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  1. Thanks
  2. I don't have time for today's update again, so it will be stopped for once. Or anyone help me to do the update
  3. in in 12 minutes... @Stian and that happenes to unit and item sale too.
  4. 1. I now face better troops in peacekeeping missions. Before the update I face ~12-14, now I face 20. 2. Yes, but the battle GP for military has serious bugs iirc...
  5. IK, but the question is... if I make 1200 excess CG per hour, it will be 28800 per day and near 30% of the CG market. That would be ridiculous. Maybe those nations could just buy em from the market...
  6. As there is a 10% population lost, urban areas will have 10% lost too. IK that's not scientific IRL but that's the only way.
  7. Also did you remove foil equipments? Add the foil pic on them again plz, I might accidently discard one.
  8. 1. Coins are good to go now, no changes are needed. 2 and 3. Good idea for nations that has a load of funds/keys. 4. No changes, that is the most "fun" thing about GP imo 5. Maybe making a new type called soccer GP will be better... 6. Fixed 7. Yeah. WhZ needs a lot of overhaul. 8. No. 2 is too easy, I'll make 1500 CG per hour which is very lot lol 9. Military has been nerfed a little bit in 2.2.0. This is a little step, any suggestions for Stian? 10. You should be able to change gov types at anytime, as it always happenes IRL. But continent... maybe like this. You use a TON of money (like 50* colony, which is 15M at my tier, T6), 10% of population lost, all natural resource lost and factory lost, to change your continent to a new one.
  9. When I can't even win supply raid without healing boost you say it's easy to gain?
  10. Me too. But it can't be solved IMO- it's too high risk if you can lose units in the league.
  11. Also we can't see unit's XP now. And please increase the rewards, it's a crap idea to fight 10 battles and only get 15 keys.
  12. 1. I can't see the XP of my troops now, is it tend to happen in this update? 2. I think that rewards for the military training league should be nerfed a lot, no one will fight 10 battles for 15 keys.
  13. Well that's weird. This must be a bug @Stian
  14. Yes. Would we only be able to heal them using healing boosts... that will take me a ton of funds.