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  1. Nations' Visuals

    Westburg = Europe / Southern Canada San Sebastian = La Plata region / Mediterrenean Tind = Scandinavia / Norway, obviously Amarino = Amazon Zaheria = Arab Peninsula
  2. Patch notes 2.0.2 – The Jacob Grox Update

    We need to let the small guys get it easier... at least for the time being.
  3. Petramic Council of Alliances (PCA)

    I saw now, cut it to proper size. Thanks for your report!
  4. Petramic Council of Alliances (PCA)

    You just quoted the whole document and added a very short comment, so it was kind of spammy.
  5. You could argue he murdered that many. Millions of people dying on the Eastern Front were Hitler's doings - ethnic genocide on slavs, jews and romani people in order to achieve their goal of Lebensraum, Soviet casualties alone were at 20-30 million due to Nazi activities. Then you had some 8 million Poles and many many more deaths on the western and african fronts. Holodomor itself was not as much Stalin's fault as food shortage and mismanagement were. Famines were still quite usual for Russia back when the Tsar was around or when Lenin was - yet nobody really blames them all that much. Gulags on the other hand were not as big as it is usually claimed. From 1928 to 1953, about 14 million people have passed through the camps, with 1-2 million of them dying as the effect of that. In Nazi camps, from 1933-1945 15-20 million people have been imprisoned and killed within labour and concentration camps all around Europe. The political purges were another thing, with 681,692 to 1,5 million people being executed from 1936-38. Of course, all of those deeds are terrible and are in no way justifiable, and I don't pardon or justify them in any way and oppose Stalin's domestic policy vehemently, but there is NO COMPARISON in how much more horrible and bloodthirsty Hitler's regime was. But he had a whole lot to do with communism. He himself was one.
  6. this attitude is exactly what got us here in the first place... there's got to be some sort of cap.
  7. if you get a 50% chance it's no equalizer, people who do hundreds of those missions (cough) still get a significant advantage
  8. Too harsh on the tanks, there should be a limit on them as well as less rewards, but the current situation renders them completely useless. Scaling is to blame more than the base rewards themselves IMHO.
  9. Phew, good. Those really needed that.
  10. It's not peacekeeping that needs a tweak, it's card reward missions.
  11. Breeding

    that moment when Nations has large-scale cloning tech but no animal husbandry
  12. Unban Marked

    Okay, enough. He has been unbanned: thread outdated now. Closed.
  13. Founding of The Triarii

    Triarii were used during the republican times. Roman citizens worshipping a ruler as a god wasn't until the period of the dominate during the rule of Diocletian (dominate was established in 293 AD) and up until the fall of Rome. But they rightfully thought of foreign leadership and peoples as barbaric from the beginning until the very end, and usually had good reasoning behind it. King... oh boy. We'd have to be in the Kingdom period - which wasn't very long. Lasted up until Tarquinius Superbus, about year 509 BC. This completely also conflicts with what was said by Xealo, as the Triarii were not part of the Roman legion until the early republic - for the first triarii were composed of the most experienced fighters from the times of the monarchy. Calling a whole political entity a king, oh boy. Not gonna comment. SPQR - at least your leader knows some Roman history, unless this is of course Total War trivia as previously mentioned. Anyways, I enjoyed your salt. Hit me up to get roasted historically.
  14. Founding of The Triarii

    MFW I see SPQR trying to establish verbal dominance
  15. THE FOUNDING OF THE TRIARII After The Blood Pact and The Imperial Requiem have mutually agreed to an MDP, the leaderships of the two alliances have been brought closer together than ever. As an effect of this, merely a few days later the two have discussed and came to the conclusion that this relationship should be extended to an eternal bond in the form of a merger. And so, TIR and TBP became one, under a new name - The Triarii. The Triarii are led by a Triumvirate, which is the executive, legislative and judicial organ of the alliance. It's made up of three Triarchs (Me, @Imperatrick and @Retekan) who share power evenly and have an equal say in foreign and domestic affairs. They write, pass and introduce legislation, as well as incorporate the rule of law. The second organ of the Triarii is the Council of Advisors, currently made up of three Advisors, as well as the three Triarchs. They have a non-binding legislative power and legislative initiative, meaning that the Council of Advisors must first propose and discuss a draft before it is voted to become (or not become) law. The Triumvirate is open to reestablishing previous bounds, relations and treaties between TBP, TIR and other alliances. If you have any further questions, please ask away. LONG LIVE THE TRIUMVIRATE! LONG LIVE THE TRIARII!