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  1. Projects, Projects, Projects

    OoR that is because with my character wargame he is an elite commando and the resource thing is not infinite we just produce quickly plus when my country it was getting invaded ammo was low
  2. Projects, Projects, Projects

    OoR (out of roleplay): I was talking about it out of roleplay plus look at older brother and communist ideals I am communist in every roleplay unless I do a roleplay with a civil war that has me a little suspicious about that I will be surprised if the “older brother” is me in the rp but I don’t think it is me I will just check to make sure.
  3. Projects, Projects, Projects

    Wargame:qiming i should tell you something before I reunited the Cuban empire I was friends with Lildawg and I know his family I know they will never stop fighting but I think I have a plan they are going to bury Lildawg properly I will send a gift to his sister and I will have her open it to show a picture showing me and him as well as Venice and have her put it with Lildawg and we will search for her older brother and reunite them together hopefully before the funeral is over. (OoR (out of roleplay) I will wait till I see Alon to ask him a question during school because i thought of something from his post in plans for new Alon because if you look to where Venice is saying Venice: “Hmm..... Interesting thought, isn’t it. Your own younger brother, causing a split in the family, trying to end their own father’s work, even causing my older brother to leave and pursue communist ideals......” this has me thinking about the things I bolded)
  4. Projects, Projects, Projects

    Waegame:they want to try and take it back they want to get the last few resistance out of pen island then blockade pen island i had a spy so he heard everything like declaring white peace then rebuild the economy then continue conquest oh the enemy leader died as well his daughter is leading now (check plans for new alon) the xenforins are not making much headway due to an area that has abnormal seasons.
  5. Projects, Projects, Projects

    Wargame:with pen island being blockaded by my navy they will not hold forever Qiming can you send some of your navy units to help blockade the island to prevent any enemy naval units and air units from getting by?
  6. Two Worlds: Earth and Petram

    We will discuss this later but for now let’s get back to oderich (I think this is how you spell it but I don’t know so yea)
  7. Two Worlds: Earth and Petram

    that I have to say is true
  8. Two Worlds: Earth and Petram

    Well hey there are other countries that are communist and dont like what Russia is doing and the USA tries to stop it the people who are against them they would join the USA Even I would join the USA
  9. Two Worlds: Earth and Petram

    Even though my flag is the Cuban flag and I am communist I can still become friends with the usa
  10. Southern Front Halted

    Wargame: all Naval units blockade the island prevent any enemy naval units from attempting to blockade the island.*cuban navy units blockade pen island the units consist of 30 anti ship destroyers, 12 aircraft carriers, 40 battleships, 20 heavy and light cruisers, and 50 anti sub anti ship submarines*
  11. Two Worlds: Earth and Petram

    1 question answer yes colonizing North Pole 2 side with USA 3south Korea 4 isreal 5 free travel, help with affairs, and help with anything else that happens
  12. Southern Front Halted

    Wargame: *at his command post* artillery.... fire! *Cuban artillery fire on Alon beach and army camps*
  13. *cuban artillery continue to bombard Graidmimgvom burying multiple soldiers under the rubble*