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  1. Food industries

    I support your cause
  2. Roger that. Thank you for the notification. People would go haywire if this wasn't the case lmao
  3. We could have another reset lmao. But people already paid for things
  4. So for now this is acting as an emergency brake. Not a permanent thing. Okay, but I do think metal, even a fraction of a fraction should be put back. Scrap them tanks for metal you know. And along with scaling, they should be good. As for the other mission, I think you did fine by getting rid of them. Mystery boxes should only be for premium players. Besides that, I think it's a good balance. But nations like marked have already gotten a massive boost from these missions. Like some have super fudge ton of metals from those missions (like millions). I think you should remove some of those in their nations just to balance the game some. 2.3.1 Cheating, Scripting, and Exploitation: (i) Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players; from the terms and services. The metal should now belong to you. Stian. The metal would be a competitive advantage over us
  5. Yep yep, but breeding makes sense to have in general, regardless of reasoning
  6. What? I didn't understand m8.
  7. I know for some of you food is a major problem. I was looking in CC, looking at the inactives, and realised that food is the main reason people go inactive and leave. BUT I have a solution. Have a research/building that you can make/upgrade called breeding grounds. You can get it at 75k population. For relatively cheap price. (The upgrades can be way more expensive tho) Based on this equation, you can multiply your fauna count without it being exploitable. y = (d)(population count)/500t). Where d is the level of breeding grounds. Where t is the days they have played the game. This is only to the known fauna. Breeding Grounds repopulate your fauna every other day (96 half turns). So someone can't just ignore zoologist. You need them to find fauna, and replenish the world of fauna. It's not meant to sustain a population, but to help smaller nations develop and help them feel like they can grow without trouble per se. Later in the game, won't be useful but that would be replaced with farms, and the fact you have money to buy the resources, but this would help younger nations especially.
  8. Thing is, there are only a set number of renewable resources in a nation. As you get bigger, you rely on those renewable resources to support your population and sell them on the market. You can also trade renewable resources on the resource exchange. I have a suggestion for the fauna that will be up shortly
  9. CC Recruitment

    Bump. CC still needs you
  10. Those are actually fine for now. Because people don't need those as much. They need food and power more than the others
  11. Currently, Power market is crashing. AND I know why. The culprit: Lakes Many people know about this but have yet to bring it to light. But this card is OP! @Stian You need to lower the number of lakes man, down to 1 or something. Because power needs to be valuable again.
  12. The World Powers 2.0: Issue 1

    Which flag?
  13. Declaration of War on The Empire

    It was pretty easy for us. You should have no problem at all.