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  1. Union of Germanic Powers

    Yes, this is the same group No, we did not band for war against SPQR. We banded to protect each other.
  2. Union of Germanic Powers

    This man, I praise you
  3. Orderreich Roleplay (List of Nations/Sign Ups)

    Hi. My Name's Lithica. I'm in.
  4. Supreme Coalition at War!

    Lol. I am good friends with Samoht, so they would have stayed out. If you did involve yourselves, the pact would activate.
  5. Supreme Coalition at War!

    I didn't.
  6. Supreme Coalition at War!

    I have just received word that everything has been sorted out. I hope we don't have this issue again.
  7. Supreme Coalition at War!

    @Alon I talked to the leader. Do not fret, the situation is being sorted out.
  8. Supreme Coalition at War!

    1. The Union of Germanic Powers would not involve itself in this squabble. 2. Sudane did attack first. Which is why I am trying to help you and your alliance 3. A total alliance war will not happen under any codes in the pact.
  9. Supreme Coalition at War!

    I will make sure to ask United Flock of Quackers' leader to talk to Sudane. I'm sure he won't want a war.
  10. BRICKS

    Yes, we do have a pact. However, it is not an MDP, but is a pact where we can share information and help each other out. However, we will only get involved in a conflict if we see fit.
  11. Secret Political Party- Part 1

    Today, people are upset at the dictatorial rule of KingLancelot27. People have tried to start revolutions to overthrow him, but none have been successful. I hope that in the future, the Lancelot dynasty will finally fall. Until then, secret political parties have erupted in Lithica for our capitalist republican dream. The National Socialist Lithanican Workers Party A far-right political party in Lithica. Focused on an anti-big business, anti-bourgeois, and anti-capitalist rhetoric. Leader: Reltih Floda Date Started: 4/20/1982 Symbol:
  12. Union of Germanic Powers

    Today, on November 16th, 2017, marks the first day of the alliance coalition of League of Nations, Iron Horsemen, Knights of Petram, and the United Flock of Quakers, known as the Union of Germanic Powers. 1. In times of war, these four alliances will work together against a common enemy, support each other, and make sure that neither of us is in a really bad position. 2. We will work together to work on issues that plague any of the three alliances, or all of them at once. 3. If one alliance is threatened by another alliance, we will treat it as if all of the alliances in the Union of Germanic Powers were threatened. Signed: @[email protected] Rowdy Mr. Duckles.
  13. Naitonsball

    Please include me if you can : )
  14. Mutual Defense Pact

    I apologize. My fault.
  15. Mutual Defense Pact

    Today, as of Tuesday, November 14th, League of Nations has created a mutual defense pact with Military and Economic Union. 1. This pact means that League of Nations will help to protect Military and Economic Union, and Military and Economic Union will help to protect League of Nations, for either individual reasons, or for an outbreak of a Petram-wide war. 2. As MEU already has a mutual defense pact with Legion, it is likely that in the outbreak of war, all three alliances would work together against a common enemy. @G0ld @Samoht