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  1. SPQR confirms this treaty.
  2. Typer57, Roman Empire is the nation
  3. Well I am not sure, I think I bought 30+ common crates. Because I first bought 5-7 each of Static, Special Forces, and Infantry because I don't use those units a lot. Then I think I bought like 15+ common crates of Air and Armor each, totaling around 45-51 tokens. I got that rush of energy buying them and flipping the crates so I don't know the exact amount.
  4. To be honest, yes I have. I opened quite a lot because I thought it was like limited sale because of the update. Next time I will report in private. Sorry, I was hyped about it.
  5. @Stian Hey man is this a gift or a bug? I can buy 100 equipment for a single token! So either thanks for the sale or whoops a bug is found.
  6. #HYPE
  7. It won't happen again, it's over for you.
  8. @Stian please check your email
  9. SPQR condemns this announcement and sees it as a declaration of war.
  10. @Stian Does this mean Walrai can use techonmactia including all the resources, legendary equipment, level 15 units, cleared land, funds, and more that she obtained from crow transferring his account to Walrai
  11. @Stian please check your email
  12. PHI!!!!! You should work out again!
  13. That's good to hear, happy to help!
  14. @Stian I sent you a email may you please check?