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  1. Dul Kaddir Convoy Mission scaling

    I'm arguing over the level of the units, not the amount if that's what you are fighting about, then I just wasted my time here
  2. Dul Kaddir Convoy Mission scaling

    Usi Using this logic, should we make the legendary mission scale a bit better so tier 1s and 2s can complete them?
  3. Dul Kaddir Convoy Mission scaling

    Tier determines way less of your military strength than you think. Yes, it does determine the type of units you can get, but if you can lvl them up and get them good gear you are fine. If a person feels like its too easy for them to complete a mission, he has the opportunity to gain more exp by raising the difficulty. Also, if you have a good enough military you deserve to complete any mission at basic difficulty. Another thing you are missing is that many people rush tiers are do not develop their militaries. I think its better that you keep skipping till you get a good enough military Your military is average for a tier 2. But being a tier 2 is not average
  4. Remove travel time for Rumble in the nevermind

    The reason the mission does not give you any panthers is because you have to find them naturally first. After you do that, you have to build a panther factory, then you can earn panthers from the mission.
  5. Dul Kaddir Convoy Mission scaling

    First of all, it is spelled "tiers". Second of all, there is a difficulty option feature. These "tier 9s" are sending their division at a easy difficulty setting, which is the most basic difficulty. They have the option to add 5,15,20, or 40 more lvls to the basic level. Third of all, those missions are supposed to be a challenge. If all missions were easy, the missions feature would be broken. Along with that... 1) You don't need armored units to battle armored units 2) You can skip those missions with a skip mission item or sending in a useless unit 3) This should give you motivation to improve your military and units so you can actually do these missions
  6. Agreed, but would you rather be disappointed at a somewhat worth it legendary recipe, or get an actual legendary?
  7. nobody wants craft items from the market imo its flooded with crappy ones that are expensive
  8. Mr Communication Saves the day

    omg that looks so cool im hyped
  9. Stop spawning craft items for craft buildings that I don't own. only give me craft items for the craft buildings I do have, so when I open and spend 100 loot crates on a god damn craft item I cant even make, I don't get as disappointed in the future
  10. Mystery Box doesn't reveal

    hmm, idk, ive seen construction boosts in my mystery boxes that have revealed
  11. Healing doesnt work

    this has only been happening to me on my ipad computer works just fine
  12. Chapter 1: Scouting the Bleak Horizon

    oh yeah I encountered this glitch a long time ago with the rumble in the jungle mission its kinda op asf, but ive contacted stain 3 times and 3 times no answer
  13. I wish I could, but I can't...

    I annexed darktimesahead lmaooo join a big alliance, or tell him that Poseidon is on ur side, hopefully he remembers
  14. Double event (the same, twice, simultaneously)

    stfu and earn those big bucks mate