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  1. Reporting a person

    I am sad.
  2. Incan Republic

    a big step down however.
  3. Incan Republic

    It was a strategic move at the time....Because of a war with SPQR
  4. Incan Republic

    >_> I wanted to protect the original crows legacy.
  5. Incan Republic

    My original account was better.....
  6. Incan Republic

    JK at least they have nations.
  7. Incan Republic

    I should gloat about how my deleted nation from two months ago is still stronger than half of the t10s.
  8. New to Nations

    I am a figment of nations history. A manifestation of your own thoughts. A succubus to your own processing power. lul
  9. New to Nations

    i mean it would be nice just to separate the continents on a map and give a description of each.
  10. Is purposely keeping you country tier back illegal?

    not to mention, marked56 had detiered to t9 before and did some damage to me. Completely legal. I mean, I'm a dead nation. Like Ziekos.
  11. Is purposely keeping you country tier back illegal?

    If anybody had a lethal t5 nation, it was the original crow when he ate UoFS.
  12. We Need A Navy

    why is a destroyer better than a cruiser.
  13. We Need A Navy

    these are seriously unbalanced.