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  1. Unfair Bad Reputation

    It’s very funny how you call me a spammer yet I log on and all I see is god damn spam roleplay from who Alon and his kinky boyfriend war game I mean damn you can’t call me a spammer and no one likes you here except daddy samhot and ur classmates if I spammed roleplay like ur faggot ass I would immediately get banned now go on discord and ask daddy samhot to ban me with his old ass
  2. Unfair Bad Reputation

    Another autistic bum go call daddy samhot to ban me already so I can’t register again on this trash ass site no wonder it’s dying.
  3. Unfair Bad Reputation

    Like ur existence
  4. Unfair Bad Reputation

    Why are you so salty shouldn’t you be on the short bus right now? Like damn how can that IPad has not over heated with all the gay ass role play you spammed on here even if I’m banned just know you are a little bitch
  5. Guess The Player

    Well when you type in all caps and mention it, it actually does probably look like a dyke
  6. Guess The Player

    This player is an autistic no life role play spammer who can seem to get his head out his ass
  7. Guess The Player

    How much dick riding you gonna do?
  8. On the subject of rulebreaking.

    Doesn’t it really matter I told you I don’t care which is why I did not report you and I’ve already told you I’m not playing this game anymore which others should stop playing too it’s getting old dislikenit or ban me but I don’t see any point in wasting time on this game welp see ya this will be the last time I log in
  9. Union of Germanic Powers

    I wouldn’t have said that but ok