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  1. 1m Pop

    Your food stockpile will deplete faster if your population is growing. Just click on the food icon at your stockpile. The numbers are reflected there.
  2. multi accounting

    that player should be banned. so should you.
  3. multi accounting

    Is this allowed?
  4. Access to metals

    Thank you!
  5. Access to metals

    Hi all! I noticed the prices of metals are sky high, and i was wondering if anything can be done to correct it? Perhaps make metals slightly more accessible? As a higher tier nation, I can spare the money to buy some metals for myself. It also helps that Im playing Tind. But for the smaller nations with less money, it's hard for them to upgrade their buildings and build troops. I feel that it's a vicious cycle that keeps the smaller nations from really enjoying their stay in Petram. On a side note, I think everyone would benefit from cheaper metal, including me
  6. The Alliance Race 2.0

    Biggest loser in members would be SGO(-4). Thanks for the update!
  7. bug I believe

    It does not matter. All you have to do is use discovery items like geologists/whatever to find what you're looking for
  8. lead, what is it good for?

    If im not wrong, lead is for crafting equipment. The amount of any specific resource is dependent on your continent. Tind players have access to metal, etc.
  9. Aspect X Research(ing WhZ?)

    The higher tier players dont even have it
  10. Money for Land

    alright. no worries then was just an idea. thanks!
  11. Money for Land

    T6 and above, 150k, T8 200k
  12. Money for Land

    Pm me if you don't mind declaring war on me for me to get some land in exchange for some money. 100k per annexation. If this is illegal, please let me know. But it's a transaction so if there is a buyer and a seller, nothing wrong right?
  13. Aspect X Research(ing WhZ?)

    Hello my friend. Glad to see your hyped-up interest in this game. Unfortunately, that building does absolutely jack-shit,
  14. Land shortage

    If I'm not wrong, the colonists card is good for finding resources like uranite.
  15. Land shortage

    People who are swimming in money do it out of boredom