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  1. It is an item. The chapter shouldn't be lost.
  2. I liked the names, so I just used them. I see no harm in it. Did you like it, at least?
  3. On June 7th in 1915, the great Chigonian Empire fell. With its fall, the empire split into 5 parts, with the major parts mostly in Amarino and Tind. Yet a small, weak colony had been started by Major Kulani in the continent of Westberg when few countries even existed in the vast wilderness of trees and grasslands. When the emperor finally realized the war for global domination against the Burgian Empium, known as the small nation of Burgundia today, was a lost cause, many parts of the empire we tired of fighting a losing battle, and the emperor saw the rebellion was beginning to take form in many parts of the Empire, especially in the colony of Westberg, known as Macharza, the Chigonian word for Tree. Now because of how the people of Macharza were beginning to feel, revolutionaries took full advantage of the opportunity. The most formidable and recognizable figure of this period was known as Gabriel 26th, as he was the 26th eldest son to carry the family name. A 22-year-old educated man, born and raised in Macharza, he began to feel resentment for the empire after his father was killed for writing a book criticizing the emperor. He was very well spoken and managed to rally the people perfectly against the dictatorial rule of the emperor. Eventually, against the rules and wishes of the emperor, they began to build their own military. Of course very weak with only a population of about 54,000 people, the chances of them beating the much more powerful army of the Chigonian Empire were nonexistent. However, they had an advantage, as the empire was still at war, and all of the empire was focused on the Burgian theater. On the 6th of June in 1915, the colony forced its way out of Chigonian control, with Gabriel 26th leading the charge. The plan was to exterminate all Chigonian soldiers in Macharza, a plan that worked perfectly. Of course, this did not come without death on their side, as 4,000 young men lost their lives fighting for liberty. The Chigonian Empire wanted to send more troops to fight the revolutionaries and restore full power in the colony, but with their military was already stretched too thin. The already crumbling empire fell almost overnight. With no new empire to control and the Burgians respecting their newfound independence, the country was now free. Gabriel 26th, for his revolutionary ideals and powerful military background in the revolution, was named the leader of Macharza. His first act as leader was to change the name of the colony, as the old name had been a symbol of oppression. The new name of the country was called Lithica, the Chigonian word for freedom.
  4. Thank you
  5. *sees Lithanican Flag*
  6. What do you mean?
  7. I have created a new alliance called League of Nations. I am asking for nations no lower than tier 2. Please join. I am tier 6, just so you know. If you join the alliance and go inactive for a long time. you will be kicked out. I want active members in this alliance, not nations mooching off free protection. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you are high tier, please feel free to join as well. Everyone is welcome.
  8. Thank you for your help.
  9. Dear @Stian Hello. My name is KingLancelot27, and I need your help. Recently, the alliance Nations of the World United disbanded when West Emirates was deleted, and many of the old members have been prevented from joining existing alliances or creating their own. Please help with this issue. Thanks in advance.
  10. On the consumer exchange, they go for 50 a piece
  11. Why are consumer goods so expensive right now? Please help me!
  12. I found it, the only problem is its all messed up. It says that date it was founded on was December 31st. 1969. There is no, leave alliance option, but only a "request to join".
  13. Nukes. That's all I'm going to say.
  14. I am actually going through the same thing right now. It happened after my alliance leader deleted his nation. The game wasn't meant to handle that. Did your alliance just get deleted or something?
  15. Hello Everybody who reads this. If you could help me by telling me all of the possible events of the game, that would be awesome. Thanks in advance.