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  1. Stian should make a cap like new players cannot be older than 27. When you open a epic player and it's 33... wanna kill him.
  2. Leave this and you can.
  3. Par recognises this treaty with @Rowdy.
  4. Well... 1. I didn't get any land from the war 2. You picked the right time to attack me, and I picked the right time to attack you. You're on vacation, and I'm on exam. :/
  5. Check your discord DM
  6. Yep. If Stian turns on forum register now, in a day there will be over 1000 spamming messages.
  7. 1. Fortified bunkers Fortified bunkers aren't strong now. A uncommon equipment plus a common health battle juice can make a concrete bunker as same as fortified, so why should we use 20k metal to get it? I have 2 solutions here. 1. Nerf fortified bunkers. Like: 5 firepower, 7 armor, 5 manuever, but decrease hp to 200. 2. Decrease price. Maybe change engineer lab lv2 price to as same as lv1 airfield? 2. That's not a meteorite This is probably the hardest mission. To be honest, it's just a acheivement now. 1500 funds is not satisfactory enough for people to take the, why not add more rewards! Add a reward called "Treasure of aliens". Which is a better mystery box, gives unlimited use units, and even, for legendary treasure item, a sectopod. And things like normal mystery box. 3. Alliance direct trade Many people from different alliances had suggested this. Add a direct trade building called dock, able to build at T4, 4050 money 2025 BM 945 metal. You can ship at most 10% of your stockpile, but you can't ship uranium and WhZ. It takes 48 hours to get to target nation, and the target will get a message, saying what's on the ship and do you want to receive them. The nation will have 48 hours to reply. If the nation accepts, resources will be sent to nation, and the nation can send some money (only money, no food, cg and that stuff) back to sender. It takes another 48 hours for ship to go back. If nation declines, ship sends everything back in 48 hours. You can only ship once per 2 weeks. Level 2 dock: T7. Upgrade cost same as lv1 airfield. There will be 2 ships to send at a time, and you can send uranium. Other things are the same as lv1. I think these three things are the most important balancing needed for the game now, I hope active nations can give me more suggestions. Thanks
  8. Bible of Petram: Book of Genesis.
  9. Link.
  10. He is a guy without a real nation, ignore him
  11. The only thing I wanna say is that Legion has no good target to have a good war, so it is boring. TBH we can't even touch the whole PCA :/
  12. Legion is boring. It is good to be peaceful irl, but maybe not in this game. Sitting at the top, no one invades you and is so poor that they only have GH warhead and B2 spirit left. However, who dares to war Legion, and the whole PCA?
  13. Yay! No longer waiting for months!
  14. Maybe change it to 10 missions will be better both to prevent spam and train more units. I'm bringing this to the community, and Sitian is a guy in the community ¯\_(ツ)_/