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  1. Actually I mentioned your Solution to option 2 of limiting the coin spending, and your Solution I was referring to is incorporating it with Premium (which is a subscription). It doesn't matter if the "coins" is given out in Premium or directly give out the benefits, I don't know how it works, but the main purpose is to make sure you can only get the fixed benefits regardless of your wallet size. I recommend incorporating it into Premium instead of separate product since Premium is already a subscription and it makes that more attractive so definitely revenue for Premium will increase. And sorry for downvoting. I pressed wrong button. (I won't downvote for sake of disagreeing, sorry) I upvoted now. Edit: So what I meant was subscription solution. That's the best. indirect measure of coin limit. Both solutions are the same, the matter is which is more obvious
  2. The biggest problem of non-PTW (aka Premium) is This is totally true. Stian tried it, and he failed (since it doesn't generate enough expected revenue). So now he is forced to make this game genuinely PTW to make this game survive, so it's useless to oppose PTW unless there is alternative solution to this fundraising. Making this game existing and accessible is now a priority for him over everything else. I think it's more productive if the discussion is tilted to how to make it less PTW as opposed to how to make it not PTW. And one obvious idea mentioned is to limit the coins purchase, and a practical solution proposed by @Samoht initially is to incorporate it with Premium (or maybe I misunderstood what he meant, but I think that's the solution). I personally think this is the best idea, because even if you've money, you can't spend extravagantly. In-game benefits is inevitable, since so, just do it. Add-on: Most people won't spend a single dollar on this game unless there is in-game benefits. The Premium works for some people because they pay it as donation out of altruism. But donation isn't sustainable for upkeep of the server.
  3. I think we shouldn't focus too much on those anti-resets. We should focus on those anti-current and pro-reset. (people who against any idea that allows existing game running and only exclusive to reset) Stian has already said the choice for both is possible, which means it should be part of consideration and not quickly dismissed. (It'll not be double expenditure -- i'll present my viewpoints) So this is my viewpoint: I strongly agree the benefits for reset. I also strongly agree the benefits for anti-reset. Some people voted for reset, because they are forced between the 2, and for reset solves some of their biggest personal concern Everyone has different biggest concern -- some care about their hardwork, some care about cheaters and exploits, the mods care about its effectiveness and therefore they voted differently. A reset is inevitable since this is beta. The matter is when is the right time -- as brought up by @President of Dynin. Is it really worth to cause such huge blow now, or save it later, once and for all? (the new PTR is cool, but it isn't used long enough. There might be a major loophole out there that could rekt the global economy instantly like how @ brilliantly paused his nation and traded millions of uranium. And this time round the world economy is more connected with the new market feature so a cheat can ruin everyone's experience immediately) Hence, both is most viable. Strong pro-reset critics will be able to prove their point that the unreseted version is useless and trash and not fun if the members base for this version collapses then removing this altogether would be inevitable. There won't be multi-politics if that's their point, unless the majority decides to stick with the current system despite the known cons. It won't be double expenditure because you can't play 2 versions simultaneously (if it's possible, Stian can make it not possible). Which means the server costs will be the same. (unless he/she is diligent enough to go extra mile to circumvent it) I'm not getting specific to any points of the pros or cons, it's just generally. PS: I think I'm being very confusing. I vote for both, which means keep server running + reset. It'll prevail which side is right eventually. If the pro-reset is right, automatically everyone will leave the unreseted game. Otherwise, they will stick. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. To the person(s) making multi accounts...

    Add-on: Gaining unauthorised access to user account is an offence, known as hacking. 18 U.S. Code § 1030 Creating multiple profiles/using hacked account to communicate, is impersonation. 18 U.S. Code § 1028A (or maybe defamation too) The ones I mentioned above isn't from educational blog or anything. It's a clear law of the United States. (these laws are quite basic, likely exist in Norway but under different chapters and sections.) I'm not scaring or making baseless claims, but hacking, is legally defined as unauthorised access. It's not necessarily to be the cool images you see on Google when you type "Anonymous". It's as simple as that -- unauthorised access.
  5. IU VS KOP

    I've managed to get in touch with him urgently in-game and via 3rd party messenger. This is the message of him that he wants me to disseminate. I'm also personally glad to see this instead of an acknowledgement... @Trent
  6. IU VS KOP

