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  1. Recipes Bug

    @Samoht By clicking learn, can I learn the recipe even if I don't have the resources to make one yet?
  2. why does temperate terrorists dissappear????

    Actually, after waiting, I discovered another temperate terrorists mission popped up after I completed the previous TT. I'm either reallllllllly lucky to get another TT, but i probably got the mission i discarded
  3. Recently, I exhausted a temperate terrorists card. Then, while the mission was going on, I exhausted another one to get metal faster. However, the mission never showed up. WHY?
  4. Two Worlds: Earth and Petram

    1. Russia 2. Just bigger. 3. Stop them, kill them like Khev Minosk. 4. Exploit and gain free nukes. 5. Seeing as Alon and its enemy are weak, I wouldn't care. 6. Anyone. - New Questions - 1. Yes, the Middle East for oil, Russia for polar bears 2. Russia 3. South Korea 4. Israel 5. Attack but be a part of the good community, etc.
  5. WASTE

    again... healing boost
  6. WASTE

    I know... but i was also just trying to boost its xp really fast (and besides, healing boost)
  7. WASTE

    retreating is a really (REAALLLLY BAD BAD) bad idea... pls add more control or change the way the program calulates when to retreat https://app.nationsgame.net/battle/406003 for example, i was trying to lvl up just one reaper and it just retreated, even though the reaper is anti infantry & armor. WHY? JUST LET IT PLAY OUT!!! (ALSO, i wasted a resolve battle thinking it would last long!!!)
  8. Why did I post 2 SPYING IS BROKEN!!!??

    lol your probably right
  9. Withdrawal of troops of the State of Alon

    'Even given rep. status?' Complete rubbish. I believe you're causing an unintended effect like... NOT WANTING TO JOIN AT ALL
  10. It has come to my attention that many... and I mean *many* want me to quit attacking the poor and easily plunder-able State of Alon. @Alon, call it what you want, but I am definitely not scared. Any mention of me backing off due to poor military from the SoP, or the Supreme Coalition will result in a public announcement of war. @Qiming, I hear your pleas, and of course, you are still a friend. I will abide by this. @bungularbike, thank you for offering me a place in SoP, with all my "crimes" forgiven. But as long as they are considered crimes, even if I am accquited, I will not join. Ever. I will back down, finally realizing that I need more time to develop my economy, rather than wasting time sending troops and monitoring them in Alon. I will offer white peace, only once. Do not cross my path again, Alon. I understand you have a peaceful relationship with nations I trust and therefore, (with many many pleas, and a last favor to QIMING), I will offer (only once, of course) white peace. Take this chance gladly... if you will. Constatine Madden of Nautilus
  11. Constantine Madden, back off now

    I'm glad you do. You have been pretty trustworthy so far... and I believe you're going to stay so.
  12. Nuclear Firing on Nagreb

    Nautilus, sends NLAWTEU (Navish Land Air Water Technologically Enhanced Units) to steal the uranium leftovers, and the Alonian forces remaining were taken prisoner or KIA. Using the most modern camouflage and invisibility technology, the NLAWTEU hid nearby and used its overhead AA guns to either destroy or scare the Incan planes away (due to new tension between the nations). When the coast was clear, the NLAWTEU transported most of the missiles from the base (about 13/20) and other missiles were salvaged for radioactive material and/or metal. 09:56 NLAWTEU returns to the research facility Missiles remaining: 5 unusable, 1 prematurely exploded, 1 degraded and expired, 0 ready to go Missiles stolen: 0 unusable, 0 prematurely exploded, 2 degraded and expired, 11 (almost) ready to go
  13. Projects, Projects, Projects

    ... Nautilus watches plain destruction
  14. Constantine Madden, back off now

    hmm... i see.
  15. Why did I post 2 SPYING IS BROKEN!!!??

    I recently posted 'SPYING IS BROKEN!!!' and got a good answer then... it (the forums) says i posited it twice. ?