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  1. ?
  2. why is a destroyer better than a cruiser.
  3. these are seriously unbalanced.
  4. And for the sustainability of Tind. There is no definitive resource gain, and a player could expand one day and only receive cows and sheep, which could be devastating until the next day. Giving yaks and goats 100% of the time, in the same amounts of sheep and cows would be a positive gain for players and ensures a definitive daily gain, rather than expanding with the uncertainty of gaining nothing.
  5. Like i said, this is also to start a healthy yak and goat market as well. This is not for personal gain, but it is just one of the benefits that are gained by certain people, as there are other benefits this will give to others in different circumstances too.
  6. (lol wrong topic)
  7. Venland at t10 gives about 3700 fuel, raise your pop, and get more rewards!
  8. On a personal level, and practical level, it wont fill all food and cg production, but it will give tind a more reliable resource stature
  9. tind already has yaks and goats, it just gets it about 50% of the time, im shooting for 100%
  10. @Stian For a better Gameplay in tind, and to give Tind just enough Reliable, found 100% of the time items Which tind relatively lacks, I believe that yaks and goats should be found 100% of the time, at at least 3/4 of the amount that cows and sheep are found (100% of the amount would be great too!), but i believe that tind does not have enough reliable resources that are almost always found to reliably make a profit and give a reasonable amount of cg (not fully) but a reasonable amount. combined with sheep- yaks and goats could provide about half the cg required to sustain, therefore still causing the layer too seek alternate means of gaining CG, and not relying on these three resources alone. I believe this would make the game a bit more fun as well (not just because it would start a yak and goat market-- Which is so bad there is no yak market atm) But it would also cause players to make a more reliable factory structure, which leads to productive success! Considering that barely anything in tind is 100% guaranteed to be found, this would make a nice addition to tind, and would completely wipe all dissatisfaction that i have in tind.
  11. its going to have all categories of the leaderboard
  12. I'm going to make a spreadsheet for the ease of use
  13. I am the Walrus.
  14. They can still declare war.