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  1. I am! I'm sending one tribute: His name is Jon Snow
  2. I have some BMs selling on the market btw
  3. BMs will start being used much more on the next update, which means the demand will rise and so will the price. 0,6gold/unit will give little to no profit for sellers.
  4. Make sure they aren't traveling and that you have enough resources for their upkeep.
  5. @Stian what about cards? @Samoht i agree with you but that isn't a good solution and there are more important (and probably easier) things for Stian to implement.
  6. @Samoht we had a member on DW that had to fulfill a few months of military service, he didn't login for months but then came back. This is the first thing that came to my mind... if you want i can tell a few more reasons why that idea is awful.
  7. @Stian will the "my cards" get fixed?? I can't even load it (except when i'm using the computer) because i have thousands of cards, also unpacking etc. etc... you know what I'm talking about.
  8. Was that a threat? Just to be clear, i'm not going to interfere with what's happening. If @Typer57 wishes to remain on CC he must attempt to cease all current hostilities. My intention is to promote peace and not to create further hostilities.
  9. I can sell you 850k bm today at 0.6 gold/unit but only if you tell me the reason you need that huge amount... pm me in-game.
  10. @koru Why would you need 100M Bm?????
  11. Hey! I have some metal to spare but my price is 700$/unit
  12. I'm certainly impressed! Thanks for posting this @iamfartstraf, it's never too late. (By the way, I must say some nations were about to raid you... with success.)
  13. 1200$/unit then
  14. The title says it all: I buy 50 ammunition for 50.000 gold per turn... message me in game if you want to trade.