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  1. why does temperate terrorists dissappear????

    its the one you exhausted. remember only 5 a day though
  2. National Park

    national parks have a higher upkeep than the tourists actually pay. irl the parks are more for scientific purposes and environmental conservation rather tourism
  3. Guess The Player

    kawaki? by alien videos I assume you mean the obnoxiously large 'its every day but something something decibals' video
  4. oh, not the literal mystery boxes, in the context of tomtag's quote, we were talking about the loot crates
  5. Theres no such thing as mercenary from mystery boxes... and 50 isnt a lot
  6. WASTE

    That doesnt boost its xp faster than just using 10, and its clear it would have died, giving you NO xp along with no reaper
  7. WASTE

    8 units v 1, even a reaper would have lost. The game retreats when you have 10% or less of the power of the opponet, and considering 8 shots vs 1 shot a turn, you can’t really blame the game for doing its job.
  8. Two Worlds: Earth and Petram

    Bit late, but I find it unlikely the US would ally with wargame considering your flag
  9. What's Left...

  10. Why did I post 2 SPYING IS BROKEN!!!??

    It was posted. you clicked post and got impatient so you clicked again I imagine
  11. how did this happen?

    Its not inflated, this is the new norm because Tind is getting less and less metal
  12. The nation in those battles is deleted. This is what happens to all battles involving a deleted nation
  13. How's my gif?

  14. Selling?

    I don’t quite understand your wording, but here are some general rules of selling. the buyer with the highest amount of money per unit will always get the sold resources, setting the number lower than this does not change that. The top buyer recieves the resource that was sold at the price you sold it at and got the leftover money back (since the buy order automatically takes out the amount of money that is required should the sellers sell at the highest price) this can be manipulated quite easliy, put a buy order up just higher than the highest bidder, have a friend sell really cheaply, and you get your money back, but this is exploitation of the system and is against the ToS. Imo you shouldnt be allowed to sell below the sell now amount
  15. Talarand has offered white peace