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    And so some time ago it came to the cult’s attention that the union of fascist states had attempted to conspire with anyone who would listen, crying out for the destruction of the cult. But all who did listen simply said “what? The Cult? Nah bruv” and so the union of fascist’s states decided to just pretend nothing had really happened. And when a little bird did tell the crow this, the crow did decree that this insolence would not go unpunished and so sacrificed 1.5 million of Technomaticas own souls as an offering the great cuthul. And the union of fascistic states did cry out “but you spied on us first!!, we have defence pacts with people!!” And crow did say clearly and loudly, for all to hear: “CAWCAW”
  2. Event Buff not working

    well its very annoying i literally bought up things and built factories at prices i would not have considered had i not been able to capitalize on the buff, which still is not working.
  3. Missing mission

    this still happens, which is very frustrating when i didn't realise that the number of missions done from not cards count toward your total usable by cards. you can still exhaust cards for no effect wasting the card, with no indication of if you are doing this or how many you have used.
  4. So i just got a nice little event called Heavy rainfall, granting a buff of 25% to production output of food resources or 4 happiness for 3 days. i opted for food production, brought up factories and fauna. Now ive checked it several times and i have no bonus to food production that i have been able to determine. it does not show up in any fashion; resources collect are the same as they always have been. @Stian have i misunderstood what this event does?
  5. my point is, as i said, was that it is inconsistent and unnecessary, why did you quote the whole thing.
  6. *Demobilising a division instantly sets there health to 0 whereas putting them in reserves has their health decay over time inconsistent *Demobilised units can still be deployed from the deploy menu, while a great way of getting your units killed it also clutters up the deploy list with units that you will almost defiantly not want to deploy *no indication that units in reserves are only cost money too upkeep *suggestion: add ability to tag market items as favourites add favourites filter option * add a “buy and use” button to the item shop purchase menu, its tedious to buy them only to open up a new menu to use them “buy and use” would speed up this process considerably *completing missions requires you to reload the page in order to see new missions *suggestion: separate message folders for trade, combat, diplomacy and player messages. *greatness points for concurring people/wars won *suggestion: add filter in reserves for unit types (inc mercenary filter) *clicking on alliance link in landing page dose not bring up the alliance page and instead takes you to your own nation home page *suggestion: remove disable adds from mystery Boxes (I have 7 and I have premium) it just hurts your own revenue from the game and is annoying for people who have premium, also remove incentive for people to buy premium.
  7. Missing mission

    sure but being able to exhaust a card for no effect might be an oversight. whenever this happens with any other effect it usually checks if you can exhausted it before letting you. taking note of how many missions you have done is just a level of tediousness that doesn't need to be offloaded on the player. also its not necessary to punish someone who just happened to forget how many missions they have done. even more so if there is no where in game that actually tells them this. allot of players do not use the forums. these people will assume its just another bug. of course that depends on whether these missions will show up tomorrow and have just been added to an invisible queue
  8. Missing mission

    ah yes i almost definitely did 5 of them i just switch up to hard on the 5th mission. does this mean that these missions will appear tomorrow or that these cards will automatically be refunded? was not aware of the patch
  9. Resource transfer. why?

    i just don't see any reason for a rebate. cons: it can be exploited it makes selling items at the current price tedious as the current price changes as you sell the item it punishes someone who may have just made an honest mistake or typo in setting up the order if it is in fact random, THEN ITS RANDOM and thus does not help keep the market healthy, (someone could sell huge amounts low and just have cheap resources distributed across multiple nations at random) if it is random than despite being the person offering the highest price you won't receive all of the items sold, screwing with the economy again. pros: it does not punish someone setting up a buy order over the current market price (but then you don't have to have the same rule for buy orders as they are being placed, they can just revert to absorbing the units at the lowest available price as they do now) ????? my sentiment remains, market orders should not be random if they are in fact random and you should not get a rebate on an order, that system is just way to open to abuse, with no real benefit. you don't want to punish people for making a small mistake like missing a 0 on your sell order. that's the kind of stuff that makes people rage quit. from my position it just doesn't make sense, but then maybe i missing some extra detail, but then given that @Stian hasn't mentioned any reasoning thus far im tending towards the notion that i'm not.
  10. Missing mission

