competent enough to merit usage. Suggestion: 2x Metal + $6 + 7 energy = 8 CG (with metal $7/pc, energy $0.6/pc) CG produced is $3.03/pc. Hence its as good as T2 ciderworks, however less efficient than T4 factory using T4 resources. (in comparison, prior to rebalance, its $1/pc)
  9. I agree with Tzynn. People can always buy metal from Tind. We can fine tune the rewards later. Edit: few words
  10. I can't join an alliance

    Hi @Stian, can you help us with this too, pretty please... Its causing some confusion as other nations don't know which alliance we're from. And it also makes coordination with members difficult. Thank you in advance.
  11. CG market just crashed at the time of this post. Demand at $1 with buy now $2. The cause: Automobile Factory. Available at T4. With market price metal $4/pc, you can produce CG at $1/pc. And it only uses metal, a T2 non-renewable resource (except from tanks). Let's see the best CG that Amarino has at T4 (that @fdas says it has) Available at T4. Uses panther, a T4 non-renewable resource (that requires T4 zoologist). At 10x T4 zoologist ($800) I get around 84x panthers. Thats $9.5/panther. In nutshell: CG produced at $2.4/pc. Conclusion: Automobile Factory is OP. It outproduces CG at 140% cheaper price than same Tier4 CG source from Amarino (claimed to be best at CG). Also the CG market crashed.
  12. PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE The constituent nations decided to join forces with the Sui Generis Order, in the aftermath of dissolution of Onyx Syndicate. Represented in this official public pledge of allegiance are the following signatories: Mirasia lead by Azurestratos https://app.nationsgame.net/nation/Mirasia Gingeronia lead by Reinux https://app.nationsgame.net/nation/Gingeronia Wind and Shade lead by Omglisk https://app.nationsgame.net/nation/Wind and Shade Due to (in game bug) difficulties, these three states will hitherto acts as allied states to Sui Generis Order alliance. Further information about the (bug) problem can be found here: https://forums.nationsgame.net/index.php?/topic/5789-i-cant-join-an-alliance/ We hope the best for this to be resolved soon. https://app.nationsgame.net/alliance/33
  13. I'm happy we can agree on something. Nevertheless its up to Stian. This is just a discussion/suggestion.
  14. Caps should be for renewable sources. That includes flora and basics. Non-renewable like fauna and mined resources shouldn't be capped, since effort is put to obtain it every time it is used up. This will add value to resources such as coal, fish, and metal. So no nation can escape trading in the market by hoarding renewable sources. This solves balancing and solves market stagnation.
  15. The REAL reason why lots of nations have huge power production, is because there is no caps. Just look at v1.0. Let's not forget why farms and windmills are capped?