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  1. The update only allows one request at a time now, therefore you have to wait for the first one to register, and then the second, and third, and fourth and so on, all individually. Like i said, to prevent what happened before, multiple small requests overloading the server, a singular large request register multiple factories to be build.
  2. you cant spam factories anymore.
  3. And the buy/use/sell/(you get the point) counters are urgently needed, it takes so long to buy packs and build factories now, its unethical.
  4. its a small increase ONLY for the generic factories that require a special land, which, barely make up any of my economy.
  5. par, you are in amarino, the easiest continent to make cgs. Other continents struggle to even produce half of what they need.
  6. this will not make overload and excesses of CG, it will make bare self sufficiency, even a 60% increase in land efficiency will still not make most nations self sufficient.
  7. And your comments are based off what you believe, but mine are based off the individualistic needs and wants of other. Unseen strategy in all of these ideas.
  8. And your pink comment, some people didn't make the choices
  9. In your green comment, that still does not make new players self sufficient, it just gives them another way to try and be helped by someone beyond buying it off the market
  10. Ammo and fuel can easily be obtained by missions argument denied.
  11. @Stian Here us my small list of simple changes that can greatly improve gameplay (and possibly make you more money) With the first issue being coins, which were too expensive to buy even before the patch. They should be brought back to their original prices and the purchases should be a 1 AU$ per 2000 coins sounds most reasonable, (which i believe is a fair price for what you are getting, which i would certainly buy on occasion). Settings for auto opening packs, players, crates, mystery boxes ect, and more various customization in general, not just for appearance, but more individualistic customization as well. (which could possibly send a report to mail on what was given, with settings to customize mail((i.e if an epic or greater card is found))) Packs, players, mystery boxes, items, and everything that can be bought build or used in any way, needs a use counter (especially for factories which are sometimes built in binge amounts) so that a single request can give a large result without overloading the server (instead of multiple small requests which are strenuous for a server) and open all buttons in the use interface for cards and loot crates (ect). buy/build/use counters should be non invasive, and should be put right next to the build/buy/use buttons which will specify how many are built/bought or used per click of the buy/build/use button (what a handful!) with a default of 1. Prod gp, i wish it could be fixed. Football should somehow sneak its way into culture GP. units don't heal automatically after being used in the military training league. It would be great if spores were simply added and a variety of factories centered around WHZ. The land cost for CG factories (for example, rubber trees) should ultimately be lowered too 2 and BM factories (which cost 10 land(s)) too 5, this is because CG is the #1 commodity that nations struggle with, and a land requirement lowered to 2 would make it so much easier for everybody. If something like this cannot be done soon, then CG usage needs to be cut at some point, or else new nations will fail and the community will never grow. because of the relative simpleness, a plethora of new units should be added to diversify and not make everything so predictable. And finally, continent and government changes should be allowed at special jurisdiction by you, so people dont exploit the idea by switching to zaharia for endgame benefits, but for situations like tind to amarino because they were generally unsatisfied with the continent and want to try a new playing style (or never wanted tind in the first place and want to go back to what you old nation was like, an amaranian dictatorship :D) I believe all of these things should be added for the sake of fairness and game experience without seeking personal gain from any of these suggestions (except maybe continent change, i surely miss amarino.) many of these suggestions are based off ones from numerous starting, mid game, and end game nations i have interviewed
  12. Antarctica.
  13. Amarino I firmly believe is the best, but whatever you believe is right for you
  14. Out of curiosity, does efficiency increase production GP at the time of max collect? Thanks My lovelies!
  15. make sure caps are right, and its your nation name not your ingame name ect.