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  1. New Item When you use a Tier 1 Geologist, not only can you get Coal, you can also get Clay. Uses of Clay: Brickworks 1 Clay, 3 Money, 4 Power: 4 Building Materials -------------------------------------------------------------- Uncommon Event Death on the Roads Our death toll on the roads has been horrendous lately. The Minister of Police is urging us to do something about it. If you do not choose an option within 3 days, option C will be chosen for you a. Put more police on the roads to check everyone's speed and make sure that they're not going too fast Lose 15,523 (+50% per tier) money +1% population b. Convince car manufacturers to put more airbags in cars to reduce the chance of death (this option can only be chosen if you have an Automobile Factory) Lose 1,356 (+50% per tier) money 50% chance: +1% population 50% chance: -1% population c. "Ha! You've got to be kidding. That's not my problem. It's the drivers fault for crashing!" -1% population - 4 happiness -------------------------------------------------------- Rare Event "We Need More Houses!" Recently, in our capital, _______, there has been the need for more houses than we can build. We need to do something. If you do not choose an option in 3 days, option C will be chosen for you a. Hire people from all over Petram to come and work here so we can build more homes faster -22,000 (+50% per tier) money -5 Cleared Lands +Urban Areas +2% population +4 happiness b. We can't afford to hire people from other countries. We'll just have to make do with our own citizens. Lose 13,000 (+50% per tier) money 70% chance: -5 Cleared Lands +Urban Areas +2% population +4 happiness c. "Seriously? We can't afford this. Just deport the immigrants coming here." -16,000 (+50% per tier) money -3% population -4 happiness ---------------------------------------------------- Also, I reckon that there should be some sort of cap on max. amount of people in an alliance, otherwise, Legion (or another alliance like Legion) could come come back, and then the game would get boring. Thanks for reading!
  2. Discarding Players Bug

    I checked with all my other players - I should be getting 20 Transfer Bucks for discarding this player. But I'm not. Why?
  3. Card packs

    There was a Union of Nations sale recently (10 cards, one rare guaranteed). Then, when I went to buy one of the same packs at the regular price, it said "You have bought the max amount of packs for this sale".
  4. Patch 2.2.1 Release notes

    yeah, just realised
  5. Patch 2.2.1 Release notes

    When will patch 2.2.1 be released?
  6. Whoops, forgot to do that. Zihanian Guards are basically an upgraded National Guard (like Gear Infantry to Infantry), but not good enough that you would actually want to buy them. To answer your question, they are Infantry. What would be a suitable amount of money?
  7. Anyone else got anything they want to say?
  8. Moderator candidates

    What does a Moderator do?
  9. Fuel Trade

    @Mythicminyme, I put up the trade deal (2000 units of fuel for 100 each).
  10. Fuel Trade

    Money. How much are you willing to pay?
  11. Fuel Trade

    I have 2k if you want to trade...
  12. Random Question

    What does that have to do seasons?
  13. Random Question

    So there are no seasons?