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  1. Bug in "Upgrade Farm"

  2. Bug in "Upgrade Farm"

    There's a bug or something or why this happens? There's enough resources but can't upgrade.
  3. GP... lower?

    Thanks guys!
  4. It would we awesome!! Waiting for that patch.
  5. GP... lower?

    Why when I collect the things of my factories, sometimes my GP grow up too much, and sometimes my GP go down? Please, I care of the GP because my friends and I are playing who have more GP. (All the things are growing: the happiness, the production, the money, everything... except the GP)
  6. Trade between allies

    Oh... I understand, thanks.
  7. Trade between allies

    Me and other two friends are playing the game and we make an alliance, we want to trade between us, how can I trade with one only nation? Thanks.
  8. Delete a member

    Thank you!
  9. 21.06 Hotfix

    Just don't put nazi symbols and play, is nothing.
  10. Delete a member

    How can I delete someone of my alliance? I'm the creator of the alliance.
  11. Delete a member

    I want to know how can I delete someone of my alliance, I'm the creator of the alliance.