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  1. Good luck on your new alliance, just be careful not to get couped by one of the aggregate quarry workers. Or ready mix concrete plant workers. Or cement plant workers. There's plenty of them. Just wondering, in case you do get couped, and the wall gets built without out, or the funds go towards something... more sensible, will you declare a war on the wall?
  2. I think there was enough reason for you getting banned, and you making an alt account every fortnight to spam and insult people isn't helping your situation at all. At this point I'd go as far as saying you're banned from the game permanently, as you are quite literally a malignant growth on this community, and worst of all - no chemotherapy can get rid of you. You're only digging yourself a deeper hole and loosing the dignity you had left. By constantly causing problems in this community you are not going to make whoever-you're-reporting-nations-to-supposedly stand on your side, because they'll see we had a valid point when banning you and keeping it that way, regardless if you spent money or not. Either way, buying premium is not buying ban immunity. If you decided to support the game and yet abuse the rules, you not getting everything out of your purchase is entirely your fault.
  3. Ouch, buying premium does not entitle you to being a cheaty cunt.
  4. Welcome to Nations! if you have any problems or questions feel free to ask me. I can tell you about the basics of the game, but nothing too complicated and technical. If anyone's causing any trouble or if you want to file some sort of complaint I can also help. I hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. From what I've seen in the mod chat he investigated many others, that includes people from the League.
  6. I'll make Stalin look like an anarchist
  7. He's not even getting banned in the first place.
  8. You're not getting banned unless you really try hard.
  9. It'll be disbanded in the upcoming days.
  10. Hey my thread isnt related to moderator BIAS its about in game stuff about the war

  11. That's stuff from over a month ago, before the entire thing with cheating popped up. He is disbanding the League, and I assure you he's basing his judgements not on allegiance. I'm closing this thread, we already have one that Xealo made on the same topic (you even posted the same thing there: why bother making another thread)
  12. He was just doing his job as an alliance leader and this has NOTHING to do with his job as moderator. Stop posting threads like those, it's not helping anyone at this point. We're all aware what you're thinking about the current situation and I can assure you Ceres/Trent is not basing his judgements on his allegiance. The League is disbanding and he is to remain absolutely neutral. Ceres is devoted to this job. If any inflammatory posts will be made under this thread, I will be the one to close the thread and give warns/bans if necessary.
  13. Trent is Ceres, and the League is disbanding if I'm correct. I'm on their Discord and there's been tons of messages regarding that. I'd like to assure you there is really no bias in the moderation team. Just because a guy out of the league was the first convicted doesn't mean it's immediately bias and it doesn't mean a leaguer has to be banned too to "keep the balance" - all of the other accused are being checked.
  14. This is not even an article. This is a schizophreniac's monologue.