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  1. UPDATE: Somers has left. #bye. I hope the nation comes back. I don't think any of our nations are at Somers' tier, so it looks like we will have to let it go, or have Somers rejoin.
  2. The Cuban War Budget comprises now of over 20% of the Empire's GDP. Still, there are cannons that fire in celebration.
  3. President QIMING orders that troops will be sent to Alon to help fight the civil war there, as the nation cannot fight the Cuban Empire while there is civil war. IR sends military advisors to ISRERACE and Alon, hoping that both will continue to fight.
  4. Anyway, did anyone consider the national park idea, or does it already exist?
  5. "Never a good war or a bad peace" - Benjamin Franklin
  6. Out of roleplay: What ever is written like this , the Cuban Empire does not know about.
  7. The building of the tank and the battleship cost the Cuban Empire quite a lot of money. It is struggling to feed itself as most food is diverted towards the war. As both superweapons are in ISRE, the Incans are able to launch another invasion of the Cuban Empire. Revolts plaque the Empire as Wargame is in ISRE and almost all the forces are there. The legendary Incan 1st Combined Division rolls into the streets of Havana. The peasants in the Empire have almost all revolted. However, since the invasion also forced the Incan Military to divert troops to what the generals call Operation True Path, the Incans can no longer hold on to ISRE and the only group of soldiers stationed there surrenders to Wargame. The group is taken prisoner. But the guerilla warfare of ISRERACE continues. The ferocity of the fighters kills many of the Cuban Empire forces. Still, it is no match for the Empire's superweapons. And yet, ISRERACE lives on, still supported by Graidmimgvom, as most of the citizens are part of ISRERACE (the common people, not Cuban forces). The guerilla warfare will continue however badly the Cuban forces want to stop it. In fact, ISRERACE is not just involved in its guerilla campaign. Using supplies from Graidmimgvom, the Resistance Group is even building a superweapon to counter the Empire's tank and warship. ISRERACE will never formally collapse until ISRE is given back to IR.
  8. UPDATE: 2 new nations have joined! They are Somers and Osmistan. Welcome!
  9. UPDATE: The IR is at war with Francia! Francia declared. President QIMING is talking with BRICKS and its allies.
  10. This will also be a place where I update Petram on the happenings of the IR.
  11. After much fighting against KMIIR and BIGIR, the terrorists have mostly been driven out. Still, supplies from Cuban Empire and the Desert Fox (leader of Bihadji) and the Khev Minosk still keep the 2 insurgencies alive.
  12. While Renzov is out in his tank, civillians in Port Ryatzka obtain lots of land mines. Most of the civillians are members of the ISRERACE (Incan Settlement in Ryatzka Empire Resistance Against Cuban Empire). They put land mines in the path of Renzov's tank and blow it up. Unfortunately, Renzov is unharmed. ISRERACE begins a guerilla warfare campaign.
  13. Tell us when we can finally create forum accounts so I can tell my allies in BRICKS.