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  1. bug: Upgrade Farm to lvl 3 broken

    Isn't this like 4 months old???
  2. bug: Upgrade Farm to lvl 3 broken

    This bug hasn't been solved... I can't upgrade my farms to lvl.3
  3. This is outdated... travel times are now 12 hours. Also, I think Stian fixed that bug (you had to wait for your division to return home before sending another one, when you didn't find opposition)
  4. You don't understand... The point of having a factory is to produce wealth and surplus. Why would there even be an automobile factory (that basically changes metal to cg) if it is more profitable to make that exchange in the market? Only because you are in Amarino and don't get much metal doesn't mean tind shouldn't have a more viable way of getting cgs with metal other than using the market. What I concluded from you message is that you want the factory to become useless and people to use the market instead, you gave me the impression that what you want is not a balance afterall.
  5. This was not a nerf, this was making this factory a complete trash. Let me explain this like I would to kids: It's easy to foresee that metal prices will rise in the future: there is less production of metal (no more t-72 metal) which means less offer to comply with the rising demand - consequently this leads to a higher price on the market. In a few weeks those stupid elements of comparison will be obsolete and the changes Stian made based on that elements will make this factory completly trash. I can say with no doubt that costs of production (let's suppose we are getting metal at market prices) will be higher than the profit, just like in last version's automobile factories. People instead of using this factory can obtain better prices by buying Cgs in the market. Conclusion: Even if you see this nerf as good today, in a week with the metal prices rising a lot this nerf just made this factory a complete piece of junk. Edit: Stian should've balanced this factory after seeing the whole scenario first. A little rise on the input would be enough to balance it.
  6. I'll just delete all my automobile factories because of this stupid nerf... people lately in this game make everything to their benefit not caring about the overall balance... Now tind is even more useless asides the lack of food, no wonder people in tind are quitting. I bet in like 1 month when metal prices rise considerably everyone will be crying on the forums that automobile factory sucks, making a thread like this one. Why does everything that gets balanced in this game goes from excelent to useless or the other way around in just a blink of eyes? Why couldn't @Stian just slightly increase the input to make this factory more balanced and not a piece of trash? Why did the object of comparation had to be worthless westberg ciderworks and not tobacco or hops? this nerf is bs
  7. Soon metal prices will rise with what Stian did to temperate terrorists mission... I don't see how this will be OP to the point of nerfing it any longer
  8. Unban Marked

    You keep scripting though
  9. The Big Claim Your Reward Thread

    Yeah Stian, i sent you a message yesterday via the forums, I'm not sure you saw it. My (bought) premium expired 2 days ago.
  10. Conspiracy

    @Lyl de Kela Maybe you should be nicer to people and as a result they wouldn't spy on you for "no reason" and declare wars. @Shu Please change signature, that occupies the whole page and is kind of annoying despite me hiding it already.
  11. The Big Claim Your Reward Thread

    @Stian Same thing Stian, I haven't received my 1 month premium reward (not sure if you started handing them already)
  12. Upcoming feature patch – Joga bonito

    Can I name my team captain ZultronAldo? I really look forward for this genius update!
  13. Broken division Bug

    After disbanding it a second time I managed to get the units in the unit pool and put them in a new division. The division i had with ghost units continued there but i erased it without no more further bugs/errors.
  14. Broken division Bug

    As you can see my whole 1st division disappeared... Yes I refreshed many times and even tried to switch from pc to phone. After I finished the following mission (see image below) My division simply perished but then... I managed to do a riot control mission, When I finished it, same situation, I tried another mission and i got the same results. At last I disbanded the division but when i refreshed the page the stupid division was still there with invisible troops in it.