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  1. Central Coalition and Legion Mutual Defense Pact I'm thrilled to announce an MDP between the Central Coalition and Legion. The Central Coalition has a great relationship with the members and the leadership of Legion, and we're thrilled to be binding our alliances defensively. The full text of the pact is as follows: Both parties of the pact are hereby, Affirming the shared values of our alliances and our mutual commitment to peace and stability for our alliances, and for the good of the new Petram. Desiring to forge a bond between our two alliances, to ensure member nation's ability to grow and develop their nation's without the fear of outside interference. Agreeing that such a pact is to the benefit of both alliances, ensuring their continued survival if faced with external threats. Have agreed as follows: ·This pact will ensure that spying, sabotage and an armed attack conducted by an individual nation or an alliance -- on either of the Parties -- will be considered an attack on both parties to the pact. ·Signatories will be obliged to offer all support necessary to defend the alliances of this pact. ·Signatories will not be obliged to aid each other in the event of a war of aggression by the alliances signed to this pact. ·Signatories will not be obliged to aid each other in a defensive war if it is the result of a separate mutual defense pact being activated. ·Changes to this document must be mutually agreed upon by the signatories. ·This pact may be voided by either signatory, and the signatories have agreed to a good faith notice of termination of not less than seven days. The pact shall be honored through a conflict's entirety in the event of an attack within the seven day period. Signed, Zultron (Rivia), Head of the Central Coalition Samoht (DehgiloR), Founder and leader of Legion
  2. Hey, The Central Coalition is looking for new members! In CC we believe that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, and we'll make sure you'll be defended. The leaders (me and Tayloria) are experienced players who can help you with any question or help you need, we will help you to make your economy thrive. We hope this Alliance is of your interest, We may not be a big alliance at the moment but we are a trustworthy one. We have big projects for the future and we hope to make CC one of the top alliances once again!
  3. I think the cost of sabotage is tier based, was the impact that big?
  4. *Insert agressive propaganda about CC*
  5. Join CCCCccc!!!
  6. Update: A NAP is also ongoing (starting from today) with The Imperial Requiem
  7. Today, Central Coalition signed a non-agression pact with the following alliances: - SPQR - Academi This pact includes the promise not to create hostilities in form of war with the signatories & it also intends to consolidate good relations between CC - SPQR and CC - Academi. This pact may be broken if any of these alliances put the integrity of other alliances in cause without a satisfactory Casus Belli. (Note: The use of spies between the 2 alliances that hold the NAP is also reprehensible) CC would also like to sign a NAP with the Legion (leaded by Samoht). ps. The CC is low on members, whoever want to join us will receive a warm welcome.
  8. I need players joining CC @Blazer @Blazer @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Blazer @Tayloria
  9. Thanks again Stian, everything is going perfectly. I could mention there is a broken icon in one of the 12 tutorial windows but it is hardly noticeable (I think it was a resource icon though im not sure)
  10. 26 letters... 32 characters. So many possibilities
  11. I didn't remember choosing a Nation's name was such a difficult task xD