    just finished a temperate terrorist mission on hard, and opted to do another one exhausted the card reloaded the page, nothing happened, so then i completed my existing basic mission exhausted another card reloaded page nothing showed up. so then i logged out and back in again and exhausted another card and still no mission has showed up. i am now down 3 temperate terrorist cards and have no such mission in my mission log. note: this process was working right up until i decided to try one of the missions on hard difficult after that they have failed to show up.
  11. *Overseas exploration pack could do with legendary or completion bonus buff (legendary is literally worse than the epic, completion bonus is kind of pants) *Building an airfield causes (all) of the equipment factories to appear unbuildable with the greyed out option “only one allowed” regardless of whether i have resources to build them or not. *Maximum damage reduction is 30% (as far as I am aware) however cards exist that give you greater than 30% on a single card making them less valuable than a card that had exactly 30% and some other traits. *Clicking select all in mail interface only selects mail that has been loaded (by scrolling down to load them) (applies to everything else) *Prices for factory upgrades do not update on the upgrade cost screen, you can still upgrade them, you just have no idea what the actual price is. (Tested with farms) *Units can be over healed by adding a HP boosting item then removing it before sending them into combat, health will be set back to correct value at 10Min tick. Very effective with battel juices. Same thing can be used to heal units faster. *Suggestion: add a number of times nation viewed counter to the homepage of your nation. *It is possible to float all your commodities and money on the market to avoid paying repatriation for war effort. Alternative: victor claims some of the loser’s nation’s tax for a period of time, like 20% for 3 days or something. If they are wared again then the new victor takes the existing victors 20% tax for the next 3 days. This causes more strife between alliances and nations without making it possible to completely destroy the nation being attacked. *Completing missions that provide rewards that get released into the wild upon completions seems strange, as someone who does not have any nature land this means I now have something to the effect of 1000 or so urban panthers, which is well terrifying. I had to turn them into rugs.
  12. Resource transfer. why?

    are you saying that if i list my buy order at the highest price someone selling at below that price will not fill my order first?
  13. it would seem a bit much to make a thread for each and every one of these items so I figured I may as well condense it into a single list that can be updated over time and anyone can add to. So here is a list of small little things that I have picked up on and think might be worth giving some attention: *foil equipment cards do not give more loot tokens when traded in *selling under buy order price allows resource transfer as buyer receives rebate *mercenary’s basically useless, remove upkeep? costs or buff into being useful *opening loot boxes 1 by 1 is tedious, an open all button would be nice alternatively being able to buy loot boxes with more loot in them that could then be opened as a single entity would be nice too. *searching through equipment when in the equip screen is tedious, adding a filter/search function and/or stacking equipment would help this (especially battel juices) *equipment filters do not reset correctly and do not load items that are not initially loaded on the page *secret agent missing Special Forces tag * finding out how much of a certain resource you have requires you to be in the market screen or on the “home” page, adding a resources bar for fauna, flora, mined and rare to the existing; coins, funds, stockpile, loot tokens bar would help this. Alternatively adding an “available resource” readout on the factories that process that resources would be nice. *allow the renaming of greatness buildings and allow people to see what greatness buildings have been constructed and what they are called when visiting the nation page of another nation. (as they are they are kind of pointless) *adding “number of existing factories” to the factory build screen above each respective factory would be nice, stops the need of navigating to and from other screens. *allow divisions to be queue for peace keeping missions, (helps people who do not have massive amounts of time, to train multiple divisions) *uncommon event “blackout” is awful (which might be the intention) but it does not list an “option (a/b/c) will be chosen if no choice is made. Thus far all events (I have come across) have had this notation. *cannot cycle between multiple events when you have two events affecting your nation (you have to deal with the first one before you can see the second one) *if you have multiple events you cannot do both of them in one go, you must log out then back in before you can select an option for the new event. *placing officers in “office” does not seem to affect the rate at which they decay (though this is probably intentional). Also TIM5 changes to TIM120 when you actually buy them. TIM5 means 5 days but there is no (apparent) reason not to just have both of them listed as TIM120. That’s all for now ill add more as I come across/remember them. Anyone else feel free to add any small suggestions to this thread too. Note: as a product development engineer I completely understand how what seems like a simple request by a customer can actually be a massive pain in the arse. So I completely understand if many of these are just not deemed worth the time to address.
  14. Defending allies?

    As i understand it currently, a higher tier cannot declare war on a lower tier. although a lower tier can attack higher tiers and can be invited to wars in which higher tiers or equal tiers are fighting. However one individual informed me that a higher tier cannot defend an lower tier? although i suspect that this might not be the case, can anyone confirm?