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  1. Idea's Anyone?

    YES, NUKES PLEASE (but don't make them too OP)
  2. Followers in the social feed

    I seem to have heaps of messages on the social feed everyday about people winning in missions, there should be a feature that tells you who you are following and you can easily remove them instead of going to each and every persons profile and unfollowing them.
  3. Food Market Broken

    What are you talking about?? the buy now price is 0
  4. Food Market Broken

    Someone broke the food market somehow by selling food at 0 coins per unit.. now no one can get the buy now price to work.. could you guys fix that in the next update please?
  5. Destroy Obelisks

    I see that you cannot destroy obelisks... maybe you should add that feature..
  6. Spelling mistake

    Spelling mistake for police patrols effect its tax income not "tax icome" lol
  7. Chat always having "NEW" messages

    Oh okay that makes sense.
  8. The chat at the bottom left always displays "NEW" in the corner for no reason at all. I have scrolled up and down and read a lot but the "NEW" tag still stays.
  9. What is the nature of intelligence gathering?

    Do the nation you spy on know that you have a spy there?