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  1. Land?

    Per 4 million population takes up 1000km2 of cleared land. Calculate it yourself.
  2. WASTE

    Why would you even need 1 mq9... dude don't take them too seriously. They eat your ammo and fuel extremely fast so don't try to sustain it even at T8 if you don't play at least 6 hours a day. At T9 you get a even more OP unit, Avengers.
  3. WASTE

    Yeah. You should've used at least 3
  4. What even... 2

    No one knows. Maybe we should ban him.
  5. What even... 2

    I wanted to say it too. This guy had been spam creating nations for the past week or so.
  6. The community reach out.

    Yes. The most active server has 77 members for now, most are very active members. It is way better than anything. PS don't play Nations at school
  7. The community reach out.

    Well, it is glad that Stian is going to expand the coding team.
  8. On the subject of rulebreaking.

    The definition of 'multiple accounts' is: A user is strictly not allowed to operate more than one nation at any given time. Users are not allowed to operate and share accounts/information with one another. If Terek got into Kawaki's account, it can be considered as 'sharing account information'.
  9. The community reach out.

    Yeah, we would like to expand the coding team.
  10. Union of Germanic Powers

    I now declare that the treaty of Union of Germanic Powers disbands, as Iron Horsemen, League of Nations and Knights of Petram were all disbanded.
  11. Moderator candidates

    I nominate @G0ld and @Imperator.
  12. Nations'Future

    It is unpredictable. How Stian treats the players' will be the most important part. Hopefully we get something better in 2018
  13. Why do people always find out and reply to topics that are like 2 years old...