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  1. That's a whole lotta C! Although I was already recruited somewhere
  2. "You have violated the NAP"
  3. GP isn't entirely random, it calculates values within your nation and sums it up. Making a system that would rank nations adequately would require way more work than is necessary or staff members devoted to making rankings only - it's quite hard to tell what nation really is the best. It's just another measurement you can use to at least partially tell who is the best, but you need to take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Andrzej Duda, who apparently looks like Gomułka now, just founded a Comintern. I thought I'd never live to see the day.
  5. I think it is good as is, although I'd be careful with the part where one member can request the staff to remove another nations flag/background/graphic etc if it is their work, which is a fundamentally good rule, however can be abused since it's hard to execute - checking ownership of a graphic is beyond possibility for us, unless I'm not thinking out of the box here.
  6. If we could ban him proper we would have a long time ago. Sadly proxies are a thing, and also banning his entire school would be... Well, unfair. Action will be taken, however, and @ is to feel repercussion of his actions IRL.
  7. I've done it.
  8. you know you can PM problems instead of posting 10 threads a day?
  9. what was that link? you didn't even explain what it was, just told everyone to join. I'll get it back as soon as you explain. @kisskiss
  10. Proxies exist.
  11. Doubt it will turn into a seasonal game again. Too frequent resets are as bad as no resets at all, keeping everyone in balance all the time and reverting game progress too often simply destroys communities by crushing away the playerbase, and eventually makes everyone bored. We're looking at a one-time reset here, which would occur during the games release and the end of the beta phase: I don't think there have been any successful, if simply any multiplayer games (telling by your experience however I bet you could mention a few :P) hosted on one creator-owned server that hasn't had all the game data reset before its transition from beta to full release. Usually the beta players get some perks and awards, and that's it. A similar thing should happen here, because otherwise people will see no reason to join the newly released game if everything is already set up and won basically, with the old players being untouchable and years in front of everyone. I don't think there's any foreseeable circumstance when we will be forced to reset subsequently to this one. On a side note, I really appreciate you voicing your concerns in an informative way and actually pointing out serious issues that we need to bare in mind when resetting.
  12. The PTR is only a test thing. It will be improved according to what people find to be wrong, broken or plain illogical.
  13. I literally couldnt get on because I was asleep, my food went down for 4 hours and my country was in an irrepairable state. too easy to die as a t1