    Thanks for the investigation @Trent, I didn't thought of this twist. And yes, this is absolutely reasonable because on multiple occasions, CreepaxFS's account has been harassed and perpetrated by @ (aka KIA). This uncalled attack on KoP, an alliance that is self-committed to fight KIA globally, is totally rational. I'm aware that our hostile relations, including of SPQR (declared in-game), have not officially changed before&after this, and will stay idle intact. I'm trying to get to a comfortable platform and reach the representatives outside Discord.
  7. Server reset poll

    Can you add a 3rd idea to the poll: New fresh server while keeping current server running? It should be possible because Stian said he considered that idea just that it was lobbied against by some players. Since so, it's perfectly sensible to give the power of the people to vote for this option. Thanks @Der Mannjäger for this poll btw, because it summarises the community's choices (yes and no) distinctively.
  8. a comment on scripting

    @imfartstraf I believe you! I'm glad you're back just in time! Chances of you getting raided now is very low. Go go go fartstraf! Yayyyy!!!!
  9. So you've told me to contact you on this date for unban. I'm now contacting you. :) I hope this request can go through,

    but regardless, Happy New Year! :)

    1. Trent


      You will have to wait until midnight EST (January 1st) when I have access to my desktop. 

  10. Announcement Regarding Moderation

    @Trent I guess this is a safe thread for me to send my reply without it being locked or deleted like the previous time when I was communicating. First, regarding my self-incriminating, I do not like the screenshots because they are biased-ly cut to hide contents and only show part of it to mislead others. When I say this, I can tell you that the statement is a point and not excuse or anything. I'm very serious about this, because unfortunately, although they have shown screenshots, but the rest in the moderation team, doesn't have the full contents. Because of that, I'm very skeptical of the integrity of the investigation conducted by Trent alone. This is evidence that Jacob doesn't have access to the full content: http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/screenshots/u/HDk/1482811694683-74864.png (link to post here) Shortly after the post, the thread was unfortunately locked and I've already lost faith in the investigation. I did not reveal any counter screenshots because I see no point the mods don't have any concrete proof to even accuse the screenshots were intentionally cut, making it looks like I requested and received only I'm doubtful these screenshots are helpful: http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/screenshots/u/HDk/1482812061557-95988.png http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/screenshots/u/HDk/1482812119566-62512.png Secondly, the ally that actively used the script had already left this game, Trent's screenshot shows very clearly that. (Mind you, the screenshots were in November 2015.) In the past, auto missions script was quite redundant because the gain of the missions was too little, no one really cares and sometimes your troops can be risked. No one uses it except him (he is very careful of every detail of economic) and Fracshun. The screenshot itself is also a proof, that others did not use it. I personally, didn't care about this because it was something extra to me (I didn't request for this, it was too advanced for us). I wasn't the distributor because I was against distributing advanced scripts that are potentially unfair to normal players, it was unilaterally distributed by the other ally. (but I don't deny distributing other kind of scripts) (others did not use it -- the screenshot Trent presented clearly stated Legitimate Leader failed to even get it started because it wasn't working for some reasons.) Penultimately, my allies did not receive any requests for co-operation except to message Stian or Trent in my badly spammed International Union Intervention thread. @Trent, if you claim they "don't co-operate" this way, this I'm really disappointed in you for sabotaging them. I'm very confident that my allies will respond to follow-up requests by Stian (if any) and certainly won't deny to take a beautiful screenshot of their browser if they are requested. But what matters here is they weren't told to do anything Stian explicitly said leave it to him The investigation wasn't derailed by outsiders, but was also derailed internally and everyone was confused. Don't look at my example, you can look at Micky's example of how ridiculous the investigation went. I did not comment because I honestly respected moderation investigation. But I believe it's clear to everyone, and what Micky said, was parallel to us they were accused without evidences or proofs the evidence supplied was ridiculous (what? Close battle timestamp? It can be replicated by anybody at any time) Stian said just keep quiet if you're innocent and yet the moderators are pressing them for co-operation No, really, look at it. That was what happened to us. To be honest, I wasn't a pro-Micky supporter because he seemed to have been extraordinary active. He seems to have played the game for 24/7. But at one point I started believing whatever Micky said and started helping him to upvote his posts after he expressed a symmetrical struggle in the investigations. The investigation did not go very well too, @Emerald of Risqa at one point, did make a lot of sensible points about it. And the reason why Hailfire and I mass upvoted his posts (we did not coordinate) because we realised the injustice suffrage Micky had gone through. He doesn't know English very well, reading stuff in this forum can be a nightmare, not to mention serious accusations. I don't know how it took him lots of time for translation and interpretation, but I trusted because his formatting went all over the place (maybe he isn't very savvy or he encountered technical difficulty). And yet, he had to deal with a deluge of moderation accusations and the negative points he received for every post he made. The moderators consistently gave him a thumb down to every post (moderators seem to able to give infinite downvotes) he makes regardless of it content as long as he denies in response to posts that accused him without evidences. This caused his profile to went negative, and makes the public to think he is untrustworthy. Hailfire started the initial move, before I quietly followed. And lastly, I'll play with screenshot cuts, to show you the effect of how I meant by incomplete screenshots. My conspiracy theory based on the intentionally cut screenshots: You didn't bother to investigate such kind of blatant cheating script. You supported it. You authorised it. EDIT: I also want to respond to your disappoint. Before I begin, I want to make a few disclaimers. I've never communicated with Micky. I've never communicated with @Emerald of Risqa. I did not ask Hailfire to incite violence. I did not tell Xealo to echo after me. I did not tell Typer57 to fuel the fire. I'm not behind the recent trends. I don't orchestrate them. They are complained by a diversity of people, about a range of problems, all sum up: dissatisfaction against moderators. For instance, sometimes I also think Risqa went too far on Ceres. But that wasn't because of me. Look, I'm actually trying to get in touch with him (note: My inbox quota is full, and i'm banned in-game so I can't msg) but failed. I'm only available on Discord. I must emphasise that what's happening here are original. I don't bother to orchestrate them since they won't change anything, and we've already taken steps soon after Trent announced in Discord about ban. The current repulsive dissatisfaction against moderators, is a clear indication that the moderation, in the public eyes, have become corrupted. <--- this isn't my point, I'm just saying the truth what some people think. Micky wasn't affiliated with me in any way, and he expressed dissatisfaction. Risqa followed after sympathising Micky and said some kind words and mean words towards moderation and hence he received a warning. Hailfire merely criticises moderation and he is banned? (that's what I'm told from account, idk the latest news) In fact, Stian did not believe what I said, he insisted discussions won't be shut just because someone opposes moderation, instead of criticising. Nonetheless, it was still closed soon after. This highlights the problems of moderation currently, and needs to be resolved instead of dismissing them as influence by XP and SPQR.
  11. Armee de Ceres, war in the Parliament

