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  1. Chigonian Empire Map

    why does it look like the empire is its own continent
  2. Healing boosts are broken

    each unit can only heal twice per battle
  3. Battle Juice?

  4. .

    we tend to downvote spam
  5. Waiting to Attack

    waiting to attack periods aren't always an hour, so they aren't factored in the traveling time. if there is no defense, there is no waiting to attack Most often there is a defense, and so the forces wait an hour in case of allies helping you attack. Other times in massive wars, the defense could already be under siege, in which the waiting to attack period is indefinite
  6. The Empire of Dimphathe's Expansion

    guess I'm part of this now?
  7. can someone pin this to the front page of the forums or something
  8. Hasn’t been 24 hours since I bumped this.. jeez
  9. Remnants of an Empire

    Nation: Haalnda govt: republic current leader: G0ld haalnda annexes all of you
  10. Is Stian Ok?

    I was implying that Nationsgame is still a hobby and the previously mentioned projects was his livelihood, I didn't mean to come off rude if thats what you got from it.
  11. Is Stian Ok?

    he has a job...
  12. Is Stian Ok?

    woah, stian is fine. Its a new era of nationsgame, the new players haven't figured out who the creator is yet. (also you were greeted by them because they are the only ones who actually use that chat) Heres the link to the official discord: its replacing the forums in a sense. https://discord.gg/MrUnpya stian has been quiet, but thats just because hes patching stuff all the time (also a million other projects to work on)
  13. I seem to recall that the MTL was to be only for defense divisions when it was advertized, maybe there could just be two defense divisions fighting eachother. There wouldn’t be an attacking or defending side, just red and blue
  14. Guess The Player

    Wait i think i know candylantis?
  15. Guess The Player

  16. Primal Fungus Spotted! Probes Unleashed!

    Nobody has ever found the fungus. Thus, nobody has seen a factory for whZ Some people claimed that their friends have found it once, there has never been any proof.
  17. Primal Fungus Spotted! Probes Unleashed!

    I'm not sure what you mean. You can't see anything revolving around whZ until you research ALLof it. you will be able to SEE the deal right now because it is on sale. the products of whZ have been on sale many (many) times, you just might have overlooked, forgotten, or just outright missed them. When the sale actually starts, you will notice that you won't be able to buy it because you don't have the technology. That's how it's always worked
  18. Primal Fungus Spotted! Probes Unleashed!

    its always been there... you just can't see it because you aren't T9 or done any of the extensive required research
  19. Patch 2.2.1 Release notes

    That was fast
  20. WHAT????

    Epic mission, and yes
  21. WHAT????

    Special forces. Please stop posting threads with size 50 font... it makes it harder to read and doesn't make you seem any more desperate than what the wording portrays.
  22. Operation Chicken Strike

    aren't you more concerned with nautilus atm? looks like you are biting more off than you can chew
  23. Oh and as of it being in the same minute, they could have actually been 10 minutes apart but sice travelling works on a 10 minute path, they reach the destination at the same time