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  1. The legendary event is called 'The Big Hunt' A wave of paranoia has spread across our country. Reports of locals seeing bigfoot ... blah blah blah Either you get 200% tax income or you spend a lot of money and get a 5% chance of finding bigfoot
  2. Same.
  3. Another thing: Solar Farms If we can get wind power, coal power and hydroelectric power, why can't we get solar electricity?
  4. You can buy it from the coin shop...
  5. What do you mean?
  6. I mean, I'm not too fussed, just pointing out a mistake...
  7. This teams lacks players
  8. Actually, I'm trying to reach T5 so that I can get colonists...
  9. Is this sale still on? If so, I'd be interested...
  10. How it works is you actually do get the rewards, but you have to use geologists and stuff to find them. For example, you have to get tier 2 herbalists to find the rubber trees from "The Coast of a New Continent" Don't worry, I felt the same when I completed Overseas Exploration.
  11. Especially the friends thing
  12. Stian needs to fix up the achievements
  13. New Mission: A time to strike Some of our scouts have discovered a Zihanian military base. Zihan is a main enemy of the Union of Nations, so if we struck, we could prove our worth to the Union of Nations. Continent: Tind Opposition: Lvl 1 Zihanian Guard (80% chance) 50% strength defending home territory (which they will get) 50 hp 2 Firepower 2 Armor 2 Maneuver Lvl 1 Concrete Bunker (20% Chance) 150 hp 2 Firepower 4 Armor 2 Maneuver Average no. of enemy units: 7 for tiers 1-4, 8 for tiers 5-7, 9 for tiers 8-9, 10 for tier 10 Rewards: 200 GP, + (?) per tier 137 money, + (?) per tier 26 ammo, + (?) per tier ----------------------------------------------------- New Mission: ___________ (<<insert name there<<) The island nation of _______ has declared war on the coastal nation, ________. _________ (the nation being attacked) is known for its small military power, and so, the Union of Nations has asked us to intervene and reatake any _______ cities that have been lost. Continent: San Sebastian Opposition: Level 1 Navy SEALs (70% chance) 50% strength on offense (which they won't get because they're on defense) 50% strength against infantry 50 hp 4 Firepower 1 Armor 4 Manuever Level 1 Infantry (20% chance) 3 Firepower 1 Armor 2 Manuever Level 1 Medic (10% chance) Reduces damage to friendly Infantry units by 10% 1 Firepower 1 Armor 2 Manuever Average no. of enemy units: 7 for tiers 1-4, 8 for tiers 5-7, 9 for tiers 8-9, 10 for tier 10 Rewards: 25 GP, + 30% per tier 84 Money, + 30% per tier 12 Boar (s?), + 30% per tier 17 Goat (s?), + 30% per tier -------------------------------------------------------------- New Event: When science goes wrong There has been a recent outbreak of WhZ in one of our top secret research bases in Zaheria (don't tell anybody that we have one). If the WhZ gets out and into the atmosphere, the results could be catastrophic. a. "Getting that WhZ under control is our top priority" Lose 3,293 (+ 20% per tier) money 50% chance: +100 WhZ 30% chance: - 4 happiness b. "We have a couple of things we need to do before we sort out the WhZ" Lose 1,387 (+ 20% per tier) money 50% chance: - 4 happiness 30% chance: +75 WhZ c. "Who cares? At least if it does contaminate the air, it'll be the Zaherians that suffer, not us." - 8 happiness 90% chance: Gain the mission, "Riot Control" --------------------------------------------------------- New Event: Khev Minosk's Revenge The terrorist group Khev Minosk seems to have gotten aggravated that we attack them so often, and have taken all _________ (<<in here goes what your nation's people are called, e.g. greeks, britons, etc) living in Harled hostage. They have demanded money in exchange for the _________ (same thing there) a. Pay the money Lose 33,829 (+ 20% per tier) money + 2 happiness 40% chance: + 1% population b. "We're not paying some terrorist group money!" Gain the mission, "Suppressing the Khev Minosk 40% chance: - 1% population - 2 happiness c. "Those hostages can figure out how to get out themselves" - 1% population - 2 happiness ----------------------------------------------------------- So, that's all I have to input. If you do comment (and please do), the things I want to hear are: 1. Some feedback. Do you like it or dislike it? Why? 2. Any changes I could/should make and why 3. Any grammar, spelling mistakes, etc that I might have made 4. What I'd especially like to hear is if Stian has anything to say - that would be awesome if I could get some feedback from him 5. Any bits where I have question marks, (<<insert title there<<) or _______, and what you think I should put in there 6. What level you think these should be (e.g common, uncommon, etc) I will take in all your comments in a month's time and republish this, fully finished. Note: I hope I haven't bored you (this is quite long) Note #2: Zihanian Guards cost 535 Money to recruit, and their upkeep is 1 Money, 1 Food Thanks for reading!
  14. Cool. Thanks.