    @Emerald of Risqa Your roleplay is very confusing. I tried my best to spend some time reading it, but can't comprehend what's going on (even if I try to relate with the fact that this is ranting about Ceres). Maybe... you should reduce the conversation roleplay and consistently be a 1st person speaker or a 3rd person speaker.
    1. XPMai


      You there? Sorry for communicating with you using this way. My quota is full that's why.

      Nowadays people abandon the forum for Discord. ;)

  12. Is the Nations community a dictatorship?

    Am I accurate to reference these are the posts contributing to @Emerald of Risqa's warning? I think he is innocent, obviously had no intention to obstruct your investigation. Quoting "acted against moderation", I guess he was well-informed privately not to comment on the matter since there is no visibly stated prohibition (including the rules), and everything were available and accessible to the public without hindrance. Right? If so, then yeah...
  13. Political Compass Test

    Economic Left/Right: 1.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.87
  14. Is the Nations community a dictatorship?

    @Stian It sounds like as if I've been posting lots of stuff on the forums, but in reality I've only posted a few responses. If there is inaccuracy, you can correct me which I'll definitely listen. I do not make a new thread and make any big statements at all. I do not spread misinformation, which I'm confused where that comes from. If anything, we can discuss peacefully. I'm always open for discussion and I won't shut down discussions. Please be reminded that posts not written by @XPMai account are not relevant to me. I do not pay them. I do not contact them. They are posted voluntarily by players from all sorts of background. Edit: We can scrutinise this up. You can go ahead and look at my profile of the posts I made recently. What misinformation I have made? In fact, I haven't been actively making any points in these few days. The most cancerous thing is to be a victim of everything. Edit 2: I'm getting more skeptical of the integrity of the investigation in the light of these wild statements. As for dictatorship, @Jacob Grox, I'm not the one complaining. Thank you.