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  1. Necropost
  2. Pretty nice
  3. Hey! It's so good to see old players coming back. The reset is very promising (the new version of NG will be much more optimised, new features and more user friendly). Hopefully many players will join including old ones.
  4. I think Stian made it on purpose.
  5. lol I'm not attacking my old war partner nor Xealo <3 I accept duels (best of 5 - 3 wins) for 20k uranium bets.
  6. It's about the ptr (test) server. I would give a 5 for the current nations.
  7. pop. 643,171 Scale: 3 (enough, but have to save for certain things)
  8. If you are talking about the ptr server they will be erased for sure because it is a testing server.
  9. @Stian Some units get imobilised in the first wave which changes the course of the battle unfairly (sometimes). Is it possible to raise base hp a bit?
  10. @Stian can you boost my nation a bit? I need it for testing ends...
  11. Hey, i posted some food on the market some hours ago.
  12. I'm looking to trade uranium for metal (i'm looking for metal). My rate is a generous 30 metal for 1 uranium.
  13. Wow, this is promising.
  14. Yeah the GP system is broke... At a certain moment i have 4M gp and am no.8 (my actual gp)... But then when i come back later i'm like 30th and only appear with 1.5M gp.